Wed.Jun 03, 2020

Halifax Aims To Add 210 Electric Buses In Next 8 Years


The Halifax Regional Municipality up in Canada is getting more serious about climate action and stopping air pollution in its borders. The municipality has plans to put $780 million into getting the 210 electric buses onto the road and 3 new ferry routes into service by.

It takes a village to succeed in climate tech


It takes a village to succeed in climate tech. Ben Soltoff. Wed, 06/03/2020 - 02:00. Solving climate change depends, to some extent, on technological innovation. The world’s leading climate authority, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published a landmark 2018 report highlighting the urgency of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The report outlines four potential pathways for reaching that goal.

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Unstoppable EV Growth In Norway — 66% Market Share


The world's leading electric vehicle market, Norway, has seen another month of record market share growth in May — 66% share. That's up from 47% a year ago. Popular all-electric models included the e-Golf, the Audi e-tron, and newcomer MG ZS EV breaking into the top.

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A tightrope walk ahead for corporate sustainability managers


A tightrope walk ahead for corporate sustainability managers. Rajat Panwar. Wed, 06/03/2020 - 00:00. Amidst numerous uncertainties surrounding post-COVID corporate climate, one thing is certain: Sustainability managers will face multifaceted challenges. . Many could face budget cuts, even as their stakeholders expect them to ramp up sustainability efforts and seize this unique "opportunity" to initiate fundamental corporate transformations.

“Pneumonia Deaths” & “Flu Deaths” Jump Enormously In USA


I'm going to keep this piece short, but it seems to be an important data-focused followup to a previous story I wrote regarding an important public health matter. The earlier story was, "Overall Death Count Jumps Mysteriously In Countries Around The World — No Clear Explanation." Yes, there's a heavy dosing of sarcasm in that piece. Health Policy & Politics Research Science COVID-19 pandemics public health

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Green Ideas and Cleaning the Home

The Environmental Blog

Going green at home does not require a lot of investment, and it doesn’t consume much time either. On the contrary, choosing to incorporate green living in your home will be the best decision you could ever make when it comes to saving up both time and money. So, if you’re planning to go green, the best place to start you off is with the cleaning of your home. Below are some expert’s ideas that you need to incorporate into your home when you choose to go green when cleaning.

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Prefab eco-pods offer luxury lodging in any environment

Inhabitat - Innovation

Developed by Nomadic Resorts, these prefab suites provide the perfect opportunity for a luxury eco-vacation pretty much anywhere. The Looper tented suites incorporate recyclable materials and renewable energy to bring customizable accommodation to isolated and environmentally sensitive wilderness areas — such as rugged yet beautiful Yala National Park in southeast Sri Lanka. <!--more--> <!--more-->

Generation180 Wants To Electrify Your Ride


Generation180, a Virginia nonprofit that wants to inspire and equip people to take action on clean energy, is on a mission to electrify your ride. Their goal is to help people save money while improving their community's air and health. . Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles electrify your ride Generation 180

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Off-grid cabins in Brazil offer remote eco getaway

Inhabitat - Innovation

Looking for an eco-adventure in a remote location? Arquitetura Rural has unveiled a pair of forest cabins set deep into a forest landscape in Tocantins


Tesla Is Hiring For ?Insurance Program In The UK


Tesla is hiring for a Program Manager in the insurance and underwriting field in the UK. The job location is in London and is a full-time position. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles insurance Tesla Tesla insurance Tesla insurance UK UK

Earth School offers kids interesting science lessons online

Inhabitat - Innovation

TED-Ed and the UN have collaborated to bring online science lessons to kids stuck at home


14% of Volvo Sales = Plug-in Vehicles


When you think of electric vehicles, Volvo isn't typically the company that comes to mind first, but it's got one of the best shares of plug-in vehicle sales (as a total of all of its sales) in the business. Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Hybrid Electric Cars PHEV EV market share volvo

Timber lake kiosk will gradually disappear into landscape

Inhabitat - Innovation

Berlin-based noa* (network of architecture) has replaced an aging swimming hut with the new Lake House Völs, a contemporary kiosk that will gradually blend into its scenic surroundings. Oriented for views of the idyllic Völser Weiher Lake in South Tyrol, the new construction provides public changing rooms, bathrooms, a snack bar and swimming jetties for nature lovers who flock to the area year-round

Plug-in Vehicle Sales Rise from 1% to 5.1% in China in 5 Years, 1.3% to 3% in Europe, & 0.7% to 1.9% in USA


Plug-in vehicle market shares have seen growth in the United States, China, and Europe from 2015 to.

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Hawaiian Electric Reveals Full List of Winners From Its Big Energy Storage Procurement


Hawaiian Electric this week revealed the full list of winners from its second large-scale procurement of energy storage and renewables for the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii. The winners run the gamut from major industry players like AES and Engie to relative newcomers to the large-scale energy storage game.

FCA Trials System That Converts PHEVs Into EVs When Driving In City Centers


FCA is testing a system that will automatically recognize when a plug-in hybrid vehicle is inside an EV-only zone and shut down the internal combustion engine. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Hybrid Electric Cars PHEV FCA Jeep Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid Jeep Turin Geofencing Lab

UK Blocks Offshore Wind Project, Three More Face Further Delays


In the past few months, three British offshore wind projects have been delayed, a total of 6 gigawatts. On Tuesday evening a fourth was blocked altogether. Although the industry maintains its faith in the support from the government, there is anger and concern that further hold-ups could have larger consequences. Vattenfall’s Thanet Extension planned to add around 340 megawatts to the existing 300-megawatt Thanet project.

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May In The UK Was Sunny & Dry. That’s Unusual.


This has been the sunniest spring ever in the UK, but rainfall has been only 17% of normal. Climate Change UK weather

Resilient Supply Chains and the Technology Behind Them

CleanTech Group

Supply chains are now more globalized and complex than ever. While this creates immense opportunities, it also exposes them to heightened risk. Digitization Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Artificial Intelligence Logistics

BMW Backs Away From M Next, Will Offer 1006 HP Electric M5 In 2023


The company's focus has now switched to developing a battery electric version of the next generation 5 Series sedan which will carry the iconic M5 label. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles BMW

Solar Basics: How does wall-mounted solar work?

Solar Power World

Solar Basics is a video series by Solar Power World created to help installers learn about the business, tools and tricks of the solar power trade. When there isn’t space on the rooftop for a solar array, sometimes installers can look to south-facing walls. Learn about this unique mounting option in this Solar Basics video,… The post Solar Basics: How does wall-mounted solar work? appeared first on Solar Power World. Components Featured Racking and Mounting Solar Basics videos Videos

Eco-Friendly Flower Pot Ideas

Green Living Guy

One of the best ways in which you can avoid waste is to choose to grow plants from seed. You can save your own seeds or swap them with other friends passionate about this hobby. In some cases, you will need to buy them, but it’s money well invested as Continue Reading.

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What if … we applied all the good thinking on regenerative sustainability, regenerative economics and regenerative environments to a city as a means of emerging from the Covid 19 lockdown? Welcome to RESTORD 2030. RESTORD is a vibrant small to medium sea board city, at the foot of the Central Mountains with a Mid-European climate. It has a population of 102,000.

Pearl Capital backs Ugandan seed distributor Naseco

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, June 29 – East Africa-focused agriculture impact investor Pearl Capital Partners committed 4.6 billion Ugandan shillings ($1.2 million) to Naseco to distribute improved seed varieties that will help Ugandan farmers boost yields and incomes.

Oregon’s PacWave Aims to Jump-Start US Marine Energy Market


The open ocean is an unforgiving judge of engineering prowess. Salty seawater, gale-force winds and relentless, punishing waves resist entrepreneurs’ determination to install power-generating devices in the water. The scale of that challenge is reflected in the marine energy industry's poor track record to date. Offshore wind turbines operate in harsh conditions, but they do so largely above the waterline.

Local funds model the racial reckoning and renewal central to the COVID recovery

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, June 3 – If the COVID crisis has laid bare longstanding inequities, the widespread protests over the police killing of George Floyd are pushing racial equity to the center of the COVID recovery. Just as long-standing inequities have left black people disproportionately at risk to the virus, the lockdown has been particularly devastating to. The post Local funds model the racial reckoning and renewal central to the COVID recovery appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

Why Self-Driving Cars Might Make Traffic Worse


Self-driving cars have the potential to revolutionze the flow of people and goods. Car crashes could become much rarer and trips much more efficient. For those who drive to work, daily commutes could become more productive and fun. But for society, autonomous vehicles may come with significant downsides. As automotive players ranging from BMW to Uber look to develop self-driving cars and services, some studies have shown that the vehicles could make traffic jams worse.

DSM and Lightyear join forces on integrated solar roofs for EVs


Lightyear and Royal DSM have signed an agreement to jointly scale the commercialization of Lightyear’s solar-powered roof for the EV market. The partnership aims to integrate solar-powered roofs in a variety of EVs, including cars, vans, and buses, enabling users to charge their vehicles directly with clean energy. The companies are teaming up to assess the market, starting with pilot projects for customers from the automotive and public transport sectors.

WoodMac: Wind, Solar and Storage to Dominate Europe’s Power Grid by 2030


Europe's power system will look very different in 2030, with energy storage supporting the “dominance” of wind and solar generation, according to new research from Wood Mackenzie. The big five European markets — Germany, U.K., France, Italy and Spain — will get the majority of their power from wind, solar and other variable renewable energy sources as early as 2023, WoodMac says.

Fighting COVID-19 requires investing in science

Impact Alpha

The United States, like Europe and the Asia Pacific region, has moved past the disaster relief phase into reopening the economy. While we may not fully know whether reopening will cause harm, we do know that impact investors can play a critical role in recovery and planning for long-term resilience. However, it will be no. The post Fighting COVID-19 requires investing in science appeared first on ImpactAlpha. paywall Impact Voices Impact Tech

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