This book taught me a lot about the Spanish Flu


Barry’s 2004 book has never been more relevant John M.


Zoom in on Net Zero - with BloombergNEF founder Michael Liebreich

Business Green

Michael Liebreich is one of world's leading experts on the net zero transition, having founded what is now Bloomberg New Energy Finance in 2004, where he still serves as a senior contributor on top of his many other ventures.


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A Home Buyer’s Guide to Green Homes

The Environmental Blog

According to Energy Star, “These homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC), and include additional energy-saving features that typically make them 20–30% more efficient than standard homes.”

HVAC 265

Graphene-based packaging presented as first truly biodegradeable and compostable alternative to plastic

Envirotec Magazine

” The biopolymers are combined with graphene, a variant of carbon (or allotrope , to be precise) whose modern rediscovery and isolation at the University of Manchester in 2004 led to a Nobel Prize.

The Environmental Effects of Natural Disasters

The Environmental Blog

In 2004, Hurricane Frances caused massive waves in a pond on top of a phosphate plant in Riverview, Florida. Within seconds, natural disasters can destroy buildings, tear up roads and upturn normal life.

An Anxious Accountant’s Journey to the Top


In 2004, Ted Gunther started a new job at a big accounting firm. He led the team overseeing transactions in newly deregulated electricity markets. On his first day, he met the "Green Book," a thick, complex book that sets standards for derivatives, hedging strategies and contract structures. “I still remember it vividly. [.]

Energy 100

BusinessGreen publisher Incisive Media acquires reviews site

Business Green

Trusted Reviews was founded in 2004 and provides its readers with thorough, unbiased and independent advice on which consumer products to buy, from domestic appliances to mobile phones. Trusted Reviews to join Incisive Media portfolio. Incisive Media has today agreed to acquire the highly-regarded reviews platform Trusted Reviews,, from TI Media.

14th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (Sustainable City 2020)


The Sustainable City 2020 conference follows a series of very successful meetings that started in Rio (2000), followed by Segovia (2002), Siena (2004), Tallinn (2006), Skiathos (2008), A Coruña (2010), Ancona (2012), Kuala Lumpur (2013), Siena (2014), Medellin (2015), Alicante (2016), Seville (2017) and Valencia (2019).The

15th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (Sustainable City 2020)


The Sustainable City 2019 conference follows a series of very successful meetings that started in Rio (2000), followed by Segovia (2002), Siena (2004), Tallinn (2006), Skiathos (2008), A Coruña (2010), Ancona (2012), Kuala Lumpur (2013), Siena (2014), Medellin (2015), Alicante (2016), Seville (2017), Valencia (2019) and Rome (2020).Urban

Collaboration targets graphene sensors

Envirotec Magazine

Graphene’s modern rediscovery and isolation at the University of Manchester in 2004 has led to a putative “gold rush” of attempts to commercialise the material, which is distinguished by its extraordinary thinness, strength and electrical properties. Demonstrating the properties of graphene (image credit: Shutterstock).

Don’t lock yourself (or others) onto a unsustainable path

Terra Infirma

Back in 2004 when I was first elected Councillor, I was part of the first change in political control of the Council for 31 years, a real shock to the system for all involved.

Waste 63

Alaska, barren of sea ice, saw its hottest July in 125 years


degrees C), nearly 1 degree F above the previous monthly high set in July 2004, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. degree more than record set in July 2004: @NOAANCEIclimate [link] #StateOfClimate This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Scotland: Locogen and European Energy partner to deliver 800MW of onshore wind capacity

Business Green

The firms said the partnership would combine European Energy's extensive clean energy development experience - it claims to have delivered more than 1GW of wind capacity across 11 countries since 2004 - with Edinburgh-based Locogen's understanding of the Scottish energy market. "In

Major role for wastewater epidemiology in tackling Covid-19, says group

Envirotec Magazine

This handy guide is openly available on the Water Action Platform and Isle’s YouTube channel and is a useful training tool, explaining terminology, how soap kills SARS-CoV-2, and why research on the SARS that caused the 2004 epidemic is still useful today.

Shell Buys Floating Wind Developer Eolfi


Since its founding in 2004 Eolfi has almost 500 megawatts of onshore wind and 150 megawatts of solar built or shovel ready. Shell has acquired the floating wind specialist Eolfi. The French developer will become a subsidiary of Shell New Energies. Eolfi is building a three-turbine pilot project off the north coast of France in waters too deep for fixed bottom structures. It will use MHI Vestas turbines. It also has a portfolio of onshore wind and solar assets.

Extra 823 million plastic bottles will be produced under proposed DRS, warns aluminium packaging recycling group

Envirotec Magazine

2004: Can sales dropped from 6.1 · Aluminium packaging recycling body urges caution to avoid unintended consequences of a DRS. · Two thirds of shoppers will switch from buying infinitely recyclable cans to plastic bottles. · One in five people will lose their deposit as they continue recycling at home.

Can California’s cap and trade address environmental justice?


While California already has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 13 percent since their peak in 2004, many residents still suffer from high levels of air pollution — much of it produced by fossil fuels. Can California’s cap and trade address environmental justice? Julia Rosen.

Oxis Energy’s ultralight Li-sulfur batteries are aimed at aviation


Oxfordshire-based Oxis Energy has been working on lithium-sulfur battery technology since 2004 ( Charged has reported on the company several times over the years). In a recent article in IEEE Spectrum , the company’s Head of Battery Development and Integration, Mark Crittenden, explains why lithium-sulfur tech is uniquely suited to electric aviation.

Fossil Fuels Still Supply 84 Percent Of World Energy

R-Squared Energy

Nuclear consumption rose at the fastest level since 2004, with China and Japan providing the largest contributions to the increase. This week BP released its Statistical Review of World Energy 2020. The Review covers energy data through 2019, and provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis. This annual report is one of the most important sources of global energy data.

20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021


Gutierrez joined NRG from Dynegy in 2004 as an energy portfolio director. 20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021. Elsa Wenzel. Mon, 01/11/2021 - 02:15.

Air Travel and Climate Change

Green Market Oracle

In 2006, Boeing and Airbus forecasted that passenger air travel and air cargo would triple the 2004 level before 2020. Air travel is a major source of climate change causing greenhouse gases. Every day, the FAA's Air Traffic Organization provides service to more than 44,000 flights and 2.7 million airline passengers across more than 29 million square miles of airspace. As reported by Vox , airlines carried 4.3

Ozone 40

Why The World Needs More Nuclear Power

R-Squared Energy

This was the largest annual increase since 2004.

Danger looms as world’s largest iceberg heads toward a critical wildlife habitat


In 2004, a giant iceberg identified as A38 grounded on the British Overseas territory of South Georgia Island. Afterward, many local animals, including young penguins and seals, turned up dead. The same scenario is unfolding with the world’s largest iceberg, A68a, as it appears via satellite imagery to be moving toward the island. If the massive iceberg grounds on South Georgia, it is feared that it could cause serious ecological problems in the region.

Renewable power sent yet more UK records tumbling in 2019

Business Green

Since 2004, renewables' share of UK power has risen tenfold. For the first time ever electricity from wind, solar, biomass and others made up more than a third of UK power last year, government data shows.

Hydrogen as part of Canada’s energy transition

Clean Energy Canada

Therefore, production by sector and region in 2004 likely still offers a useful indicator for more recent hydrogen production. Through media briefs, we aim to provide journalists with useful factual and contextual information related to Canada’s clean energy transition. Please use this as a resource, and let us know if there are any topics that you would like to see for future media briefs. .

Puerto Rico Selects New Grid Manager, Concern Follows


To help gain access to that funding the joint venture has contracted with Innovative Emergency Management, a consulting firm that in 2004 won a contract to craft a simulated hurricane response plan that FEMA later used to respond to Hurricane Katrina. This week the agency in Puerto Rico that manages public-private partnerships announced newly-formed Luma Energy will take over management of the island’s grid from its publicly owned utility, after an 18-month selection process.

Going green dramatically benefits businesses - it should be central to their coronavirus recovery strategy

Business Green

This is reflected by the tenfold increase in global sustainability investment to $30.7tr by April 2019 since 2004. Four main ways that greening can benefit businesses, according to the University of Southampton's Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada and Bournemouth University's Mili Shrivastava.

This ultra-strong nanomaterial could cut carbon emissions — and it’s made out of garbage


Since graphene was discovered in 2004, demand for the material has skyrocketed thanks to its remarkable physical qualities. For more than a thousand years, humans have dreamed of transforming a worthless substance (lead) into something precious (gold). But in the 21st century, the mythical philosophers’ stone might produce not gold, but graphene, a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial with so many industrial uses that it’s more valuable by weight than the 24 karat stuff.

District of Massachusetts Reaffirms Broad Defense of Filed Rate Doctrine

Energy and Cleantech Council

2004). An important legal doctrine for companies that buy and sell in regulated markets is the “filed rate” doctrine, which limits legal challenges to rates determined by regulators such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or the Federal Communications Commission. A recent decision by the District of Massachusetts illustrates the potential breadth of the doctrine.

SatAgro: The Startup That’s Helping to Drive Digital Agriculture in Poland

Planet Pulse

The Polish government joined the EU in 2004 and has since pushed to preserve small scale farms. Referred to by some as Europe’s “ new growth engine ,” Poland has gone through dramatic transformations in recent decades, while its economy grew by more than 50 percent since 2007, despite the global economic crisis. In the process, it has raised its profile as a major food supplier in Europe, with more than 60 percent of Poland’s land being farmland.

Four Oil and Gas Spills that are Worse than we Thought

Green Market Oracle

Taylor Spill A 2019 report states that a spill that began in 2004 may rival the Deepwater Horizon. Fossil fuels are a leading cause of climate change and research shows that ubiquitous spills and leaks are often far worse than reported.

What’s It Like to Be a Renewable Energy Project Developer?


One such project — Avangrid’s 131-megawatt Tule wind farm in rural San Diego County — began development work in 2004 and didn’t finish construction for another 14 years. In this new GTM series, we're asking people in cleantech to tell us what their job is like. We hope the series can serve as a source of information and inspiration for recent graduates, professionals planning their careers or anyone who wants to transition into the industry.

How Efficient Are Solar Panels?


These robotic rovers were sent to Mars in 2004 and exceeded all expectations of performance by using sunpower.2 Solar Panel Efficiency - From NASA to Your Roof NASA uses solar power in space.1 Remember Spirit and Opportunity? Both robots were equipped with solar panels that sat on top of their “wings.” These wings were designed to maximize the area of solar cells to increase their efficiency… the more sun the solar cells collected, the better the robots would work.3

Scale up micro-solid-state batteries to large EV cells? It’s not so simple.


Ilika was founded in 2004 as a spin-out from the School of Chemistry at the University of Southampton. Q&A with Ilika Technologies. Every other scientist in the battery world seems to be working on commercializing large-scale solid-state batteries for use in EVs. The potential for technical and safety benefits is substantial, so there will be a big pot of gold for those who first make real advancements on the automotive level.

BIG plans unveiled for pedestrian paradise in Downtown Brooklyn


The Downtown Brooklyn Public Realm Vision was created in response to Downtown Brooklyn’s unprecedented growth over the last fifteen years since its 2004 rezoning. After nearly a year of research, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and WXY Studio have unveiled their visions for improving Downtown Brooklyn — a 370-acre urban district with updated streetscapes, plazas, and public spaces.

Ecumenical Greens: the rise in centrist environmental politics

Business Green

Having broken away from the left-wing Green Party of Switzerland in 2004, the Green Liberal Party of Switzerland has gone on to make large gains in the last Swiss election, securing 7.8 Bright Blue's Patrick Hall. When you think of Green Parties, no matter the country you're in, you instinctively associate them with left-wing politics. The label of ‘watermelons' captures the essence of this; green on the outside but, red really on the inside.

Planet Data Helps Scientists Track the Impacts of Natural Disasters

Planet Pulse

From 2004–2017, there were nearly 5,500 landslides worldwide , resulting in the loss of nearly 60,000 human lives. Natural disasters pose a threat to life, infrastructure and natural resources in mountainous regions. In the U.S. alone, landslides cause $2–4 billion in damages annually.

Hurricane Dorian threatens endangered bird species


The Bahama nuthatch has been in trouble for some time as a 2004 survey reported its population was around 1,800. Those living on the Abaco and Grand Bahama islands recently met Dorian as the hurricane’s 185 mph winds wrecked havoc on the islands, destroying and damaging about 13,000 homes.

Proterra beefs up its battery expertise: Q&A CTO Dustin Grace


Since its founding in 2004, Proterra has grown to become North America’s largest supplier of electric buses. The company has sold some 950 buses to transit agencies, airports, universities, national parks and private companies in 43 states and provinces.

The 101 on Climate Change

Christopher Kemper

2004 Tsunami This changed my life. CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION I have a deep love for the environment at all levels?—?not not just from a professional aspect, but also from a personal aspect?—?outdoors outdoors and wildlife.