District of Massachusetts Reaffirms Broad Defense of Filed Rate Doctrine

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By way of background, two class action lawsuits filed in the District of Massachusetts alleged that Eversource and Avangrid systematically abused their influence in the natural gas transmission market in violation of federal and state antitrust laws. 2004).

Want to prevent California’s looming flood disaster? Grow a marsh.


When Jones Tract, a delta island, flooded in 2004, the damage cost $90 million to fix. Established in 2006 by the law AB32, the cap-and-trade system seeks to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by harnessing market forces.

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Why We Should Stand in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en People

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Before first contact, you need to visualize Canada (aka Turtle Island) as a territory that held many, many sovereign nations, each with their own unique cultures, laws, and governance systems. Each nation has jurisdiction over their lands and peoples, so those laws and protocols would have looked different depending on whose territory you were on. This has been affirmed and clarified by various SCC rules including the Haida case in 2004, Beckham v.

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Reports: Energy Secretary Rick Perry to Resign Next Month


Soon after, reports surfaced that DOE was seeking to use a federal law regarding emergency wartime industrial production to force through a similar policy. from 2004 to 2006, and was a long-time aide and chief of staff for former U.S.

A common fertilizer keeps causing explosions. The EPA doesn’t think it’s hazardous.


The EPA had documented 2,291 fires, explosions and chemical releases at high-hazard sites from 2004 to 2013, but what happened in West — a town of 2,800 people, many of Czech descent, 15 miles north of Waco — was a tipping point.

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Governments are Acting to Curb the Fires in the Amazon

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This includes changing environmental rules, defunding government oversight, failing to enforce existing laws and dissolving the Amazon fund's committees. In 2004, a consorted global efforts succeeded in slowing deforestation in the region.