Four Oil and Gas Spills that are Worse than we Thought

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Taylor Spill A 2019 report states that a spill that began in 2004 may rival the Deepwater Horizon. Fossil fuels are a leading cause of climate change and research shows that ubiquitous spills and leaks are often far worse than reported.

Want to prevent California’s looming flood disaster? Grow a marsh.


As they walled off rivers and created dry islands from what was previously soggy marsh, they discovered incredibly rich soil. No one foresaw that this very bounty — soil rich with organic material — would, over time, become a curse of sorts.

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SatAgro: The Startup That’s Helping to Drive Digital Agriculture in Poland

Planet Pulse

SatAgro provides customers access to Planet’s daily satellite imagery, alongside data from NASA and ESA missions, and complementary information like weather and soil sampling, to increase the efficiency of their farms via their app.

SDG15: The fight for life on land

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When well managed the land helps regulate water and air quality, sequester and store carbon, and minimise flood and soil erosion risks. That's why we support our growers all year-round to implement Biodiversity Action Plans on their farms and have done since 2004.

Recycled botanical garden in Seattle brings visitors decades of joy


Volunteers worked with the Port of Seattle and the City of SeaTac from late 1999 into the spring of 2000 to move plants, trees and shrubs from Behm’s home into a holding area while gardeners prepared the soil. Fast forward to 2004. When Wendy Morgan accepted a friend’s invitation to go see Elda Behm’s garden in the 1990s, she had no idea she would become entangled in a project for the next 25 years.