Is it ethical to patent emerging climate tech?


is fast-tracking patent applications for climate tech. The U.S. Is this a good move

Toyota is the global leader in solid-state battery patents


Believe it or not, Toyota is by far the leading holder of solid-state battery patents, according to a recent study by Nikkei. Other Japanese companies are also among the top patent-holders in this space.


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Draper wins patent for electrostatic motor


Underpinning the initiative is a recent patent on aspects of the technology. The company’s patented approach to electric motors, which is available to license, replaces steel, copper coils and rare earth magnets with thin, light and widely available materials.

Q CELLS reaches agreement to license use of its patent-protected technology with a German solar module manufacturer


Agreement allows unnamed German solar company access to Q CELLS’ patent-protected cell passivation technology

Who's the biggest force in corporate patents for climate-related innovations?


Hint: It's probably not a Silicon Valley startup. Information Technology Innovation Innovation Practical Magic

PITT OHIO Receives Patent for Sustainable, Renewable Energy Process


PITT OHIO receives a patent for the process they developed to take wind and solar energy into a battery system and the subsequent distribution of that power to points of use throughout their facilities

Solaria Sues Canadian Solar for Patent Infringement


patent that covers a process for separating photovoltaic (PV) strips from solar cells for use in tiled or so-called "shingled" solar modules. Solaria Corporation, a US-based global provider of advanced solar energy products, announced today that it filed suit against Canadian Solar Inc.,

Tesla files patent for new type of stator


The innovative automaker’s quest to improve its products is ongoing, and it recently published a patent for a new type of stator. Tesla’s patent application, Stator for an Electric Motor , reads, in part: An example stator includes a stator core having teeth that are radially arranged about a common central axis of the stator and located in a spaced apart manner from one another. The diversity of electric motors used in today’s EVs is quite striking.

Ampt Brings Patent Infringement Lawsuits Against SolarEdge to Protect Optimizer Technology

Alternative Energy Mag

-Complaint with U.S. International Trade Commission Seeks to Ban Import of Infringing SolarEdge Products -Similar Infringement Action in U.S. District Court Seeks Injunction and Substantial Monetary Damages

Patented 3R 60mm Polycarbonate Breather Vent Kit Provides Reliable Ventilation And Installation With Just A Turn Of The Wrist


AttaBox Enclosures Patented 3R 60mm Polycarbonate Breather Vent Kit Now Available

Hydro-Québec commercializing electrolyte patents for solid-state batteries


The University of Texas at Austin has agreed to transfer patents relating to a new type of electrolyte to be used in solid-state lithium batteries to Hydro-Québec, Canada’s largest electricity producer. The patents are co-invented by Dr. John B. Hydro-Québec’s team of researchers will integrate the patent’s technology into a battery with the goal of bringing it to the commercialization stage. “We

Nexeon acquires 24 patents for silicon anodes


Silicon anode specialist Nexeon has acquired three sets of patents relating to the use of silicon in lithium-ion battery anodes. The 24 patents cover the manufacture and use of nano-scale silicon particles, alone or combined with graphite, as well as methods for coating carbon particles with silicon using vapor deposition. The patents have global coverage, and were acquired from German battery maker Litarion, which went bankrupt in 2018.

Revolutionary mounting solution for sandwich roofs: AEROCOMPACT launches patented support system for PV installations


The patented racking system is the first solution on the market that neither stresses nor damages the panels as it transfers all compressive and tensile forces directly into the roof's substructure. The Austrian expert in PV mounting solutions AEROCOMPACT has developed a new support system for solar power systems on sandwich panels.

Nexeon Acquires Key Patent Sets


Move Strengthens Nexeon's Position in Battery Materials

Nano One secures patent on high-energy NMC cathode powders


Nano One Materials has secured a US patent for its NMC cathode powders, which it says offer a proprietary means of making Li-ion batteries more durable, safer and cheaper. This patent is particularly significant as it defines the properties of our high-energy NMC cathode powders, rather than the underlying process to make them,” said Dr. Stephen Campbell, Chief Technology Officer.

Envision goes Patent Pending for Floods with Solar EV Charging Station

Green Living Guy

The post Envision goes Patent Pending for Floods with Solar EV Charging Station appeared first on Green Living Guy. EV Charging and Emergency Power That Can Survive Flooding to Over Nine Feet SAN DIEGO – June 16th, 2020 – Envision Solar International, Inc.,

Wave energy gets boost to pioneer green economy with US patent approval.


US Patent Office grants AW-Energy’s Patent Application for WaveRoller® technology

Tesla’s Effort To Short-Circuit Nikola Lawsuit Fizzles As Patent Office Denies Door Argument

Forbes Green Tech

Patent and Trademark Office denied Tesla's attempt to invalidate its side door patent The upstart maker of electric trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells and batteries claims a small victory after the U.S.

Lamborghini and MIT patent a new material for supercapacitors


Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have patented a new synthetic material that the carmaker hopes will serve as the technological base for a new generation of supercapacitors. The two organizations began working together in 2017 , when they produced the Terzo Millennio concept car. With support from Lamborghini’s Concept Development Department, a research team led by MIT Chemistry Professor Mircea Dinc? synthesized the new material.

Stahlin Enclosures Patented 3R 60mm Polycarbonate Breather Vent Kit Now Available


Designed to help maintain component temperatures inside the enclosure within certain design limits, the Stahlin® 60mm breather vent quickly and easily installs with just a turn of the wrist

Trade Commission finds JinkoSolar did not infringe on Q CELLS’s patent

Solar Power World

International Trade Commission investigation into whether module competitors infringed on Hanwha Q CELLS’s manufacturing patent found that Jinko’s products do not infringe on the patent.

US vaccine patent waiver: A 'game changer' for the global south?


Health experts from India and South Africa welcomed Biden's U-turn on Covid-19 vaccine patents and urged the World Trade Organisation to urgently hammer out a deal

New Patented Technology from EO Charging Set to Transform Fleet Charging


REC is now suing Q CELLS over split-cell manufacturing and junction box patent infringement

Solar Power World

The patent infringement lawsuit war is heating up in the solar panel manufacturing world. REC confirmed in a press release that it filed… The post REC is now suing Q CELLS over split-cell manufacturing and junction box patent infringement appeared first on Solar Power World.

Tigo Dismisses Patent Infringement Lawsuit as Tigo and APsystems Sign License Agreement


Settlement validates Tigo IP while reinforcing customer choice in the marketplace

SolarEdge sues Huawei again for inverter, power optimizer patent infringement

Solar Power World

SolarEdge has filed three additional lawsuits in China against Huawei, citing patent infringement on its inverters and power optimizers. a Chinese entity,… The post SolarEdge sues Huawei again for inverter, power optimizer patent infringement appeared first on Solar Power World. The company is seeking damages and an injunction. The recently filed lawsuits follow the filing of three other lawsuits in Germany by SolarEdge in June and July 2018 against Huawei Technologies Co.,

Meet the VelociWrapperTM, a Newly Patented Creature Speeding up Clean Energy Installations

Alternative Energy Mag

The less it costs to install wind and solar farms, the less it costs consumers, the more consumers will make the switch to clean energy, and the faster we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide

Q CELLS’ patent infringement complaint against JinkoSolar, REC and LONGi Solar confirmed by Regional Court of Düsseldorf in Germany


A patent infringement complaint filed by Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH in March 2019 to the Regional Court of Düsseldorf in Germany has been upheld. The Court has found that JinkoSolar GmbH, REC Solar EMEA GmbH and LONGi Solar Technologie GmbH breached Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH’s intellectual property rights by unlawfully incorporating its patented passivation technology into their solar cells

Moixa Awarded New International Patents for Smart Charging Fleets of Batteries


The patents complement a growing smart energy IP portfolio and help support the ability of Moixa's AI-enabled GridShare software to unlock value for customers by aggregating fleets of batteries to provide gigawatt-scale virtual power plants and help balance electricity grids worldwide

US International Trade Commission Issues Final Determination Confirming No Infringement of Hanwha Q-Cells' Patent by REC Group


Patent 9,893,215 ('215 patent). REC Group, an international pioneering solar energy brand with Scandinavian heritage, is pleased to report that on June 3, 2020, the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a Final Determination that REC Group's products do not infringe the asserted claims of Hanwha Q-Cells' U.S. The Final Determination affirms the Initial Determination (Order No. 40) by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) dated April 10, 2020

Does Tesla’s latest patent have to do with its promised million-mile battery?


In December, Tesla, in partnership with physicists from Canada’s Dalhousie University, filed a patent for “ Dioxazolones And Nitrile Sulfites As Electrolyte Additives For Lithium-Ion Batteries.” Tesla claims that the new battery chemistry, which appears to build on another patent filed in September , improves efficiency, energy density, longevity and cost compared to current Li-ion batteries. Last April, Elon Musk announced that a “1 million-mile battery pack” was in the pipeline.

REC Group Welcomes Order by US ITC in Hanwha Q Cells Patent Infringement Claim: Initial Determination of Non-infringement to be Granted


On November 12, 2019, the US International Trade Commission Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) issued an order to indefinitely stay the hearing in a patent infringement investigation initiated by Hanwha Q Cells in March 2019 against Longi Solar, JinkoSolar and REC Group.

Law 66

Patented and certified Bolt-Check system developed by R&D A/S offers accurate bolt tension measurements and traceability for wind turbines


- Reduced repairs costs, increased reliability and support for long-term monitoring among key benefits of accurate tensioning. Correct bolt tension is hard to achieve but essential to safety and product reliability

Susan Betcher

CleanTech Alliance

Patent Law practice partner, Susan Betcher strengthens the business value of patent portfolios of publicly traded and privately help companies by creating intellectual property rights. Susan is a trained engineer and has experience in a broad range of technology sectors, with concentration in clean technologies such as carbon capture, hydrogen production and storage, and alternative […

Who’s the biggest force in corporate patents for climate-related innovations?


View post: Who’s the biggest force in corporate patents for climate-related innovations? Hint: It’s probably not a Silicon Valley startup. Business Green a-protein-source- apparel circular economy fashion information technology material material-mirrors practical magic probably-not protein-source- silicon silicon-valley supply-chain using-cattle




Reduce, reuse, recycle, register?


Protecting inventions with patents can assist with these aims, but innovators may be skeptical of being able to obtain patent protection for products that are made using recycled materials — materials that in many cases are, by definition, not new. Reduce, reuse, recycle, register?

Ideematec Unveils Horizon L:Tec Solar Tracker at Solar Power International 2020


The global solar tracking company reveals patented locking technology

Tigo Intellectual Property Infringement Lawsuit against APS Continues to Grow


Covers Five PatentsComplaint Against APSystems and parent Zhejiang Yuneng Technology Co.,

Is America Doomed To Become A Second-Rate Country? Even In Nuclear?

Jim Conca

as the world’s leader in key scientific measures, including overall number of papers published and patents awarded. A new report by the National Science Foundation confirms China has overtaken the U.S.

Tigo Energy Files Intellectual Property Infringement Lawsuit Against SMA

Alternative Energy Mag

The complaint against SMA covers six patents related to solar rapid shutdown technology

Mechatron Solar Gains UL3703 Dual-Axis Tracker Certification This Underwriters Laboratories certification, combined with a pending

Alternative Energy Mag

Tier-1 bankability study, enhance the competitiveness of the patented Mechatron Solar M18KD dual-axis tracker for commercial and industrial projects

Stahlin Enclosures Introduces SolarShield HMI covers

Alternative Energy Mag

New, patent-pending Stahlin SolarShield HMI Covers offer the most innovative, durable, non-metallic HMI Covers for use with all enclosure material types