Russian Uranium One Deal And Hillary Clinton In The News Again

Jim Conca

Senator Chuck Grassley (R- IA) wants to resurrect the sale of Uranium One to Russia that occurred under Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State, and thinks something fishy is going on with the FBI and one of their former contractors. But this deal never was much of a scandal


Greek island Tilos on its way to becoming fully powered by renewable energy

Treehugger - Technology

The tiny island has previously relied exclusively on fossil fuels. Technology

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The Role Of Managed Retreat In Adapting To Sea Level Rise

Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation partners with the independent nonprofit Aspen Global Change Institute to provide climate and energy research updates. The research synopsis below comes from Katharine J.

Bringing Climate Change Solutions Home


The Earth’s climate is changing. 97 percent of climate scientists agree that global warming trends are clear and “extremely likely” due to human activities, most prominently the rising emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels.

Review of Climate Policy Options

Low Carbon Prosperity

Evaluating regulations, subsidies, pricing mechanisms, and hybrid policies. Abstract: There is a growing recognition among businesses, policymakers, and the general public regarding the economic and societal risks of climate change.

5 Government Initiatives from Around the World That Are Helping Reduce the Impact of Climate Change

Green Tech Challenge

The effects of climate change are worsening as countries around the world experience more heat waves and unpredictable weather. The problem of global warming crosses geopolitical lines and boundaries, and thus must be addressed by humanity as a whole.

Waste 73

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These 6 Environmental Inventions 2018 Are Finally Here To Save Our Day!

Eco Friend

Environmental crises call for environmentally friendly inventions. Be it electronic gadgets, smart infrastructure/architecture, or delicious food – everything has welcomed green concepts and changes with open arms.

Your Zero-Carbon Gift Guide For Green Holidays 2018

Forbes Green Tech

You won't find any compromises in this gift guide. To make the cut, these gifts must be carbon negative—they mustremove more carbon pollution than they contribute to the atmosphere

Will Solar Panels Work During a Power Outage?


Power Outages are Increasing at an Alarming Rate Power outages and blackouts were unfortunately common last year, affecting millions of people1 in the path of severe storms and wildfires.

5 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Help Protect the Planet

Living Green Technology

While many established corporations have taken the lead in going green, small businesses tend to focus more on growth—especially when they’re first starting out.

Do Small Amounts Of Radiation Matter?

Jim Conca

We need some radiation to function well since that's how we evolved. A set of genes that deal with radiation defends against radiation and it takes a lot to harm us. It’s why we never saw thousands of deaths predicted from Chernobyl and why nuclear workers have the same cancer rates as everyone els


Whatever happened to Jimmy Carter's solar panels: The sequel

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Instead of an exciting adventure, we got a road not taken. Technology

Italian scientist combines climate research with art


Climate scientists, ecologists and activists can sometimes dismiss climate art as inaccurate or even useless. Andreco who works both as a scientist and an artist feels different.


Big Picture Benefits of Energy Efficiency


Many people decide to make energy efficiency home improvements because they want to save on their energy bills — but the good reasons definitely don’t stop there. Energy efficiency also delivers major benefits for the environment, your community, and society at large. Cleaner Air.


The prospects for I-1631 eliminating 20 million tons of carbon pollution annually by 2035

Low Carbon Prosperity

To download a copy of the full analysis, click here for a PDF version. SUMMARY. In this Low Carbon Prosperity Institute (LCPI) analysis, we explore scenarios of carbon reduction investment performance based on the revenue allocation described in Initiative 1631.

Green Mortgages: Here’s What You Need to Know

Energy Refuge

A shelter is a basic human need. The need for housing continues to rise with the increase in population. The housing industry has undergone a huge transformation with advances in technology. This has enabled the provision of diverse services that improve the homeownership experience. Mortgage.

The Future(s) of Fossil Fuels

Mr. Sustainability

Fossil fuels, a vision of the future or something our children will see in history books? Part I. What is up with the world? The energy markets, broadly taken to be fossil fuels and renewables, have seen significant changes over the past years.

Somerville Climate Forward Celebration Recap

Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs recently had the privilege of hosting the Somerville Climate Forward Plan Release Celebration! It was a night to commemorate the City of Somerville’s release of the Climate Forward Action plan.

Making West Virginia Great Again: The Labor Movement Has Answers For The Coal-Centric State

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Donald Trump has appealed to the labor movement by telling it that he will help keep their jobs — a message he has delivered to coal country. But the labor movement there says that a more effective message is to focus on safe and well-paying jobs, which it says is what the Democrats are now doing.


How Does Solar Power Work for Your Home?


How solar works is simpler than you think. Once you’ve made up your mind to get off the utility company’s rate-hike roller coaster, switching to solar power is really pretty simple. You say “Yes!” to choosing solar power, and we’ll do the rest from home solar installation to maintenance and more.

Upcoming Living Green Technology Electronics Recycling Events in Seattle

Living Green Technology

Living Green Technology has some great Seattle electronics recycling events coming up this spring! We will be hosting these events in partnership with a variety of local organizations, ranging from local churches to hotels.

Blood Batteries - Cobalt And The Congo

Jim Conca

Cobalt is essential for our new technological world but, like blood diamonds, half of the Co supplies come from inhumane child labor practices, not the image sought after by people surfing the internet for free-range eggs on their iPhones. Vivienne Walt in Fortune outlines the issue

Resist disastrous planned obsolescence by making old iPhones sexy again

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Fight Apple’s annual seduction dance by buying a perfectly restored iPhone from a company rallying against thoughtless consumerism and e-waste. Technology

Waste 87

Maria Saltz: December Member of the Month

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

WCS Member of the Month highlights the fantastic stories of female leaders in the industry. This month, we spotlight Maria Saltz, Sr. Manager, Marketing and Customer Insights at Adobe. WCS : What excites you most about the work you are doing?

Whether “Net Zero” or “100% Clean Energy,” Energy Efficiency is Essential


At Mosaic, our vision of 100% clean energy for all led us to build an industry-leading platform for home solar financing – and now we’re going beyond that to connect homeowners with financing for modern, energy-efficient home improvements.


Kalama Methanol Plant – Review of Greenhouse Gas Impact Assessments

Low Carbon Prosperity

Click Following Link For Full Report. LCPI_KMMEF_GHG_Analysis_12-13_FullReport. Kalama Methanol Plant Offers Strong Prospects for Net Global Greenhouse Gas Reduction Benefits.

The Scale of the Climate Catastrophe Will Depend on What Businesses Do Over the Next Decade

Andrew Winston

(Hi all. In the last couple of months the scientific and policy worlds have issued some dire reports. The IPCC released its assessment on whether, and how, the world could hold warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (and the dire consequences of not doing so).


AutoGrid Demand Response Series Econ BYOT™


A two-part series exploring the structure and economics of BYOT programs. Part 1: Introduction to BYOT. By Sadia Raveendran.

Cleantech Scandinavia and Greentown Labs Partner to Support Global Cleantech Innovation

Greentown Labs

Cleantech Scandinavia , an internationally-recognized platform for cleantech business opportunities in the Nordics, and Greentown Labs , the largest cleantech incubator in the United States, have formed a partnership to strengthen ties between the Nordic and United States cleantech ecosystems.

Four Ways Synthetic Biology Can Help LEGO Bricks Go Green

Forbes Green Tech

The makers of LEGO bricks have committed to going sustainable by 2030. Is synthetic biology the right tool for manufacturing 19 million bioplastic LEGO bricks each year

3 Ways A Home Battery Helps You Stay In Control During Time Of Use Rates


Breaking Down Time of Use and Battery Storage Maybe you’ve heard of time-of-use (TOU) rates before, or maybe you’re just now hearing about them. Either way, TOU rates could be behind your ballooning energy bills in the future.

Floods, Water Quality in Central Texas/NC/FL and Crowdfunding A Solution.


In the last few months flood related water quality issues have ravaged Austin (more below), North Carolina , Florida , and many other states/countries outside the US.

The Ten Most Polluted Cities On Earth

Jim Conca

The most polluted cities in the world highlight the fact that pollution kills more people than anything else. Cairo tops the list. Los Angeles is the only US city on the list and comes in tenth. But this pollution also involves noise and light pollution for their role in neurodegenerative diseases

Fairphone 2 is the world's first ethical, modular smartphone

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If only we could buy it in North America. Technology