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Reappraising assumptions about ozone in European cities

Envirotec Magazine

Ozone levels near the surface in urban environments are lower than expected, in the results of an Austrian research group The 40-meter-high monitoring tower of the Innsbruck Atmospheric Observatory near the centre of the city of Innsbruck continuously provides data on the composition of the atmosphere at ground level.

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This year's ozone hole could be the smallest it has been in 30 years

Inhabitat - Innovation

For decades, scientists have closely observed the ozone layer, which protects Earth from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

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The Hydrogen: Sustainable Boost for Ozone Layer Preservation


Hydrogen itself does not have a direct role in ozone layer preservation, but it can contribute to its protection by providing an alternative and clean source of energy when used.

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The global treaty to save the ozone layer has also slowed Arctic ice melt


The 1987 Montreal Protocol, which phased out the production and use of chemicals that were depleting the ozone layer, has long been considered one of the most successful environmental treaties in history. The Montreal Protocol was created to address a hole in the stratospheric ozone layer over the Antarctic. In a 2022 report , a U.N.

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Take precautions on ozone alert days

Greenability Magazine

Today, Kansas City will experience its first ozone alert day of the season. When ozone pollution is high, the air is unhealthy. Ozone pollution is formed when emissions from vehicles, lawn and garden equipment and other sources react in heat and sunlight. Ozone pollution can cause wheezing, coughing and difficulty breathing.

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The Ozone Layer Protects Us From UV Radiation - Can UV Protect Us From Coronavirus?

Forbes Green Tech

The ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, but can UV fight coronaviruses.

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Study flags night-time air pollution in China as potential health threat

Envirotec Magazine

China is a night-time ‘hot-spot’ for the production of nitrate radicals (PNO3) that could have a major impact on health-threatening ozone and fine particulates (PM2.5) The study seems to show that, if recent increasing ozone pollution trends continue, nighttime oxidation in China will increase further even if NOx emissions are reduced.

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