Understanding the current dynamics of banking system with reference to personal loan apps

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The post Understanding the current dynamics of banking system with reference to personal loan apps appeared first on U.S. Summary: With unsecured lending becoming a top trend in the banking business, a Personal loan app is one of those tools that are creating a fascinating platform.

Award-winning, 3D-printed smart lamp references Arabian wind catchers

Inhabitat - Innovation

The innovative prototype celebrates the designer’s cultural heritage with a form inspired by famous wind catchers in Arabian architecture


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Whitepaper: Inverter reference design combines system safety concepts


One way is by developing reference designs that combine our system know-how with our safety expertise. This means that reference designs include key safety system elements from the outset. Find out more about the power inverter reference design by reading the whitepaper here>.

When Would Russia's Cyber Warfare Morph Into Real Warfare? Refer To The Tallinn Manual

Jim Conca

The Tallinn Manual attempts to establish how international law governs cyberwarfare, use of force and responses to cyberattacks, which is especially important as our one-sided cyberwar with Russia escalates

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Tips for increasing Domain rating that reflects website authority

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Green Business, Green Business News Domain rating referring domainYour website authority is a critical factor that impacts your search rankings. To drive more traffic to your website, you must increase your website authority. According to the experts at SEO services New York.

Award-winning, 3D-printed smart lamp references Arabian wind catchers


Award-winning, 3D-printed smart lamp references Arabian wind catchers.

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References to Climate in the 2019 Canadian Federal Leaders Debate

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Here are all the references to climate change from the Canadian federal leaders English Language debate that took place on October 7, 2019. This debate was organized around five themes: Leadership in Canada and the world / Polarization, human rights and immigration / Indigenous issues / affordability and income security / environment and energy. -- Hon. Maxime Bernier: We are the People’s Party, and we put Canada first. The other leaders on this stage are globalist.

UN Global Compact’s Marie Morice on where we are with the Sustainable Development Goals


Global Compact, says that there’s strong interests with corporates for the Sustainable Development Goals — often referred to as SDGs — but with many of goals, “we’re not there yet.” Business Green but-with carbon-neutral compact driving-force goals not-there often-referred sidebar with-corporatesMarie Morice, head of sustainable finance at the U.N.

Scientists discover 503 new species in 2020


The museum plays an important role in providing species references and continues to increase the number of known species annually by identifying new ones. “The Museum’s collection of specimens provide a resource within which to find new species as well as a reference set to recognize specimens and species as new.” A total of 503 new species were discovered by scientists at London’s Natural History Museum in 2020.

Montana Heritage Center renovation will celebrate the states history and geology

Inhabitat - Innovation

The project will focus on the local land, with expansions appearing to emerge from the earth to reference the Lewis Overthrust


Obra Architects stimulates climate change discussion with a climate-correcting machine

Inhabitat - Innovation

The installation uses greenhouse technology to create perpetual, spring-like weather conditions through the fall and winter in reference to global warming

Top 5 solar energy companies focusing on improving solar-based products and services


Solar energy refers to the energy derived from the photons of the sunlight, which can be converted into solar thermal energy or electrical energy through solar panels

UN Global Compact's Marie Morice on where we are with the Sustainable Development Goals


Global Compact, says that there's strong interests with corporates for the Sustainable Development Goals — often referred to as SDGs — but with many of goals, "we're not there yet.". Marie Morice, head of sustainable finance at the U.N.

New Era of The Global Planned LNG Has Begun


Planned LNG refers to regasification and liquefaction capacity at LNG terminals. The new era of the global industry has begun and the demand for LNG has skyrocketed

Is Carbon-Neutral Possible for Airlines?

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Carbon neutrality refers to maintaining a net-zero level of carbon emissions. The demand for sustainability is growing across the world and its industries. For aviation, reaching carbon neutrality to be sustainable is going to be harder than with other industries.

CleanTech Alliance expands Health Trust membership with new agreement with RCAW

CleanTech Alliance

Ranken was referring to the recent agreement between the CleanTech Alliance and the Roofing Contractors Association of Washington (RCAW). “The bottom line is the bottom line,” stated Tom Ranken, President and CEO of CleanTech Alliance. The agreement calls for a reciprocal relationship between the two organizations allowing RCAW members access to CleanTech Alliance Health Trust, […]. Alliance News

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Defining Essential Businesses in WA

CleanTech Alliance

There is a new portal that all businesses should reference. The Washnigton state response continues to evolve, and the essential business question is front and center right now: What is an essential business? Previous email addresses used for essential business inquiries are now closed. All inquiries should go through the link below: Thank you and […]. Public Policy

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Clean technology is about more than just wind and solar

CleanTech Alliance

Until 10 or 15 years ago, clean tech referred almost exclusively to ventures focused on the design and manufacture of renewable energy sources — such as wind and solar and the batteries used to store that energy. Source: Heraldnet, Janice Podsada Feb 4 2020 What is clean technology?

Clean technology is about more than just wind and solar

CleanTech Alliance

Until 10 or 15 years ago, clean tech referred almost exclusively to ventures focused on the design and manufacture of renewable energy sources — such as wind and solar and the batteries used to store that energy. Source: HeraldNet, Jane Podsada, Feb 4, 2020 What is clean technology?

'Lightning rod issue': Leaked documents reveal US refusal to discuss climate change in trade talks

Business Green

Leaked documents reveal US officials would not accept references to climate change in any UK trade agreement

Tencent gets proposal from MVRDV for green smart city

Inhabitat - Innovation

Located on a 133-hectare site in Shenzhen’s Qianhai Bay, the nature-inspired development combines references to the lush, mountainous surroundings with Tencent’s cutting-edge technology.

WA Clean Energy Transformation Act: Updated Draft Rule Language

CleanTech Alliance

Here are the changes: Incremental hydro and renewable energy certificates The revised language removes the reference to […]. Source: CETA rulemaking web page. The Washington State Department of Commerce has updated the draft rule language to implement two provisions of Washington’s 2019 clean electricity legislation. The revised language reflects comments received from stakeholders on Sept.

NIST Report: Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

CleanTech Alliance

This refers to a NIST ( National Institute of Standards and Technology ) report on cybersecurity around the Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER). ABSTRACT: This project explores several scenarios in which information exchanges among commercial- and utility-scale distributed energy resources (DERs) and electric distribution grid operations can be protected from certain […]. Industry News

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How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health at An Older Age

Green Living Guy

Indoor air quality, or IAQ, refers to the quality of the air inside of a building. What is indoor air quality? Just like the outdoors, indoors can have air pollution. The air quality indoors affects our health, in either a positive or a negative way.

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Solar inverter or PV inverter


Solar inverter or PV inverter is one of the most critical components of the solar power system and is often referred to as the heart of a solar PV system.

Combo extends coverage at lower cost

Envirotec Magazine

A ir quality measurement firms Aeroqual and Met One Instruments have expanded an existing partnership to offer a combination of reference and near reference particle monitors in a single integrated air monitoring package.

All American to finish construction of hydrogen fuel cell vessel

CleanTech Alliance

The ferry (referred to as the ‘Water-Go-Round’ project) will operate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Source: Workboat Staff, WorkBoat, March 26 All American Marine (AAM), Bellingham, Wash., has been awarded a contract by Switch Maritime (SW/TCH) to complete the construction and outfitting of an aluminum 70?, 84-passenger zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered, electric drive e-ferry. Prior to its transfer to […]. Industry News

ESG investing today is somewhere between a joke and a scam. We need to act, fast


ESG refers to the Environmental, Social and Governance risks embedded in a business, while ESG investing is about taking these risks into account in investment decisions.

The most reliable air quality monitor?

Envirotec Magazine

As well as a range of comparison datasets across climates from the Middle East to Scandinavia, each AQMesh pod has always been subject to a comprehensive factory set-up, following best practise of co-location comparison with reference equipment.


Khawarizm Studio showcases unique 3D printed vase and lamp


Designer Muhammad Khalid has revealed a futuristic 3D printed project, inspired by the Arabic word for “whirling,” referring to a form of physically active meditation that originated among Sufi groups


Washington state maritime industry investment study points to tech innovation for growth

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, September 19, 2019 Days after Washington Governor Jay Inslee celebrated the start of work on the state’s first hybrid-electric ferry, a study released by Washington Maritime Blue identified technology solutions for water transportation, shipping, science and other ocean systems, as the highest growth sector in the “Blue Economy” – a term referring […].

The 'tipping point' has arrived as temperatures rise in 70 US counties

Inhabitat - Innovation

Looks like the heat is on this summer … even in Alaska thanks to what has been referred to as the “tipping point.” Apparently, the warnings about 2 degrees Celsius of warming — or the global average forewarned against in the 2015 Paris Agreement centered on climate change -- has hit some places in the United States pretty hard. Related: For example, according to the Washington Post the fastest state to experience such warming is Alaska which has seen a recent increase of

Confronting Grief and Finding Hope in the Future of Conservation.

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Soulé (1985) referred to it as a ‘crisis discipline’, while terms such as ‘eco-anxiety’ and ‘ecological grief’ are gaining popularity and relevance. Originally posted on SCIENCE FOR SUSTAINABILITY : Biodiversity conservation can be a difficult topic to study when catastrophic projections and bad news is ever-present, combined with the intense urgency to act.

Everything You Need To Know About How Choosing an Eco-friendly Toilet Makes A Difference?

The Environmental Blog

Eco-friendly toilets are often referred to as low-flow. Reference: [link]. It can be argued that the global pandemic has increased awareness of environmental issues and how the simplest of actions can make a difference.

Biophilia and Biophilic Design: Incorporating Sustainability Into The Built Environment

Green Business Bureau

The direct experience of nature refers to having direct contact with nature and natural processes including sunlight, plants, water, animals, fire, etc. References: [1] Fromm, E.

Ten Materials which Contribute in making Energy Efficient Buildings


Green buildings are referred to as sustainable, intelligent, and reduced ecological footprint buildings. 10 energy efficient building materials Use of the sustainable material is a part of the sustainable development.

Envirotec Magazine - Untitled Article

Envirotec Magazine

easy-to-use reference?explaining Following updates to the Ecodesign Directive in July this year, which revised the regulations governing the energy efficiency requirements of new electric motors, the Association for Electrical and Mechanical Trades ( AEMT ) has published an?easy-to-use

As QAnon Conspiracy Spreads on the Far Right, Climate Science Deniers Jump Aboard


The Paris Agreement on Climate is Another Scam to Ripoff Taxpayers and Enrich the Politicians,” the Q-Drop (the term QA non followers use to refer to messages they believe come from some sort of government insider who signs messages with the letter Q) claimed, labeling climate action a “con.”.

On Hiatus

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For friends and family who need more details, you can refer to my Facebook page. Due to a devastating family emergency, I am taking the month of June off from writing at Forbes or here on my blog. Sincerely, Robert Rapier


Climate Accountability Largely Missing from Senate Democrats’ New Climate Report


But the report appears to have left out any reference to, much less a plan for, climate accountability — that is, holding polluters accountable for the harms they are knowingly causing in communities across the country facing extreme heat, devastating wildfires, and disastrous flooding and storms.

Koch Academic Influence Returns to Massachusetts With New Tufts University Think Tank


Read time: 3 mins When a new Massachusetts think tank housed at Tufts University launched earlier this year , Boston-based media described it as a “ CBO -like center” (referring to the Congressional Budget Office) that would offer an “independent analysis” of proposed state policy and legislation.

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Energy Disaggregation and NILM – If You Can Measure it, You Can Improve it

CleanTech Group

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM), also referred to as Energy Disaggregation, is a technology using either sensor-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to identify granular energy consumption data at appliance-level from whole-home energy data.

Raphael Warnock could prioritize environmental justice in Senate


Business Eco Green a-reference-set children church conservation pollution power roberto-portela science-at-the species-as-wellThe January 5 Senate runoff in Georgia pits two very different candidates against each other.

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