Chemicals giant INEOS plans $2.3B green hydrogen investment across Europe

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billion in green hydrogen projects across Europe over the next 10 years, the company announced this week. The first green hydrogen plants will be built in Norway, Germany, and Belgium with projects also planned for the UK and France. Hydrogen News INEOSFollow @EngelsAngle.

Exploring Europe’s approach to offshore wind and green hydrogen

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The Clean Energy States Alliance recently released a new report that looks at the development of green hydrogen (H2) from offshore wind. This hydrogen is referred to as “grey hydrogen.” Hydrogen from electrolysis powered by renewables is known as “green hydrogen.”.


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ees Europe is pointing the way for green hydrogen as the basis for a sustainable circular economy

ees Europe Restart 2021: FOCUS ON GREEN HYDROGEN


The smarter E – Green Hydrogen Forum, which will be held during the exhibition, will provide a platform for industry representatives along the entire value chain.

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Europe’s Green Hydrogen Revolution Is Turning Blue


Green hydrogen may get all the headlines, but the prospect of it fueling Europe's future hydrogen economy on its own looks increasingly questionable. Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology scooping up the resulting CO2.

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From Hydrogen to Offshore Wind: Energy & Power Takeaways from Cleantech Forum Europe

CleanTech Group

From Hydrogen to Offshore Wind: Energy & Power Takeaways from Cleantech Forum Europe Following a summer full of heated energy-related news, Cleantech Forum. Cleantech Forums Cleantech Insights Energy & Power Hydrogen

Europe’s offshore wind to green hydrogen plan won’t work for the US, report finds

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The European Union is prioritizing green hydrogen in its net-zero push. The UK government unveiled a strategy last month to produce 5 gigawatts of low carbon hydrogen by 2030, capitalizing on its rapidly expanding offshore wind power industry. Hydrogen News Offshore Wind Power

Don’t Repeat Solar Mistakes With Hydrogen, IEA Chief Warns Europe


Europe must not repeat the same mistakes it made with solar manufacturing in the emerging hydrogen sector, the executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned. Today, Europe would appear to be at the vanguard of the hydrogen economy.

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Iberdrola Guns for Green Hydrogen Leadership in Europe


Spanish utility Iberdrola is aiming to become one of Europe’s top green hydrogen producers with a 200-megawatt electrolyzer project and plans for 600 MW more. Norwegian firm Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser is supplying the electrolyzer technology.

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Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy?


Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy? The Saudis are going big on something called green hydrogen — a carbon-free fuel made from water by using renewably produced electricity to split hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules. Green hydrogen? Hydrogen.

Energy giants launch ‘world’s largest’ clean hydrogen infrastructure fund

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Global energy companies TotalEnergies and Air Liquide have partnered with French construction firm VINCI and a group of international companies to launch what they are calling the world’s largest clean hydrogen infrastructure fund.

Major Fossil Fuel PR Group is Behind Europe Pro-Hydrogen Push


Read time: 7 mins The recent deluge of pro-hydrogen stories in the media that tout hydrogen as a climate solution and clean form of energy can now be linked in part to FTI Consulting — one of the most notorious oil and gas industry public relations firms.

Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand? One novel spin on emerging hydrogen fuel options is "clean hydrogen" made from trash. . Today, more than 95 percent of hydrogen is fossil-based and does not rely on renewables. There are other ways to make hydrogen.

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Going green: The future of hydrogen energy

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Hydrogen is one of the energy solutions that can significantly address climate change and has a vital role to play in decarbonization. In the last decade, green hydrogen in particular has shown great promise as an integral part of the renewable energy mix needed for a sustainable future.

Mississippi green hydrogen hub would be one of world’s largest

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A $3 billion green hydrogen storage hub planned for Mississippi would be 10 times larger than any other project of its kind in the U.S., We’re excited to welcome Hy Stor Energy and hydrogen innovators to Mississippi,” said Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives Philip Gunn.

Loop Energy Announces First Supply Shipment of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Modules to ECUBES in Europe


This also marks Loop Energy's first commercial shipment to the European Union as the company continues to expand availability of products and services throughout Europe, China and other key global markets

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Green Hydrogen Systems raises €28 million to help fuel Europe’s climate goals

Impact Alpha

22 – Green Hydrogen Systems, a maker of electrolyzers that split hydrogen from water molecules, is cashing in on the green. The post Green Hydrogen Systems raises €28 million to help fuel Europe’s climate goals appeared first on Impact Alpha. Dealflow Europe Impact Tech

Europe is going all in on hydrogen power. Why isn’t the US?


Once upon a time, hydrogen was supposed to be the future of energy. The possibilities for hydrogen power seemed endless: It could fuel our cars, heat our homes, and even power our airplanes. But hydrogen can also be made cleanly out of regular old water (H2O — makes sense, right?)

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UK unveils hydrogen strategy based on offshore wind model

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The UK government has today (Tuesday 17 August) unveiled its long-awaited strategy for developing a hydrogen energy economy. By Kevin Ross, Editor-in-Chief of Enlit Europe and Power Engineering International. New York announces initiatives to explore green hydrogen for decarbonization.

Shell fires up Europe's largest green hydrogen facility

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Shell this afternoon began operations of Europe's largest PEM hydrogen electrolyser at its Energy and Chemicals Park in south west Germany, pledging to deliver up to 1,300 tonnes of green hydrogen a year from the trail-blazing facility.

Hydrogen 2020: Engaging with Innovation

CleanTech Group

This month, Europe unveiled its hydrogen strategy including: Plans increase production capacity six-fold by. Climate Change Energy & Power Energy Storage Hydrogen Renewable Energy Sources

Major hydrogen initiatives underway at US Department of Energy

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DOE announces 52M for 31 hydrogen projects; issues RFI for projects to which Avangrid responds. million to fund 31 projects to advance next-generation clean hydrogen technologies and support DOE’s recently announced Hydrogen Energy Earthshot initiative. Hydrogen News

BP and Ørsted Launch Green Hydrogen Partnership


BP and Ørsted will partner on a 50-megawatt electrolyzer in Germany in the first stage of a green hydrogen partnership. The project is BP’s first full-scale commercial hydrogen venture. BP uses the terminology clean, rather than green hydrogen.

MAN Energy Solutions, ANDRITZ Hydro to produce hydrogen from hydropower

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MAN Energy Solutions and ANDRITZ Hydro have completed a strategic framework agreement to jointly develop international projects for the production of green hydrogen from hydropower. A pilot project in Europe will mark the start of the collaboration. Hydropower News hydrogen

As Europe’s Green Hydrogen Excitement Grows, Profits Look a Long Way Off


Green hydrogen is the talk of the power sector these days, but it will be at least a decade before it becomes a major line item on the books of European utilities and generators, executives say. Governments are rushing to publish coherent strategies as they compete to build hydrogen hubs.

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As part of The smarter E Europe exhibition program, exhibitors specializing in hydrogen, fuel cell and Power-to-Gas solutions will be presenting their latest technologies and services at ees Europe, the largest international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems in Europe, from July 21–23, 2021 in Munich

Europe’s Biggest Gas Grid Ramps Up Hydrogen Efforts


The largest natural gas infrastructure firm in Europe has launched a new hydrogen business and increased its financing for low carbon projects. The company's recent strategic documents lean heavily on renewable gas, power-to-gas, and hydrogen. Over the long term, Snam expects hydrogen and biomethan to offset reductions in the company's natural gas business, Alverà told analysts. Energy firm Vattenfall is eyeing hydrogen as a demand driver.

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Big Oil’s interest in hydrogen: boon or bane?

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Additionally, several companies including Saudi Aramco and ADNOC, are exploring possibilities to develop low-carbon hydrogen production, as well as investments in CCUS. The Oil and Gas Industry’s Eye for Hydrogen. Critics of Big Oil’s push towards hydrogen.

Brookfield Renewable, Plug Power partner on hydropower-fueled hydrogen plant

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announced plans to build a green hydrogen production plant, which would use 100% renewable energy from Brookfield Renewable’s 252-MW Holtwood hydroelectric facility. Once operational, the plant is projected to produce about 15 metric-tons of liquid hydrogen per day. Plug Power Inc.

Highlands hub spearheads Scottish grasp for hydrogen leadership

Envirotec Magazine

A multi-partner plan involving the Port of Cromarty Firth has been launched to establish a green hydrogen hub in the Highlands that “will see Scotland lead the world in hydrogen technology”, as its backers put it. A view of the Cromarty Firth.

Government of Canada launches Hydrogen Strategy


Most automakers may have rejected hydrogen as an energy storage medium for passenger vehicles ( Toyota is the notable exception), but the technology may yet find applications for industrial processes, and in other forms of transportation such as aviation and shipping.

Europe, Asian Nations Leading The World In Hydrogen Development

Forbes Green Tech

Of the 228 large-scale industrial, transport and infrastructure hydrogen projects across the world more than half, 126, are projected to be located in Europe, while 46 are planned to be built in Asia, 24 in Oceania and only 19 in North America.

Green light for first hydrogen blending on a public gas network

Envirotec Magazine

The HyDeploy project will blend hydrogen with natural gas on a public gas network in Winlaton, Gateshead operated by Northern Gas Networks. hydrogen in the UK gas network after the project gathered extensive evidence to demonstrate the hydrogen blend will be ‘as safe as natural gas’.

NortH2: Shell unveils plans for 'Europe's largest green hydrogen project'

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Shell, Gasunie, and Groningen Seaports launch ambitious plans to build green hydrogen hub for northern Europe. The proposed mega-hydrogen facility in Eemshaven would have the potential to save seven megatons of CO2 emissions a year, the companies said.

Chemicals Giant Ineos Targets the World’s Cheapest Green Hydrogen


It seems everyone wants to get in on the ground floor when it comes to green hydrogen. But chemical manufacturers could be a third class of big green hydrogen players. Green hydrogen is about four times as expensive to produce as hydrogen derived from fossil fuels today.

5 Early Applications for Green Hydrogen


Few energy-related topics are getting as much attention at the moment as green hydrogen. Europe's biggest natural-gas infrastructure firm recently launched a new hydrogen business. A hydrogen economy in the U.S. Replacing existing hydrogen feedstocks.

New €2.5B Green Hydrogen Steel Venture Unveiled


The facility will use green hydrogen to process the iron into steel, leaning on existing expertise in the region. It is pursuing a hydrogen-based technology, with a larger demonstration plant set to open in Germany in 2023.

As Green Hydrogen Zooms, Europe Sees Early Signs of Electrolyzer Manufacturing Boom [GTM Squared]


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Hydrogen Cars. Smart or DuMb?

Mr. Sustainability

Not smart Summary - Hydrogen has a key role to play in our sustainable future. It is time we acknowledge the future of land-based transport is battery-electric, not hydrogen-powered. This blog explores the beauty of hydrogen and why we should not put it into our cars - of any size.

Bloom Energy Soars After Launch Into Green Hydrogen Market


Shares of Bloom Energy surged nearly 40 percent on Wednesday, lifting the fuel cell maker above its initial public offering price for the first time since 2018, after the California-based company announced it would enter the commercial hydrogen market.

Where Are We in the Hydrogen Hype Cycle?


The excitement around green hydrogen has grown dramatically in recent years. They also cover the hurdles hydrogen may face along the way to scale, including fierce competition from grey hydrogen, fossil fuels, and electrification.

Shell Exploring World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Project


Oil major Shell has started feasibility work on what would be the largest green hydrogen project in the world. The plans would see 3 to 4 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity established in the North Sea by 2030 purely for the manufacture of green hydrogen. The market for green hydrogen.

Shell, Mitsubishi and Vattenfall partner on Hamburg hydrogen project

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Shell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Vattenfall and municipal company Wärme Hamburg are exploring a plan to jointly produce hydrogen from wind and solar power at the Hamburg-Moorburg power plant site and utilise it in its vicinity. Hydrogen News