IoT Helps Humans Fight Climate Change and Live More Sustainably

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Climate change can no longer be considered a change, it’s now clearly an acute crisis. According to a Global Carbon Project report, total carbon emissions from all human. The post IoT Helps Humans Fight Climate Change and Live More Sustainably appeared first on U.S.

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Stripe Is Spending $1 Million To Fight Climate Change


Stripe has revealed it is spending $1 million to fight climate change. Biofuels Clean Transport Climate Change Green Economy Research Science Water absorbing carbon bio oil Carbon carbon capture carbon capture and storage carbon sequestration CarbonCure CarbonCure Technologies Charm Industrial Climate change Climeworks minerals olivine peridot Project Vesta seas Stripe

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Climate Change Communication Across Political Canyons — CleanTech Talk Podcast


and CleanTechnica contributor, sits down to talk with Ed Dolan, economist, writer, and Senior Fellow at the Niskanen Center, about climate change communication and action across political divides. Air Quality Cap And Trade Carbon Pricing Carbon Tax CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive Climate Change Fossil Fuels Green Economy Health Interviews Media Policy & Politics Research Cleantech Talk Ed Dolan Libertarians podcasts

Biochar’s Role In Mitigating Climate Change


Carboculture turns methane-spewing biomass into high-carbon charcoal, thanks to a patented technology that transfers waste into charcoal in a carbon-neutral way, allowing a cleaner, more efficient way to make charcoal and charcoal products. Agriculture Climate Change Interviews biochar biomass Carboculture carbon sequestration soil

New Technologies Can Help Lower Carbon Emissions


Researchers around the world are seeking new technologies that will help humans survive the coming changes wrought by an overheating planet. Climate Change Science carbon capture Climate change district cooling global heating salt water air conditioning University of Beyreuth

How Should $10 Billion Be Spent To Defeat Climate Change?


When I first read about the $10 billion from Jeff Bezos to fight climate change, my first thought was, "Where will it be spent?".

Upcoming Canadian Federal Election Is About Climate Change


Agriculture Buildings Carbon Pricing Carbon Tax Clean Power Clean Transport Climate Change Coal Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Fossil Fuels Green Economy Green Jobs Investment Manufacturing Mass Transit / Public Transit Natural Gas Oil Policy & Politics Solar Energy Subsidies Wind Energy alberta BC Canada Canadian Federal Election Catherine McKenna Conservative Party of Canada Justin Trudeau Kigali Amendment Liberal Party of Canada Ontario Paris accord

State Function, Path Function, Path Dependence, & Climate Change


How we get to zero carbon is an unanswered question at this point. Clean Power Clean Transport CleanTechnica Exclusive Climate Change Energy Storage Fossil Fuels Green Economy Policy & Politics Climate change Path Dependence Path Function State Function

US Energy 2050: 100% Carbon Free, 100% Electric, Up Our Game 6× (Part 1)


The energy system by 2050 can be completely transformed from where it is today, but we will need to really pick up the pace. We need to go from adding 20 or so gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar a year to around 130 GW a year for the next 30 years. This article goes through the numbers. .

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Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change?


Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change? When it comes to the climate crisis, it’s not just what you make and sell, it’s what you do, and for whom you do it. Lawyers aren’t the only service-sector firms targeted for their climate ties.

US Energy 2050: 100% Carbon-Free, 100% Electric, Up Our Game 6× (Part 2)


The electric system of 2050 will be around 2.5 times the size of the electric system today due to electrification. But electricity is so much more efficient at producing the final “energy services” (heat, motive power, light, etc.) that total energy use will be far lower than it is today. .

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Michael Mann Sets The Record Straight — It’s Now Or Never


Mann says cutting carbon emissions could lower average global temperatures but the time to act is now. Climate Change Science Carbon Emissions Climate change Global Weirding IPCC Michael E. Michael E.

UN Scientists Say There Is A Way To Delay Climate Change For 20 Years For Pocket Change


Scientists at the UN say an investment of $300 billion would buy the world 15 to 20 years to figure out how to solve the climate crisis. Agriculture Climate Change Barron J. Orr carbon dioxide Climate change UN Convention to Combat Desertification UN Food And Agriculture OrganizationThat's how much the world spends on military defense every 60 days.

Oil & Petrochemical Companies Want YOU To Pay To Protect Them From Climate Change!


Not content with destroying the Earth with billions of tons of carbon emissions and plastic waste, they now want the federal government to build enclaves to protect their refining facilities from rising sea levels and more powerful storms. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Climate change coastal protection plans fossil fuels Houston John Cornyn Port Arthur Ted Cruz Texas Texas Gulf Coast

Is carbon sequestration on farms actually working to fight climate change?


There's an emerging market to pay farmers to store more carbon in the soil by using improved agricultural practices. Agriculture Carbon Capture Carbon Removal Carbon Removal Natural Climate Solutions Regenerative AgricultureBut some scientists are questioning whether these efforts will actually help slow global warming.

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Fighting climate change with bamboo


Bamboo is a surprisingly effective carbon sink and is being promoted by the government as a uniquely Chinese solution to climate change

The Rules Of Acquisition & How They Apply To Climate Change — Part Three


Climate denial is mostly funded by oil company greed, and oil company actions are meant to maximize their profits. So, the idea of this series of short (somewhat satirical) articles is that climate change denial will be analyzed under the lens of each stated rule, how it applies, and what we should consider for our strategies to achieve climate victory over oil company greed. I suspect, being a progressive bunch, at least a few of us are Star Trek fans.

Is Climate Change Really Causing an Increase in Natural Disasters?

The Environmental Blog

last year and record rainfall in the American Midwest — have led some to wonder if climate change may be behind the increase in natural disasters. So — is climate change really making the weather more extreme? How Climate Change Causes More Extreme Weather. Scientists are reasonably sure that increased temperatures as the result of climate change have made extremes in precipitation — heavy rainfall and drought — more likely. Climate Change

Radiative Cooling And Carbon Capture: New Technologies For An Overheated World


Some of you may have been absent the day your high school science teacher gave a lesson on how ancient people living in hot climates made ice without refrigeration. Climate Change Science Aaswath Raman Amazon carbon capture CarbonCure cement Klaus Lackner microsoft radiative cooling SkyCool

Increased Resilience Is Necessary To Battle The Pandemic & The Climate Crisis


Financial deliberation to rebuild after the pandemic should be directed to climate crisis mitigation. Climate Change Green Economy Policy & Politics carbon taxes fiduciary duty IMF Ulrich Volz

What Is The Best Approach To Putting A Price On Carbon Emissions In The US?


Forward by Kurt Lowder My friend and mentor, Bill Hurly, now retired, has found a fulfilling mission in fighting for climate change. He has been heavily involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) in San Antonio, Texas. I have attended a number of his presentations on the topic of climate change and what the CCL is [&hellip.

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Storm Warning: How Climate Change Creates More Devastating Hurricanes

The Environmental Blog

Wait until you see how climate change is leading to more devastating hurricanes. Increasing average global temperatures and climate change could be to blame. Read on for a closer look at how climate change, ocean temperature, and hurricanes are related and how to be prepared. How Climate Change Affects Hurricane Intensity and Frequency. There are two main reasons that climate change increases our chances of devastating hurricanes.

Doing Something About Global Warming Is Cheaper Than Doing Nothing


Carbon sequestration does not have to cost any more than nations have already spend on fighting the coronavirus. New polls show climate change is high on the list of concerns for voters.

Greening The Grid: Resource Adequacy, Intermittency, & Carbon Pricing


To green the grid, we must adopt a strategy of meeting our energy needs with low-cost renewable wind and solar resources. The obvious question is how to resolve the intermittency issue (what happens when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine).

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Ford And GM Lied. The Planet Died. Part One


An exhaustive study by E&E News finds Ford and GM had research scientist on their staffs for decades who warned of the threat posed by carbon dioxide emissions. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Carbon Emissions Climate change Ford General Motors Gilbert Plass Global Climate Coalition Global Weirding Ruth Reck

EU Parliament Steps It Up: 60% Carbon Emissions Cut By 2030 Proposed


The EU Parliament voted this week, on October 6, to strongly improve its 2030 climate target. The proposal that was voted through was to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 rather than 40% by.

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Global Carbon Emissions By Country: Monthly Update


This is the start of a monthly series on global carbon emissions and a review of the countries with the biggest emissions and whether they are delivering on their promises of the Paris Agreement. . Climate Change Carbon Emissions

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It’s The Economics, Stupid! The Case For Carbon Fees


New research claims adding a fee on carbon emissions would spur innovation and drive greater efficiency in the energy and transportation sectors. Carbon Pricing Climate Change carbon fee carbon tax Elon Musk fossil fuels untaxed externality

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Covid-19 May Speed Up Low-Carbon Shift, Google Says


In a Q& A with BloombergNEF, Google's Jeff Hamel, Director of Industry Partnerships at Google, shared his thoughts on how the coronavirus may speed up the low-carbon shift.

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80% of oil workers considering career impacts of climate change

Envirotec Magazine

Eight in ten Scots oil workers have considered that their careers could be impacted by actions being taken to tackle climate change, new research suggests. The post 80% of oil workers considering career impacts of climate change first appeared on Envirotec.

IMF Advocates For Carbon Assessments


The IMF says a price on carbon is far more effective than government rules and regulations. It recommends a minimum cost of $75 per ton of carbon dioxide. Carbon Pricing Climate Change carbon fee carbon tax economics GOVERNMENT REGULATION International Monetary Fund

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Deep decarbonization: A realistic way forward on climate change


Global emissions have soared by two-thirds in the three decades since international climate talks began. Carbon RemovalTo make the reductions required, what’s needed is a new approach that creates incentives for leading countries and industries to spark transformative technological revolutions.

Ancient Redwood Trees Are Burning In California


They have even survived some of the worst of climate change — until now. Climate Change Research Science California Carbon co2 redwood trees stored carbon Wildfires

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Carbon Pricing and Lighting, EVs, Heat Pumps, & Electric Everything


What does the US need to do to help the world prevent the worst of climate change? Joe Biden’s campaign wants the US to be fossil free by 2050 as well, based on his stated climate policy. End the use of fossil fuels fast. Many are stepping up to the challenge with aggressive goals. The EU wants to be fossil free by 2050.

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2035: Clean Grid 90%, Electrify 50%


For those deeply interested in our future energy system and how it will evolve, I highly recommend two in-depth papers published in the last year.

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New California EV Rebates!


California drivers can save up to $1,500 off the price of a new electric vehicle, on top of previously available incentives!

Why Have Carbon Dioxide Levels Shot Up More In Recent Decades Than Ever Before?


A primer on abrupt acceleration of carbon dioxide levels can be handy when we're confronted with climate denials. Air Quality Climate Change Fossil Fuels Health Research Science climate crisis global climate change senator sheldon whitehouse Yale Climate Connections

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Global Financial Institutions Plan For Major Oil & Gas Lending Exits


Climate Change Fossil Fuels Investment Carbon Tracker From Zero To 50: Global Finance Is Fleeing Oil and Gas IEEFAThe fossil fuel industry is finding it increasingly harder to obtain funding for its operations.

Carbon Pricing & The Energy Transition


But we are not moving fast enough to turn the tide on human-caused climate change. Carbon Pricing Clean Power Fossil Fuels Grid Investment Market Research Policy & Politics Research Solar Energy Wind Energy carbon fee carbon fee and dividend Lazard LCOE lcoe renewable energy LCOE solar lcoe US carbon pricing wind lcoeWe are making great progress, with costs of solar, wind, and batteries continuing their decline.

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Climate Change is Impacting You in Ways You Haven’t Even Noticed

The Environmental Blog

Many of us are aware that climate change has massive implications, many of which have already transformed our planet. Cities have recently experienced immense floods – carbon emissions are on the rise and ice in the Arctic Ocean has melted almost entirely. But if that’s not enough to turn you into an activist, here’s this – climate change directly harms people around the world. The effects of climate change reveal themselves in several ways.