Forget Eagle Deaths, Wind Turbines Kill Humans

Jim Conca

If human life is worth $129,000 per year, and coal kills 15,000 people a year in the U.S., that means the industry gets about $37 billion in death tax credits per year.Wind's death subsidy is only a few million dollars and nuclear doesn't get any of this particular subsidy.

Energy 307

Why Did We Make The Atomic Bomb?

Jim Conca

Richard Rhodes recently gave an insightful lecture at the Hanford site in Washington State for the 70th Anniversary of the Manhattan Project that provides a glimpse of what emotions, paradigms, and philosophies motivated people during the world-changing event of developing the atomic bomb.


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Mpowerd Luci: Inflatable, low cost, solar LED lantern for developing world

Eco Friend

Unveiled at CES 2013, Luci is just the perfect solar lantern targeted at travelers and disaster survivors who seriously need a portable and reliable lighting solution to illuminate their way.… Eco Gadgets Guide CES CES 2013 Eco gadgets LED lantern Lithium-ion battery Luci Lantern Mpowerd Mpowerd Luci Renewable energy Solar Lantern solar power solar powered lantert

Predictions For Cleantech in 2014

Cleantech Blog

Continuing a tradition since 2007, once again we bring you some end-of-year thoughts about where we think the cleantech investment theme is going. Our cleantech-specific analysis and advisory firm Kachan & Co. focuses on this space. We publish research reports. We get briefings from companies introducing new technology. We publish a cleantech analysis service. We’re quoted in the press. We pore over […]. Blog cleantech crowdfunding electric vehicles EV fuel cell vehicles rare earth

How to Be Bold and Cultivate Your Vision

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Today the leadership gap between male and female executives remains significant, and at the September 2013 WCS meeting startup CEO turned leadership coach Kate Purmal challenged that if women fail to cultivate and execute their visions in the world, it could take nearly 300 years for women to reach parity in the corporate executive and entrepreneurial ranks.

Women in the Spotlight – Amy Francetic, Chicago Clean Energy Trust

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Posted by LisaAnn This Women in the Spotlight series features Amy Francetic, CEO of the Chicago Clean Energy Trust. She has over 18 years of operational and executive management experience in the high technology sector with specialties in cleantech and information technology.

Amy Francetic, Chicago Clean Energy Trust

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

This Women in the Spotlight series features Amy Francetic, CEO of the Chicago Clean Energy Trust. She has over 18 years of operational and executive management experience in the high technology sector with specialties in cleantech and information technology. The organization is dedicated to accelerating the development of clean-energy businesses in the Midwest and works with a board of Chicago’s most powerful and wealthy investors — Nicholas Pritzker, Michael Polsky and Paula Crown among them.

Bloom Energy Recruiter’s Top 5 Career Tips

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Posted by Guest Contributor. Bloom Energy is an outgrowth of a NASA Mars research project to use fuel cells to sustain life on Mars. The research transferred to a commercial endeavor in 2001 as ION America. The company changed its name to Bloom Energy in 2006 and has grown to 1500 employees. Blooom’s solid oxide fuel cell technology uses common, low cost materials to generate highly-efficient power from almost any hydrocarbon fuel, such as ethanol, biodiesel, methane or natural gas.

Out with Booth Babes, in with Women Solar Professionals at SPI

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Posted by Rosana Francescato This post was originally published on PV Solar Report. Persistence and patience are key when it comes to many undertakings in solar. That was no less true of getting in to the Professional Women in Solar Breakfast at Solar Power International. The fact that this breakfast routinely sells out attests to a couple facts: 1) There are more than a few women in solar, and 2) Women in solar feel the need to band together.

Secrets of Solar Jobs Revealed

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Posted by Rosana Francescato. What’s the main qualification for a job in solar? You must enjoy change. That was the consensus at the recent Women in Cleantech and Sustainability meetup “Getting a Job in Solar … and Keeping It!” A full house of WCS members at the SolarCity office had a lively discussion with the excellent panelists from a range of solar areas: Christie Cruz and Raya Zion of SolarCity , Acenia Farrand of Qbotix , and Melissa Zucker of Solaria.

Aessi Air Support detects household gas leaks, doubles as emergency solar radio

Eco Friend

Conceived by designer Patrick Mulcahy, the Aessi Air Support detects household gas leaks like canaries used to do in a coalmine in ancient times. Moreover, it doubles as an emergency… The post Aessi Air Support detects household gas leaks, doubles as emergency solar radio appeared first on Eco Friend. Eco Gadgets Guide Eco Ideas Guide Aessi Air Support Eco gadgets Eco ideas emergency devices Gadgets Patrick Mulcahy


Lucio: Robotic LED lighting system offers in-house comfort, safety

Eco Friend

Conceived by Italian industrial designer Stefano Filipuzzi, Lucio is a sustainable lighting solution that interacts with users to provide them emotional comfort. Awarded with a runner-up award at Sharp Design… The post Lucio: Robotic LED lighting system offers in-house comfort, safety appeared first on Eco Friend. Eco Gadgets Guide Eco Ideas Guide Eco gadgets Eco Idea Gadgets home lighting solution Led lighting LED lighting system Lucio LED lighting system Robotic LED lighting system

Meet Grit, a complete adventure gear for compulsive nomads

Eco Friend

Campers and adventurers will sure like Grit, an adventure tool that utilizes extra gears from a washable shaver to support its dynamo mechanism. Conceived by Aarish Netarwala, the multipurpose flashlight/lantern… The post Meet Grit, a complete adventure gear for compulsive nomads appeared first on Eco Friend. Eco Gadgets Guide Aarish Netarwala Adventure adventure gear Concepts Eco gadgets Gadgets Gear Grit Grit flashlight Grit lantern Grit lantern flashlight LED


YSHAPE seeks funding for its web-enabled HeatMeter energy monitor

Eco Friend

Want to lower your carbon footprint by bringing down your energy consumption and save on heating costs? Folks at YSHAPE Inc have kickstarted their campaign to realize the launch of… The post YSHAPE seeks funding for its web-enabled HeatMeter energy monitor appeared first on Eco Friend. Eco Gadgets Guide Eco Ideas Guide Eco gadgets energy efficiency Gadgets HeatMeter Kickstarter Sustainable Gadgets Thermostat wifi WiFi enabled energy monitor Yshape

Meet Ultra Blue, the eco friendly cover for iPad and Nexus 10

Eco Friend

The Salt Lake City-based has announced the release of its eco-felt sleeve for the iPad and Nexus 10. Ultra Blue features a completely new design from 10Terra and marks… The post Meet Ultra Blue, the eco friendly cover for iPad and Nexus 10 appeared first on Eco Friend. Eco Gadgets Guide eco felt sleeve Eco gadgets Gadgets Galaxy iPad iPad accessory iPad cover Nexus 10 recycled soda bottle recycled water bottle Ultra Blue Ultra Blue iPad Cover Ultra Blue Nexus 10 tab

Bioserie iPhone 5 covers integrate bioplastics with premium recyclable materials

Eco Friend

Hong Kong based bioserie has introduced a diversified line of iPhone 5 covers for eco conscious Apple gadget freaks. The recently unveiled series of iphone 5 covers includes BioCover, GlassCover… The post Bioserie iPhone 5 covers integrate bioplastics with premium recyclable materials appeared first on Eco Friend. Eco Deals Guide Eco Gadgets Guide Alucover biocover bioserie Eco gadgets glasscover iPhone iPhone accessory iPhone cover

Tech for Good Startup Weekend

Better Ventures

The top teams will be fast tracked to the finalist round for the Spring 2013 cohort of Hub Ventures and will receive valuable perks including Facebook Ads credits. Applications for the Spring 2013 cohort are open until December 10. Hub Ventures is hosting a Technology for Good Startup Weekend from 12/7-12/9 that will bring together startup enthusiasts for 54 hours to build technology solutions for big social and environmental challenges.

Tech for Good Startup Weekend: 8 groups pitch ideas from water price transparency to viral political memes

Better Ventures

How much good can you do with 54 hours, a little caffeine, and a bunch of strangers? This past weekend, Hub Ventures teamed up with the Vodafone Americas Foundation to find out, in the second annual Tech For Good Startup Weekend. 85 aspiring entrepreneurs and mentors came together at San Francisco’s Impact Hub to build mobile, web, and software solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. We were blown away by the passion, scrappiness, and raw talent of this weekend’s participants.

Spring 13, Week 10: AgGrow

Better Ventures

We are the earliest stage company in the Hub Ventures 2013 cohort and, because of it, have tried to absorb as many lessons as possible. We’ve got just 2 weeks to go in the program! This week, hear from Zach Warder-Gabaldon from AgGrow. The global population will reach nine billion people by 2040.

Spring 13, Week 4: SunFunder

Better Ventures

Along the way we’ve also won Facebook’s Cleantech Goes Social contest and joined Hub Ventures’ Spring 2013 cohort (woohoo!). It’s week 4! Hear from Cindy Nawilis of SunFunder about the company, and what they’ve been up to these past few weeks. We at SunFunder are a small team fueled by a big mission: to catalyze $1.2 billion into 1500 off-grid solar projects and empower more than 160 million lives. Because 1.3

Asia 40

Spring 13, Week 12: Eko Devices

Better Ventures

Hear from Connor Landgraf , founder of Eko Devices about the final weeks of the program. Eko Devices believes in one thing: we believe in harnessing the power of computer assisted diagnosis for healthcare. We believe that smartphones that can utilize the enormous potential of big data and cloud technologies can reduce the costs of healthcare and improve the outcomes of patients.

Spring 13, Week 8: Share Practice

Better Ventures

“Experience, not knowledge, is the biggest limiting factor between good doctors and great doctors.” This week we hear from Dr. Andrew Brandeis , of Share Practice. Good doctors make bad decisions because knowledge sources are broken. Medical reference tools are biased by business and insurance interests and most doctors don’t have time to read antiquated research papers. Doctors are also not aware of new or effective treatments because there are no easy ways for us to disseminate information.

Spring 13, Week 6: UClass

Better Ventures

We’re halfway through! This week, hear from Chris Yim of UClass. At UClass , we’re connecting classrooms around the world, to create a generation of students who possess the global competencies necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Through getting feedback from teachers, and a lot of soul-searching at our first annual company retreat at Stinson Beach, we recently repositioned ourselves from a global social network, to a social assignment platform, with an emphasis on peer review.

Spring 13, Week 2: 2nd Nature

Better Ventures

Every 2 weeks, you’ll hear from one of the founders of our Spring13 cohort companies. They’ll tell you about what they’re working on and what’s been going on in the program so far. First up is Chris Cuellar , Co-Founder of 2ndNature. We built Arrive to ease the pain of getting around town. We are believers in access over ownership , especially with respect to cars, and are showing how life in an urban center is possible (and cheaper) without owning a car.

Announcing our Spring13 Cohort

Better Ventures

AgGrow: A stealth-mode startup building technology tools to scale sustainable agriculture Eko : A telehealth company revolutionizing the medical industry by building a mobile electronic stethoscope that connects to smart phones and provides remote diagnosis NBD Nano : A nano-scale surface to enhance water condensation and collect water in the most arid regions of the world.”

Eco Pro 2013

Cleantech Blog

With the recovery of Fukushima on everyone’s mind and the uncertainty in fossil fuel supply, the focus on 2013 was on renewable energy. Every year, Eco-Pro features a particular theme.

Global offshore wind installed capacity up 21 percent since 2013

Renewable Energy World

This week the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) launched the first edition of its Global Offshore Wind Report, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the global offshore wind market, including forecast data, market-level analysis and review of efforts to lower costs. News Wind Power Project Development Offshore Asset Management

The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Ceased Operations In 2013 But The Battle Over Dismantling It Still Rages

Forbes Green Tech

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station closed in 2013. But activists and regulators in southern California are now debating how to dismantle the site and where to store the spent nuclear fuel


In London, coroner rules air pollution as cause of death of a child

Inhabitat - Innovation

Coroner Philip Barlow ruled that failure to keep air pollution below legal limits was one of the causes of Ella Kissi-Debrah’s death in 2013

Growth in US green economy dwarfs that of fossil fuel industry


Data shows the green economy grew by over $60 billion per year between 2013 and 2016. Clean Economy Energy & Climate Policy & Politics Renewable Energy

Mark Stockton

CleanTech Alliance

Joining Integra Gold in 2013, his previous roles included Manager of Quebec [… Mark Stockton is the VP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Integra Resources.

NOAA predicts drought in the west, flooding in the east

Inhabitat - Innovation

Most of the western half of the country is already in moderate to exceptional drought conditions, which, unfortunately, is likely to expand into the most significant spring drought since 2013 Prepare for more drought in the West and flooding in the East, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association's spring outlook report.

Benefits of the Clean Energy Fund

CleanTech Alliance

The CleanTech Alliance worked in partnership with the Washington Department of Commerce to encourage support of the first Clean Energy Fund in 2013 and we’ve been involved in every funding cycle since. Developed by Governor Jay Inslee, the Clean Energy Fund supports the development, demonstration and deployment of clean energy technologies.

Energy 150

Indigenous belief systems bolster mangrove reforestation in Palawan


From 2011 to 2013, mangrove restoration efforts were initiated in Palawan as part of the Philippines’ National Greening Program, but, as elsewhere in the country, the initiative performed far below target


Notification: Comments Received by WA Dept. of Commerce for Clean Energy Transformation Act Draft Rule

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Washington State Department of Commerce, September 10, 2013. The Washington State Department of Commerce has received fifteen stakeholder comments concerning the draft rule language for federal incremental hydro, renewable energy certificates and the social cost of greenhouse gases. All comments have been posted on the Clean Energy Transformation Act web page. The document can […]. Public Policy

Energy 150

Clean Energy Fund: Fueling Partnerships for Renewable Energy Innovation

CleanTech Alliance

Since its launch in 2013, Governor Jay Inslee and the Washington State Legislature have championed the fund – appropriating more than $150 million to fund innovative cleantech projects across the Evergreen State.

Fuel Cell Stack and Systems Market Know What Statistics Show About Market After This Pandemic Ends


Global Fuel Cell Stack and Systems Market By Product Type (Below 5W Fuel Cell Stacks, 5W to Below 100W Fuel Cell Stacks) And By End-Users/Application (Aerospace, Automotive) Global Market Share, Forecast Data, In-Depth Analysis, And Detailed Overview, and Forecast, 2013 - 2026

Thailand government mulls legal action as it cleans up oil spill


Residents fear a repeat of a 2013 spill that wreaked havoc on marine life and the tourism industry. Advocacy group Greenpeace Thailand is calling for greater support for nearby fishing communities

Bboxx expands in West Africa with acquisition of off-grid solar peer PEG Africa

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, September 7 – PEG Africa launched its pay-as-you-go solar business in Ghana in 2013 and has since expanded to Senegal, Ivory Coast and.

Illegal clearing for agriculture reported to drive tropical deforestation


A report by NGO Forest Trends found that tropical forests cleared for agricultural activities between 2013 and 2019 done in violation of national laws and regulations contributed significant greenhouse gas emissions

Law 65

Ghanaian pharmacy venture mPharma raises $35 million to expand drug access in Africa

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, January 6 — Accra-based mPharma, launched in 2013, has partnered with more than 155 hospitals, 850 pharmacies to deliver telehealth services and.

UK shale gas reserves may be fraction of what is claimed - study

Business Green

University of Nottingham says new techniques give lower estimate than in 2013 report


What is TOPCon solar panel technology?

Solar Power World

TOPCon, or tunnel oxide passivated contact, was introduced to the industry in 2013 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Germany and has been used by mainstream Chinese… The post What is TOPCon solar panel technology?