White paper validates innovative oxygen transfer technology 

Envirotec Magazine

A new, industry-verified white paper validates the oxygen transfer efficiency of an innovative, gas infusion technology for water and wastewater treatment. The full white paper, titled Validation Testing of the Fuel Tech, Inc. The reservoir testing site.

IoT satellite-based LoRa program and white paper launch

Envirotec Magazine

The white paper, entitled “Satellite-based LoRa Unlocks Europe-wide IoT”, explores use cases and how space-based connectivity can help streamline, automate and enhance IoT networks.

IoT 207

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New battery resources: FAQs, Webinars, White Papers and more


To help keep Charged readers informed about what’s happening and how to get their products to market quickly, Intertek has created a battery resource page with a variety of literature, white papers and on-demand webinars. Sponsored by Intertek. The battery industry is quickly evolving as new technologies come to market and power everything from automobiles to socks!

New White Paper Draft: The Washington Clean Energy Fund

CleanTech Alliance

Find the new draft of our Clean Energy Fund White Paper. It is a work-in-progress and comments are always welcome. Thanks to Lindsay McCormick, our author! Why We Should Continue to Fund the Clean Energy Fund Big Bang for the Buck– The Clean Energy Fund requires awardees to secure funding for at least half of […]. Public Policy

Energy 150

In danger of becoming a missed opportunity: ADEPT’s response to government’s planning White Paper

Envirotec Magazine

The Government’s White Paper, Planning for the Future, has caused a furore amongst local authorities. ADEPT argues that the changes proposed in the White Paper are the most radical since 1947, and will have profound repercussions on planning decisions for generations to come.

New battery resources: FAQs, Webinars, White Papers and More


To help keep Charged readers informed about what’s happening and how to get their products to market quickly, Intertek has created a battery resource page with a variety of literature, white papers and on-demand webinars. Sponsored by Intertek.

Roads and digital innovation: White paper presents highlights from local authority project leads

Envirotec Magazine

A seemingly ground-breaking government-funded initiative to accelerate innovation in the roads sector has published its latest white paper, looking at the role of digital tools, platforms and data in this area, and some of the outstanding challenges.

Arctech White Paper: AI Solar Tracking Solutions Give Energy Output a 7% Boost


Arctech Solar, a leading solar tracking, racking and BIPV systems provider, has recently released a white paper entitled "The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence Solar Tracking Solutions" at an online global launch event. The white paper details major upgrades for its tracking solution that can improve power generation of solar power plants by up to 7%, thereby boosting returns for power plant owners and investors



The UK's Energy White Paper builds on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution and contemplates the most radical set of changes to the UK energy system since privatisation. It sets out proposals for significant acceleration towards net zero and covers carbon capture and storage, energy transition and distribution, heat, offshore wind, and energy efficiency

The Energy White Paper and the nuclear stand-off

Business Green

The row over Sizewell led the headlines, but there is so much more to the Energy White Paper and its promise to deliver a decisive shift away from fossil fuels. And that is what is so exciting about the Energy White Paper.

New Alencon white paper highlights techniques for replacing 600-V inverters

Solar Power World

One of the primary, particularly debilitating symptoms they are presenting: The central inverters that were initially… The post New Alencon white paper highlights techniques for replacing 600-V inverters appeared first on Solar Power World.


Alternative Energy Mag

A three-part series on metal roofing and solar PV. Part 1 focused on Solar/Roof Service Life comparisons. Part 2 explains the common types of mounting systems for metal roofs, associated risks and pros/ cons of each.

Back two-way EV charging technology to slash costs and emissions, white paper urges

Business Green

Vehicle-to-grid charging technology can deliver power system cost savings of almost £900m while helping slash the carbon intensity of electric vehicles, a new white paper backed by BEIS and EV manufacturer Nissan argues.

Energy White Paper: Government unveils plan for 'decisive and permanent' shift away from fossil fuels

Business Green

Long-awaited Energy White Paper set to be unleashed alongside plan to establish domestic UK emissions trading scheme from 2021. This is what the White Paper - and other publications over the next year - should provide

Everything you need to know about the UK's landmark Energy White Paper

Business Green

After several delays spanning at least a year, the government has finally unveiled vision for a future net zero energy system - here are the eight things you need to know about the long-awaited Energy White Paper.

Trina Solar publishes its Vertex module technology white paper, unveiling a brand new technology platform


Considering the impact of high current output on the junction box and inverter, module size on the installation, handling, transportation and logistics, Trina Solar has taken the lead in proposing a third-cut solar cell, 5*30 cell layout based on 210mm oversized wafers, with the perfect combination of Multi-Bus Bar, non-destructive cutting and high-density cell interconnection technology, which make the Vertex reaches 500W-plus power output and 21%-plus efficiency.

Rhombus Energy Systems Releases White Paper on the Impact of Utility Grid Capacity on Electric Vehicle Fleets


Study explores approaches to ensuring adequate power availability for growing electric vehicle fleets given limitations in increasing the power from utility grids in the near term

Utility-Scale Solar: New White Paper compares PV Tracker Technology and their Stability in High Wind Events


German Solar Tracker leader Ideematec presents insights into stow strategies

New White Paper explores grid parity and the solar renaissance

Renewable Energy World

Today, solar power has become cheaper than the production cost of any other existing conventional power generation technology. The arrival of grid parity heralds a milestone in the history of energy production. It means solar energy being commercially viable without any subsidies or state support; producing energy with the lowest possible environmental impact. Solar News

Deloitte-Ballard Joint White Paper Assesses Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Solutions for Transportation


Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles projected to be less expensive to run than battery electric and internal combustion engine vehicles within 10-years

Free White Paper on Why Technology Helps Environmental Consultants Deliver Better Client Outcomes


Continue reading "Free White Paper on Why Technology Helps Environmental Consultants Deliver Better Client Outcomes". The post Free White Paper on Why Technology Helps Environmental Consultants Deliver Better Client Outcomes appeared first on Ambisense. 5 Reasons Why Technology Can Deliver Better Client Outcomes for Environmental Consultants Like many other sectors, the environmental industry is moving towards deeper technology adoption.

Stepping Into the Circular Economy With Confidence


The circular design principles of this white paper are for everybody: Head of Product Development, Product Design, Innovation, R&D Managers, CSR Representatives, Sustainability Managers, etc. Download the white paper today to learn more about circular design

Destination: Net Zero - 6 Steps to Carbon Neutrality


This white paper outlines a step?by?step The paper highlights how energy solutions with creative financing business models -- like Energy as a Service -- can address many of the all-too-common internal obstacles to planning and implementing net zero programs.

How to Structure & Syndicate ABS Deals for Optimal Results in the Crisis Market

T Rex Group

Product News Thought Leadership White Papers abs asset backed securities crisis market deal structuring digital waterfall finance fintech scenario editor securitization sell side syndicating syndication T-REX

LevelTen Energy, The Nature Conservancy, and The National Audubon Society Advocate for a Sustainable and Equitable Energy Transition with Launch of New Impact Principles


New jointly-written white paper provides principles and framework for buying and developing renewable energy projects with positive impacts on local communities, conservation efforts, and the climate

Energy 123

These ergonomic writing tools took 20 years to create


Green a-white-paper change-the-way design fountain-pen gianfranco img-loading into-the-design italy post-format-gallery writingThese pens have a distinct look that immediately gets attention. It turns out, there’s good reason for that: They were designed by architects. Achille Castiglioni and Gianfranco Cavalgià created the design in 2001. The project was unpublished and kept in a Milan -based studio.

This is how we build a zero emissions economy


I recently wrote a white paper about the investments and policies we need to get to net-zero as quickly as possible

Microgrids Link Clean Energy and Mobility


In this white paper you will discover how microgrids and new business models like Energy as a Service foster sustainability solutions

In Setting Corporate Climate Goals, Credibility is Key


Review the four steps your organization can follow to make credible, actionable climate goals in 3Degrees’ white paper, In Setting Corporate Climate Goals, Credibility is Key

Why Sustainability Should Be Your Competitive Edge


Download our white paper to get insight into how your organization can get started on the path to sustainability For some, the vision around sustainability might be crystal-clear; whereas others are taking their time to explore and detail a long-term integrated sustainability plan.

Soltec SF7 Bifacial solar tracker attains Bifacial Gain of 15.7%


Soltec publishes the fourth part of its White Paper with the results of a 12-month period obtained by BiTEC


Hillcrest’s soft switching technology reduces ripple current in EV traction inverters


Hillcrest Energy Technologies , an inverter and control system company, has released a white paper describing the advantages of its soft switching technology.

Soltec SF7 Bifacial solar tracker attains Bifacial Gain of over 16.2%


Soltec publishes the third part of its White Paper with the results of a 9-month period obtained by BiTEC


TÜV Rheinland Holds "All Quality Matters" Solar Congress 2022 in Hefei, a Staunch Force for PV Industry Development for 40 Years

Alternative Energy Mag

The series of keynote speeches, strategic signings, release of white paper and new standards enabled them to see the opportunities and challenges in the industry, and provide suggestions for the vigorous development of the industry

Efficiently and easily test fuel cells (Whitepaper)


This white paper provides a breakdown of the wide range of features and regenerative electronic loads from EA Elektro-Automatik that help simplify the test procedure for users. Sponsored by EA. Supporting Advances in Climate-Neutral Energy.

Microgrids and the Energy Transition


Read this white paper to find out Centralized electricity production spurred huge progress in the early 20th century — enabling significant economies of scale and improved power plant efficiency. But times are changing.

Energy 254

Resin impregnation of electric motors (Whitepaper)


This white paper deals with automation solutions, especially for impregnating electric motors and the advantages of the various resin impregnation methods. Sponsored by Viscotec. Advantages of the endless piston principle for trickling.

5 Practical Steps for Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector Right Away


Download this white paper for five practical steps industrial companies can take now to make real, measurable and sustained progress toward decarbonization The industrial sector accounts for more than 1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions.

75% agree the energy sector needs a system architect – Is this the right solution?


Institutional and governance reform forms a major part of the energy white paper. Industry commentators have proposed various ideas, including popular concepts such as a system architect. This was backed by attendees of Cornwall Insight's 'Financing net zero business forum', who agreed that the sector needs a system architect

Trina Solar believes its oversized, third-cut-cell modules pave the way for 600-W solar panels

Solar Power World

Trina Solar has published a technology white paper on its previously announced 500-W bifacial Vertex solar panels.

Whitepaper: Realizing the future of fast EV charging through CoolSiC™ based topology design


This white paper reviews the charging landscape and examines implementation approaches for fast DC chargers. Sponsored by Infineon.

5G is advancing autonomous driving


Download the white paper here: Download Now. Sponsored by Keysight. Autonomous Driving systems use innovative information systems which integrate automotive Ethernet networking, sensor fusions, optical cameras and V2X communications. Discover how these features are being influenced by 5G to make automotive vehicles safer and to help reduce the number of road accidents to zero. Newswire Sponsored Content The Tech

Extending ESG Best Practices Into the Supply Chain


Awareness on ESG issues has steadily grown over the decade. Consumers increasingly prefer a sustainable lifestyle and engage in sustainable activism. A global study by Unilever found 1 in 3 customers purchasing from brands with perceived social or environmental impact.