New White Paper Draft: The Washington Clean Energy Fund

CleanTech Alliance

Find the new draft of our Clean Energy Fund White Paper. It is a work-in-progress and comments are always welcome. Thanks to Lindsay McCormick, our author! Why We Should Continue to Fund the Clean Energy Fund Big Bang for the Buck– The Clean Energy Fund requires awardees to secure funding for at least half of […]. Public Policy

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In danger of becoming a missed opportunity: ADEPT’s response to government’s planning White Paper

Envirotec Magazine

The Government’s White Paper, Planning for the Future, has caused a furore amongst local authorities. ADEPT argues that the changes proposed in the White Paper are the most radical since 1947, and will have profound repercussions on planning decisions for generations to come.


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Roads and digital innovation: White paper presents highlights from local authority project leads

Envirotec Magazine

A seemingly ground-breaking government-funded initiative to accelerate innovation in the roads sector has published its latest white paper, looking at the role of digital tools, platforms and data in this area, and some of the outstanding challenges.

Energy White Paper: The green economy reacts

Business Green

Business stands ready to deliver the investment and innovation needed to turn ambition into reality, and the proposals outlined in the Energy White Paper will give firms further confidence to deliver new infrastructure'.

New Alencon white paper highlights techniques for replacing 600-V inverters

Solar Power World

One of the primary, particularly debilitating symptoms they are presenting: The central inverters that were initially… The post New Alencon white paper highlights techniques for replacing 600-V inverters appeared first on Solar Power World.

The Energy White Paper and the nuclear stand-off

Business Green

The row over Sizewell led the headlines, but there is so much more to the Energy White Paper and its promise to deliver a decisive shift away from fossil fuels. And that is what is so exciting about the Energy White Paper.

Arctech White Paper: AI Solar Tracking Solutions Give Energy Output a 7% Boost


Arctech Solar, a leading solar tracking, racking and BIPV systems provider, has recently released a white paper entitled "The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence Solar Tracking Solutions" at an online global launch event. The white paper details major upgrades for its tracking solution that can improve power generation of solar power plants by up to 7%, thereby boosting returns for power plant owners and investors

Back two-way EV charging technology to slash costs and emissions, white paper urges

Business Green

Vehicle-to-grid charging technology can deliver power system cost savings of almost £900m while helping slash the carbon intensity of electric vehicles, a new white paper backed by BEIS and EV manufacturer Nissan argues.

Energy White Paper: Government unveils plan for 'decisive and permanent' shift away from fossil fuels

Business Green

Long-awaited Energy White Paper set to be unleashed alongside plan to establish domestic UK emissions trading scheme from 2021. This is what the White Paper - and other publications over the next year - should provide

Everything you need to know about the UK's landmark Energy White Paper

Business Green

After several delays spanning at least a year, the government has finally unveiled vision for a future net zero energy system - here are the eight things you need to know about the long-awaited Energy White Paper.

New White Paper explores grid parity and the solar renaissance

Renewable Energy World

Today, solar power has become cheaper than the production cost of any other existing conventional power generation technology. The arrival of grid parity heralds a milestone in the history of energy production. It means solar energy being commercially viable without any subsidies or state support; producing energy with the lowest possible environmental impact. Solar News

Rhombus Energy Systems Releases White Paper on the Impact of Utility Grid Capacity on Electric Vehicle Fleets


Study explores approaches to ensuring adequate power availability for growing electric vehicle fleets given limitations in increasing the power from utility grids in the near term

Trina Solar publishes its Vertex module technology white paper, unveiling a brand new technology platform


Considering the impact of high current output on the junction box and inverter, module size on the installation, handling, transportation and logistics, Trina Solar has taken the lead in proposing a third-cut solar cell, 5*30 cell layout based on 210mm oversized wafers, with the perfect combination of Multi-Bus Bar, non-destructive cutting and high-density cell interconnection technology, which make the Vertex reaches 500W-plus power output and 21%-plus efficiency.

Utility-Scale Solar: New White Paper compares PV Tracker Technology and their Stability in High Wind Events


German Solar Tracker leader Ideematec presents insights into stow strategies

Deloitte-Ballard Joint White Paper Assesses Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Solutions for Transportation


Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles projected to be less expensive to run than battery electric and internal combustion engine vehicles within 10-years

Free White Paper on Why Technology Helps Environmental Consultants Deliver Better Client Outcomes


Continue reading "Free White Paper on Why Technology Helps Environmental Consultants Deliver Better Client Outcomes". The post Free White Paper on Why Technology Helps Environmental Consultants Deliver Better Client Outcomes appeared first on Ambisense. 5 Reasons Why Technology Can Deliver Better Client Outcomes for Environmental Consultants Like many other sectors, the environmental industry is moving towards deeper technology adoption.

How to Structure & Syndicate ABS Deals for Optimal Results in the Crisis Market

T Rex Group

Product News Thought Leadership White Papers abs asset backed securities crisis market deal structuring digital waterfall finance fintech scenario editor securitization sell side syndicating syndication T-REX

Trina Solar believes its oversized, third-cut-cell modules pave the way for 600-W solar panels

Solar Power World

Trina Solar has published a technology white paper on its previously announced 500-W bifacial Vertex solar panels.

Soltec SF7 Bifacial solar tracker attains Bifacial Gain of 15.7%


Soltec publishes the fourth part of its White Paper with the results of a 12-month period obtained by BiTEC


Soltec SF7 Bifacial solar tracker attains Bifacial Gain of over 16.2%


Soltec publishes the third part of its White Paper with the results of a 9-month period obtained by BiTEC


Have you considered timber mats on your large-scale solar project?

Solar Power World

Article adapted from a white paper by World Forest Group Timber mats are used in transmission, wind, heavy civil and pipeline industries to provide ground protection and increased job efficiency.

New battery modeling whitepaper: download now for free


This white paper explains the chemistries, physics, and design variables that need to be considered in each major step of the battery design process. Sponsored by COMSOL. Battery system design calls for multiphysics simulation on different scales.

75% agree the energy sector needs a system architect – Is this the right solution?


Institutional and governance reform forms a major part of the energy white paper. Industry commentators have proposed various ideas, including popular concepts such as a system architect. This was backed by attendees of Cornwall Insight's 'Financing net zero business forum', who agreed that the sector needs a system architect

5G is advancing autonomous driving


Download the white paper here: Download Now. Sponsored by Keysight. Autonomous Driving systems use innovative information systems which integrate automotive Ethernet networking, sensor fusions, optical cameras and V2X communications. Discover how these features are being influenced by 5G to make automotive vehicles safer and to help reduce the number of road accidents to zero. Newswire Sponsored Content The Tech

How to use energy optimisation to reduce energy costs and drive growth


Centrica Business Solutions has published a new white paper 'Reducing Energy Costs and Driving Growth'. It explores the challenges facing businesses today and how energy optimisation can help reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve resilience

Top Predictions For The Renewable Energy Market in 2021

The Environmental Blog

The UK government published the Energy White Paper in December 2020, with a 10-point-plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’. The UK is aiming to create 40GW of offshore wind by 2030, as per the Energy White Paper.

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Solar Wire Management for Single Axis Trackers


HellermannTyton’s Wire Management for Single Axis Trackers white paper has been updated to include extensive commentary on bifacial modules as well as modules with split J boxes.


ACORE releases whitepaper on the need for a federal renewable energy standard

Solar Power World

In a new white paper released today by the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, the organizations offer recommendations on how U.S. policymakers can most effectively design a federal high-penetration renewable energy standard (RES) that enhances grid reliability, creates American jobs, and increases American economic competitiveness globally.

Waste reduction bonds can make green bonds greener

Impact Alpha

That’s the message of Future of Waste from UBS Global Wealth Management, the first of a series of white papers exploring longer-term sustainable investment opportunities. ImpactAlpha, Feb. 27 – One person’s garbage patch may be another’s opportunity.

Soltec publishes study on bifacial solar tracker yields

Solar Power World

Soltec, a manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers and related services in large ground-mount PV projects, has prepared a white paper that presents the results obtained from a yearlong study at Soltec’s Bifacial Tracker Evaluation Center (BiTEC) in Livermore, California.

Free Whitepaper: Testing of complex autonomous vehicle designs


Learn about the design and testing of complex sensor and communication technologies being built into AVs from a free white paper and poster. Sponsored By Keysight Technologies.

Climate risk and the high cost of waiting


A white paper by the White House Council for Economic Advisers detailed this week how the United States has been missing out by being slow to invest in climate technology research and development, while the European Union and China have leaped ahead.

ESG 2.0: ACORE Releases Recommendations on ESG Scoring to Better Reflect Renewable Energy Use and Investment


In a new white paper released today, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) explores the current state of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing in the U.S. and provides recommendations for ESG methodologies that better reflect renewable energy use and investment

Overview of automotive communications technologies: Free Poster


Learn about design and test of complex sensor and communication technologies being built into autonomous vehicles from the white paper and posters. Sponsored By Keysight Technologies. Download a beautifully designed automotive communications poster. It provides an overview of the technologies that make new cars safer and more convenient, including a comparison of dedicated short-range communications and C-V2X technologies.

Google Pledges 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030


Google addresses some of these technical challenges in a new white paper , released Monday as an update to a 2018 “ discussion paper ” looking into the potential for 24/7 carbon-free energy for its data center fleet.

Carbon 130

Wood Mackenzie/Greentech Media Brand Integration Announcement


Beginning next month, GTM staples such as our podcasts, market insights, webinars, white papers, and an expanded portfolio of renewables events will move to Wood Mackenzie platforms.

UK fusion partnership aims to accelerate net zero progress

Envirotec Magazine

Fusion energy is an area of national and international priority and has been explicitly identified in Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, and in the December 2020 Energy White Paper.

Development of driveline electrification technologies: Whitepaper


Intertek is experienced in working with the latest cutting-edge EV technologies, and this white paper, “Development of Driveline Electrification Technologies” , can help automotive engineers navigate this new space. Sponsored by Intertek.

Mitsubishi Eyes Great Lakes for Offshore Wind Development


Diamond Offshore Wind was encouraged by a white paper from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) released this summer, looking at the state’s options for meeting its 70 percent renewable energy target for 2030. Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp.

Behind the coming ESG disclosure explosion


For example, there’s the paper by five leading NGOs on how their voluntary frameworks, standards and platforms could be used together, and another seminal white paper on converging the various ESG reporting standards. Behind the coming ESG disclosure explosion. Jean Haggerty.

Should big utilities pay for their bad choices?

Renewable Energy World

They discussed Clean Energy Action’s white paper on utility accountability and how we can equitably transition to a clean energy future for a recent episode of ILSR’s Building Local Power podcast, republished here for Local Energy Rules. Originally published at

For Sustainability, start at the end

Terra Infirma

More on my approach to Sustainability Strategy can be seen in our white paper. One of the things that really makes me grind my teeth in planning for Sustainability is when somebody says “Why don’t we try [random thing X]?”

'Now turn to page 104': Where green energy policies go to die?

Business Green

The Green Homes Grant Scheme is not the only policy on page 104 of the recent Energy White Paper in danger of being cut back and watered down, warns Labour's Shadow Energy Minister Alan Whitehead MP.