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This summer, consider sustainable seafood


This summer, consider sustainable seafood. Summer makes me nostalgic for seafood. I spent my days snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, strolling through quaint markets and eating lots of seafood. . Plant-based seafood is catching up . Theresa Lieb. Fri, 07/23/2021 - 02:30. The smaller, the better.

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5 ways to help reduce seafood waste and loss


Much of seafood is discarded including byproducts like skin, bones and head. To reduce food loss and curb emissions we should be using all parts of the fish.

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BlueNalu is developing innovative cell-based seafood

Inhabitat - Innovation

While 3D printed steak and lab-produced chicken are on their way to the market, one innovative company has set their sights on providing a well-rounded menu of seafood options that don't come from the sea.

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'Concerning': Mackerel taken off sustainable seafood menu amid overfishing concerns

Business Green

That is the headline recommendation from the non-profit's latest ‘ Good Fish Guide ' today, which uses a traffic light system to help consumers and businesses make sustainable seafood choices depending on how or where a species is caught or farmed and covers all seafood sold or produced in the UK.

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Can Bumble Bee and Nestlé hook the world on fishless fish?


Buoyed by the success of red-meat mimics from the likes of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, a growing number of companies is angling to capture their share of the early market for animal-free seafood. The nonprofit has named the threatened collapse of fisheries and unmet demand for seafood alternatives as important factors.

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U.S. buyers test sustainability strategies at Peter Pan Seafood

Impact Alpha

buyers test sustainability strategies at Peter Pan Seafood appeared first on Impact Alpha. New buyers aim to turn around an iconic Alaska salmon processor that was a money-loser for its former Japanese owner. Alaska-based McKinley Capital. The post U.S.

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12 women cultivating sustainable food systems in 2022


These women are changing investing norms, animal feed, cheesemaking, seafood production; all with an eye towards a more sustainable future for agriculture.