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Romania’s Retele Electrice DSOs launch 300,000 smart meter tender

Smart Energy International

The new tender forms part of the ongoing smart meter rollout for the three Retele Electrice DSOs, which together have over 1.5 million), is for up to about 300,000 smart meters, with a minimum volume of 120,000 units, for delivery over one year. million end points installed. The new tender, with a value of €24.25 million ($26.2

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Emporia’s energy management system prepares for the bidirectional EV charging future


Total control of power usage: from solar to EV and back to the house. Once an EV can double as a stationary storage device, it will take its place as part of an energy ecosystem that includes rooftop solar and energy management—and could even become a source of revenue for owners and a valuable grid-balancing resource for utilities.

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Living Building Challenge-targeted Watershed improves Seattles water quality


Seattle-based design firm Weber Thompson has completed construction on Watershed, a mixed-use development that aggressively reduces its energy and water usage compared to conventional construction of the same size. In addition to offering mixed-use appeal, the building also takes on an educational role.