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The CleanTech Alliance's lobbyist, Boswell Consulting, has put together an excellent resource webpage with resources to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Member News


Solar Home Battery Installation Information

U.S. Green Technology

The post Solar Home Battery Installation Information appeared first on U.S. What is the Best Battery for a Solar Panel System?


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Seven ways to inform better decisions with TCFD reporting


Seven ways to inform better decisions with TCFD reporting. Each can apply TCFD reporting intelligence to inform better decisions in different ways. Steven Bullock. Mon, 09/28/2020 - 00:00. This article is sponsored by Trucost, part of S&P Global.

IRS Releases Information Regarding Employee Retention Credit

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Stoel Rives, April 9, 2020 The IRS has posted a summary description of the employee retention tax credit that was enacted as part of the CARES Act (available here). The IRS also posted a frequently asked question page regarding the credit (available here). The employee retention credit is a credit against the employer portion […]. Member News Public Policy CARES Act coronavirus coronavirus aid COVID-19 federal aid IRS

Policy 150

Modernization and Inclusion? Informal and Semiformal Transport in Latin America

The City Fix

This blog is also available in Spanish on For most Latin American and Caribbean cities, public transport is the single most important way to access opportunity and essential services for most urban dwellers, from finding a job to education. Continue reading on

Informal Transport Must Play a Bigger Role in Post-Pandemic Recovery. Here’s How That Can Happen.

The City Fix

Crisis often sparks changes to the ways we move. Post-war prosperity made the automobile a household item, and lifestyle. The 1970s global oil and fiscal crisis brought a short-lived bike boom and a retreat of city dollars for public transit. Continue reading on

Fear grips India's vast informal workforce as vaccines run low


Industry leaders are pushing to get workers vaccinated as Covid-19 cases soar, but stocks are running low


IoT project will assess impact of climate change on forests, and inform UK policymaking

Envirotec Magazine

Defra and Forest Research will use the results to inform policy makers and the public of how the changing environment impacts tree growth and the huge benefits that trees can provide by storing carbon.

IoT 232

Green IT: Top Sustainable Information Technology Initiatives for Small Businesses

Green Business Bureau

Every business uses Information Technology (IT) to run their operations, manage their data, collaborate, communicate and make decisions. For any business or personal electronics, be sure to erase any private information. What is Green IT?

New Statewide Report Features Community-Informed Environmental Justice Recommendations

Front And Centered

Check it out here or on the EJ TF’s information page under “Reports & Information”. For more information about, contact By Sameer Ranade , Civic Engagement and Policy Manager.

Upcoming Information Sessions for the Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants Programs

CleanTech Alliance

Source: WA Department of Commerce, Jan 13, 2020 In the Washington Legislature’s 2019 Capital Budget, the Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants program received funding for two rounds of the Energy Efficiency Grant and one round of the Solar Grant. This program funds projects that save energy and operational cost savings at state public higher education […]. Opportunities

No news or bad news? Many people choose ignorance over staying informed, study finds


The researchers found that for every subject, there was a substantial chunk of people who preferred to not learn unpleasant information, even when they knew the information could help them over time. Many people choose ignorance over staying informed, study finds on Apr 9, 2020.

Tackling information disorder is critical for transboundary water cooperation in South Asia


There is an urgent need to ramp up efforts to tackle such information disorder on shared waters in the region Misinformation and fake news on transboundary water issues in South Asia can negatively impact longstanding cooperation efforts.

Asia 124

Virtual events designed to inform, motivate and connect

Business Green

Providing a platform from which individuals and companies throughout the sector can connect with others, gain business-critical information and inspire their workforce, RenewableUK is presenting an array of virtual events. For more information or to register, click here.

Air and noise quality study will help inform Oxford City’s future environmental policy approach

Envirotec Magazine

The air and noise pollution data alongside traffic information obtained from roadside detection sensors will be used to better understand the relative contribution of traffic to overall pollution and to identify distribution of localised environmental pollution hotspots.

Policy 130

Green bonuses: How ESG criteria are increasingly informing executive pay

Business Green

Nearly half of FTSE 100 companies currently have an ESG measure in either annual bonus targets or long-term incentive plans, research from PwC has found. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are playing a growing role in determining executive pay, a new survey from PwC has found.

Earth911 Inspiration: Add to the Sum of Accurate Information


She … The post Earth911 Inspiration: Add to the Sum of Accurate Information appeared first on Earth 911. Here is the original: Earth911 Inspiration: Add to the Sum of Accurate Information. Today’s Earth911 inspiration is from American anthropologist Margaret Mead.


Unilever To Add Carbon Footprint Information on Packaging


Unilever, the industrial giant behind the Seventh Generation, Dove, Ben … The post Unilever To Add Carbon Footprint Information on Packaging appeared first on Earth 911. Read the rest here: Unilever To Add Carbon Footprint Information on Packaging.

Study: Informed investors opt for sustainable funds

Business Green

Virtual investment experiment from CISL suggests providing investors with information on environmental impacts leads to increased demand for green funds

13 Smart Strategies For Keeping Remote Tech Workers Informed

Forbes Green Tech

Technology has eased the borders of how and where we can work, but clear communication still remains central to making it work

Staying Grounded: Using Vegetation Indices to Inform Carabid Beetle Conservation

Ideas 4 Sustainability

Originally posted on SCIENCE FOR SUSTAINABILITY : Large parts of China are covered by steppes: more than 40% of the country’s terrestrial surface exhibit different types of grassland. In these ecosystems, carabids constitute one of the most abundant beetles. These carabid or ground beetle communities do not only depend on the biotic and abiotic characteristics of…

Plastics for Change backs India?s informal workers to divert plastic waste

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, June 2 – Recycling company Plastics for Change sources landfill- and ocean-bound plastic waste from informal workers through a tech platform designed to ensure fair prices for the collectors.

Water companies pledge to share more information about sewage overflows

Business Green

Government and water industry taskforce vows to establish a long-term goal to eliminate harm from discharges of sewage that occur during and after periods of heavy rainfall.

International Conference on Electrical Energy, Transportation, and Information and Communication Technologies (EETICOMM)


10 Considerations When Developing A Bot To Filter Sensitive Information

Forbes Green Tech

Using a bot to filter sensitive business information? Here are some important things to consider before you automate


Twin reports offer B.C. government timely advice to inform a resilient recovery

Clean Energy Canada

government timely advice to inform a resilient recovery appeared first on Clean Energy Canada. VICTORIA — Dan Woynillowicz, senior associate at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the B.C.

Why Silicon Valley is taking a big interest in trees


Carbon Removal Forestry Information Technology EntrepreneurshipForest data startups such as Pachama and Silviaterra can help the biggest players in tech tackle their emissions.

Manila’s informal settlers face relocation to give way to massive bay clean up


The Philippine government has begun the process of relocating more than 200,000 families living along waterways to restore Manila Bay, the main body of water in the capital

Meaningful information is catalysing urban action on climate change

Business Green

Being able to gather and present information in this way offers multiple other benefits too. It also enables non-data specialists in the public sector to tackle issues, such as waste disposal and emissions, that they would have struggled to have had actionable information on in the past.

Reflections on Davos: Who solves ‘wicked problems’?


Digitalization Information Technology Liquid Assets Water Conservation Water Efficiency & Conservation water scarcityYou know the answer.

Seven ways to inform better decisions with TCFD reporting


Seven ways to inform better decisions with TCFD reporting Steven Bullock Mon, 09/28/2020 – 00:00 This article is sponsored by Trucost, part of S&P Global. Each can apply TCFD reporting intelligence to inform better decisions in different ways.

Who's the biggest force in corporate patents for climate-related innovations?


Information Technology Innovation Innovation Practical MagicHint: It's probably not a Silicon Valley startup.

Better Trash Collection for a Stronger Recovery: Solid Waste Management as a Pillar of Urban Change

The City Fix

Solid waste workers have been indispensable to protecting cities around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their heroic examples, from India to Vietnam to Latin America, have helped cities keep moving. But a critical alignment of factors is making their. Continue reading on

Waste 89

Why this cold storage warehouse operator warmed up to artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence Energy & Climate Information Technology Technology VERGE 19

Comprehensive Green School Information and Resources 2010 - 2018

Green Market Oracle

These efforts contribute to the growth of a well informed population, a sustainable economy and ultimately a healthier planet. Here is a year by year summary of GMO's Green School Series from 2010 to 2018 which includes links to articles covering everything you need to know about sustainable academics, student eco-initiatives, green school buildings, and college rankings as well as a wide range of related information and resources.

Coronavirus, the stay-at-home workstyle, and cloud energy consumption


COVID-19 Energy & Climate Information Technology Practical Magic Wind Power Energy EfficiencyBetween video calls, collaboration applications and streaming services, data centers are working overdrive.

Energy 427

How GPS mapping and satellite technology help reduce deforestation


Cargill Cocoa Farming Data Forestry Information Technology Sponsored Supply Chain DeforestationSponsored: Technology can play a critical role in identifying risk and accelerating progress to reduce cocoa-related deforestation in Africa.

How accelerates social good with artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence Corporate Social Responsibility Information Technology Purpose and People

This startup is helping universities and companies embrace circular asset management


Circular Economy Information Technology Sharing EconomyIt aims to scale the sharing of equipment and supplies across industries — and make the "multi-usiverse" happen.

SAP’s simple, sensible contribution to sustainability


Circular Economy Information Technology Innovation ocean plasticOften, the best technology innovations are the ones that are virtually invisible.

No more heavy metals? New IBM battery chemistry research could address mineral sourcing concerns


Breakthroughs Information Technology manufacturingThe design is free of cobalt, an increasingly controversial material. Plus, Mercedes-Benz is involved in the next phase of testing.

'Flexible work is here to stay': O2 and Carbon Trust launch green savings calculator to inform flexible working policies

Business Green

We are dedicated to helping businesses move towards a more sustainable future by creating tools to inform strategic decisions," he said. "Re-imagining

The key to climate progress in the digital age


Climate Change Information Technology On the VERGEIt will take these ingredients: unprecedented transparency, intelligent systems, mass collaboration and mixed reality feedback.