High-tech greywater reuse for exclusive residences

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A next-generation smart greywater-recycling system has been installed at a residential development in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. The Greywater on Demand system from SDS. Ultrafiltration greywater technology. The apartment at 80 Holland Park.

Water recycling technology delivers cash savings

Envirotec Magazine

SDS Greywater Reuse System. The SDS Greywater on Demand system can pay back in as little as seven years, says the firm, although actual return on investment will depend on the size of the system and the local Water Company charges.


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Inspiring Eco homes

The Environmental Blog

Greywater collection. Eco homes don’t just save energy consumption and the wildlife around them. They can also improve the health and wellbeing of those living in them. Before you embark on building an eco-home, ask yourself why you want to be eco-conscious?

Sponsored content: Caravan park gets a sewage treatment overhaul

Envirotec Magazine

Blockfree also installed pump chambers to bring all greywater from the serviced pitches to the treatment plant area. An aerial view of the caravan park site.

How Golf Courses are Becoming More Eco-Friendly

The Environmental Blog

Most groundsmen have switched to a greywater system for irrigation on the green and at times they allow grass to die and regenerate in the colder months. When you think of eco-conscious establishments, you would think that a golf course fits in right among the greener sporting facilities. Unfortunately, golf courses have been criticized for disrupting eco-systems by using pesticides and chasing away unwanted critters on the course. Royalty Free Photo.

Redesign your home for healthier, resilient living

Greenability Magazine

This is a great place to consider installing a greywater valve system that diverts water from your washing machine drain to your garden. Note that greywater cannot be diverted from toilets, kitchen sinks or dishwashers.

In the Expo

Green Technology

In geographies where rainwater is less abundant, greywater (gray water) can be an excellent source for harvesting. Wahaso greywater harvesting systems collect water from showers and sinks and other “gentle” uses that can be safely and effectively treated for many non-potable uses. This week’s look at exhibitors for the 2017 Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit includes solutions for clean air, water harvesting and building envelopes. Camil US.

Event - Expo 2020 Dubai UAE: Sustainability Pavilions

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Smart use of water: Innovative irrigation techniques, including a greywater recycling system, aim to reduce water use in the landscape by 75 per cent. At Expo 2020 Dubai creating a better world is in your hands. Expo 2020 Dubai will host the world for 173 days.

Peers sought to build urban resilience platform

Envirotec Magazine

The harvested rainwater can also be repurposed for irrigation and greywater domestic use. Nature-based urban resilience infrastructure in Milan, Italy.

California drought requires water rationing


Officials are now urging residents to use greywater from other house chores to water their gardens. Millions of California residents risk lacking water for essential use in the near future if they do not start rationing it now. Over six million residents of Southern California are called upon to cut their water usage, following a once-in-a-millennium drought that has lasted longer than expected, driving the water levels in reservoirs to historic lows.

We, The Army, Are Prepared For The Last War


drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and greywater?—?as

Eco-friendly housing redefines Tanzanian urban architecture


Catchment systems harvest stormwater during the rainy season, while greywater is treated using a biogas digester plant to make it potable.

Recycled shipping containers make up this off-grid retreat


Greywater is similarly diverted and filtered. When homeowner Rosie dreams, she dreams big. Yet her home is anything but. Totaling only 60 square meters, her off-grid home is made from shipping containers, creating an environment that transports her into nature. Dubbed Ahurewa, the home sits in a protected area of New Zealand’s Mahakirau Forest Estate. Rosie was able to buy a 23-acre parcel of land in the preserve following the sale of her home in Auckland.

Schools Expo Offers Diverse Experiences

Green Technology

Wahaso provides design-build commercial and institutional greywater and rainwater harvesting systems. The Expo at the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit offers hands-on exposure to a wide range of products and services. Photo by David McNew). The annual Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit , which comes to the Pasadena Convention Center November 28-29, is designed to provide resources to support sustainability programs in California schools.

Belgium’s new timber community center centers modular design


The Edegem community center features timber construction with gardens , solar and heat pump systems, and a greywater system. Marc Koehler Architects designed Edegem, Belgium’s newest community center, as a symbol of sustainable design to represent this city south of Antwerp and its commitment to restoring the city for a sustainable future. It includes a library, community center, book cafe and exhibition space.

Off-grid home threads through a South African riverine forest


Greywater , stored separately, also gets processed for reuse. When a nature-loving elderly couple tapped South African architecture firm Frankie Pappas to design their new home, they requested a residence with minimal site impact.

Meet E.C.HO, Milan’s greenest hotel


Bed linens are made from natural fibers, and greywater is recycled to irrigate plants. Milan’s new eco-friendly hotel boasts green practices, gorgeous spaces and a convenient location right by the train station. Starhotels Group’s E.C.HO — which stands for Ecological Contemporary Hotel — is designed to be a calm, nature-inspired oasis within a big, energetic city. The hotel’s most striking features include the use of glass , natural light, earth tones and plants.

Cool, California ranch house in San Francisco is a sustainable gem


The home also has an integral greywater harvesting system that reroutes rainwater to be used to flush toilets and irrigate the landscaping. San Francisco-based firm Malcolm Davis Architecture has managed to combine the cool vibe of Cali design with the energy-saving principles of sustainable living. Their latest design is a modern ranch home that was built using reclaimed materials and boasts several active and passive strategies that reduce the home’s environmental impact.