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Greywater collection. Eco homes don’t just save energy consumption and the wildlife around them. They can also improve the health and wellbeing of those living in them. Before you embark on building an eco-home, ask yourself why you want to be eco-conscious?

How Golf Courses are Becoming More Eco-Friendly

The Environmental Blog

Most groundsmen have switched to a greywater system for irrigation on the green and at times they allow grass to die and regenerate in the colder months. When you think of eco-conscious establishments, you would think that a golf course fits in right among the greener sporting facilities.

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Event - Expo 2020 Dubai UAE: Sustainability Pavilions

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Smart use of water: Innovative irrigation techniques, including a greywater recycling system, aim to reduce water use in the landscape by 75 per cent. At Expo 2020 Dubai creating a better world is in your hands. Expo 2020 Dubai will host the world for 173 days.

In the Expo

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In geographies where rainwater is less abundant, greywater (gray water) can be an excellent source for harvesting. Wahaso greywater harvesting systems collect water from showers and sinks and other “gentle” uses that can be safely and effectively treated for many non-potable uses.

Schools Expo Offers Diverse Experiences

Green Technology

Wahaso provides design-build commercial and institutional greywater and rainwater harvesting systems. The Expo at the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit offers hands-on exposure to a wide range of products and services. Photo by David McNew).