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A major benefit of building an eco-home from scratch is that you can design it to keep itself warm or cool. Greywater collection. Eco homes don’t just save energy consumption and the wildlife around them. They can also improve the health and wellbeing of those living in them.

Cool, California ranch house in San Francisco is a sustainable gem


San Francisco-based firm Malcolm Davis Architecture has managed to combine the cool vibe of Cali design with the energy-saving principles of sustainable living. The operable glass doors and ultra-large windows provide optimal cross ventilation for natural cooling throughout the home. The home also has an integral greywater harvesting system that reroutes rainwater to be used to flush toilets and irrigate the landscaping.


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Senior home builds a social and eco-friendly community


Corridors that lead to the living spaces are open, thus allowing light and breezes to brighten and cool the interiors. The housing complex features solar panels on the roof and uses greywater harvesting for irrigation.

Schools Expo Offers Diverse Experiences

Green Technology

Everywhere you look, at retail and office buildings, you see a rooftop unit (RTU) for ventilation, heating, and cooling. Separating important ventilation from heating and cooling systems makes so much sense from a thermodynamic perspective. Wahaso provides design-build commercial and institutional greywater and rainwater harvesting systems.