Top 3 Reasons to Go Solar Now


Thinking of Going Solar? You're Not Alone If you are thinking of going solar like thousands of Americans looking to catch a break from the rising rates of the utility companies, you may ask yourself; when is it a good time go solar? At Sunrun we believe the time is now.

Upcycling shipping containers - CPH Containers provides affordable quality housing for students

Green Tech Challenge

Every year Maersk alone needs to get rid of 60.000 - 80.000 shipping containers that have become too worn out to safely function for shipping purposes. Discarding this amount of shipping containers, that are primarily made out of corten steel, is an enormous waste of resources.

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9 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Helped Climate Action Make Headlines in 2016


The global movie star helped climate action get some much-needed attention in a year dominated by news about politics. The post 9 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Helped Climate Action Make Headlines in 2016 appeared first on Climate-KIC

Hybrid Airship Being Readied for Flight


The “world’s largest aircraft,” the Airlander 10, is being readied for flights to begin later this year. The Airlander 10 is a massive hybrid aircraft that combines helium lift, aerodynamic lift, and direct thrust for flight.

The Top 5 Green Cities of the World

Living Green Technology

Last year was the fourth edition of the Global Green Economy Index GGEI. The index uses quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure the green economic performance of 60 countries and 70 cities and how experts assess that performance.

The downside of cheap gas

Martin LaMonica

Earlier this year, the Energy Information Administration announced that the U.S. now pollutes more from transportation than the electricity sector. Embedded in this dry government statistic is a host of complex questions, not least of which is how the U.S.

I’m Using Up 3–9 Planets.

Earth Gratitude

I’m Using Up 3–9 Planets. At the rate I’m consuming, I’m using up 3–9 planets, according to the carbon footprint calculator at Earth Day Network. This was surprising to me because over the last 14 years, I have reduced my energy and consumer habits dramatically. ·

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Green Roofs and Fireworks

Green Roof Technology

Green Roofs and Fireworks. Practically all dry organic materials are combustible at relative low temperatures. R oof shingles or many waterproofing membranes on roofs are typically petroleum-based products (including Asphalt) and there is hardly any difference to dr y organic. materials. Some products are equipped with chemical fire retardants that could decrease the risk of spreading fire, unfortunately not the risk of leaks cause by heat and impact.

UK Climate Diplomacy Staff Cut Again as Post-Brexit Links to Trump and US Deniers Strengthen


Read time: 3 mins With Donald Trump set to become the President of the United States, the international climate change political scenery has shifted. The president-elect’s stance on “quitting” the Paris Agreement seems to have softened in recent days.

Is Solar Worth It?


You may have heard stories about how people are saving money each and every month on their energy bills by going solar. But you have to ask yourself, is solar worth it?

The Benefits of Going Solar


What Are The Benefits of Going Solar? From cost savings, to positive environmental impacts, and energy security we cover everything you need to know when it comes to the benefits of going solar with Sunrun. If you would like a free home solar quote, contact us today.

How to Choose the Best Home Solar Panel Installation Company


So you are seriously considering installing a solar panel system in your home. Solar technology offers you many advantages, because it’s cost effective and qualifies for tax breaks.

Have you heard of the Super Food Moringa?

Green Tech Challenge

In Green Tech Challenge we love companies who want to make the world a better place. One of our participants sets out to do exactly this. They provide farmers in the Philippines a sustainable livelihood and the world with a super food to get healthier.

MATE Bikes raising more than 2.900.000 USD on INDIEGOGO!

Green Tech Challenge

This is definitely going to sound like an advertisement, but we are not sorry. Say hi to MATE bikes, participant in the GTC 2016! MATE Bikes is crowdfunding at INDIEGOGO right now. If you want to cash in a whopping 70 % discount on their bikes: Hurry up!

Fighting food waste – Meet GTC participant “Too Good To Go”

Green Tech Challenge

We’re proud to announce that we have received over 70 applications for this year’s GTC. As you read this, we’re selecting the 20 participants for 2016.

Awapatent to guide the startups in Green Tech Challenge 2016

Green Tech Challenge

Green Tech Challenge – we make green business good business A central part of making green business good business is making sure that the green startups have the intellectual property rights to their technology.

GTC Alumni Kicking Ass on KickStarter

Green Tech Challenge

Looking back, we were always certain that the boys from Organic Basics would see a fair amount of success. We first encountered the team at an event co-hosted by the American Embassy in Copenhagen. When they pitched in front of the investors, everyone was laughing at the witty, yet convincing pitch.

Flow Batteries for Household Power Storage


Residential power storage options are starting to get more competitive with a flow battery being introduced to the market in Australia. Flow batteries have been something we’ve looked at for grid-scale storage , and the research into the technology has been making advances.

Osmosis Power Is Off the Table Now


Not every energy technology that is explored is going to lead to a successful new power industry. Osmosis power was one of the more unusual technologies we’ve come across.

Using Metals as Carbon Free Fuel Alternatives


Researchers are exploring the novel idea of using metals as fuels. This is not some new, exotic science-fiction material, but rather plentiful, ordinary metals such as iron that could be used in a novel way for storing and transporting renewable energy.

Still Plugging Electric Cars at NAIAS 2016


Nobody is trying to save the planet with green cars anymore. The days of green cars being featured at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) seem to be over. Gone are the days of rainforest themes and bamboo floors and ostentatiously placed recycling bins.

Solar As An Alternative Energy Source


Why Choose An Alternative Energy Source? Are you wondering why our country should even consider an alternative energy source when we’ve relied on the power of fossil fuels for hundreds of years, those used to make the coal, oil and gas that powers cars, factories and homes?

These 12 Powerful Stories Show How Electric Cars Gained Traction in 2016


It is game over for fossil fuel-powered cars and only a matter of time before electric cars overtake traditional vehicles in the global market. The post These 12 Powerful Stories Show How Electric Cars Gained Traction in 2016 appeared first on Climate-KIC

The 8 Most Spectacular Climate Action Documentaries of 2016


Looking for some inspiration during the holiday period? If you’re a fan of climate change-themed documentaries, 2016 has been a treat. Whether you’re a fan of climate science, innovation, space flight or even cartoons, this year had it all.

New Google Tool Turns You Into a Deforestation Analyst in Just Minutes


By downloading free open-source software, you could be using data from space to monitor global deforestation and land-use in general in just a matter of minutes. The post New Google Tool Turns You Into a Deforestation Analyst in Just Minutes appeared first on Climate-KIC


The EU’s Clean Energy Mega-Plan: This Week’s 11 Biggest Climate Stories


Other stories in this week's State of the Planet press review include: European VCs invest in electric flying cars, Germany makes climate change a G20 priority and public transit's rise in pop culture.

Is Recycling Your Company's Electronics Good for Your Bottom Line?

Living Green Technology

Recycling keeps getting bigger and bigger in general, and has seen tremendous growth in electronics in particular. In 2010, approximately 3.5 tons of electronics were recycled in the USA, with more than 62% of that coming from PC and IT-related equipment.

Waste 52

What is E-Waste and Why Does It Matter?

Living Green Technology

Electronic waste is commonly referred to as e-waste, and is used to describe electronic products that are unwanted, obsolete, and/or aren’t working properly anymore. This has become a more common problem as technology has continued to innovate at an accelerated pace.

Seattle Recycling and Green Living News Round-up

Living Green Technology

It’s important to stay up to date with local news when it comes to recycling and green living! Local policy changes, lawsuits, and investigative studies can impact our lives and environment in a number of ways, unbeknownst to the general public.

Advantages of solar pv (photovoltaic) energy


Solar PV energy is clean energy One main reason to opt for solar energy is knowing you’re doing something good for the environment.

Are Solar Panels Worth the Cost?


It's no secret that renewable energy sources benefit not only homeowners, but also the community and the environment as a whole. Home solar panels help reduce your carbon footprint explains the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Learning to live with wildfires – it’s complicated

Martin LaMonica

The Tripod Complex fire of 2006 in eastern Washington. The worst experience I’ve ever had with wildfires was smoke impinging on a vacation to New Mexico. But for people who live in the western US, wildfires are a part of life.

Embracing Green - 3 Environmentally-Conscious Teams and Leagues in Sports

Living Green Technology

Sports by nature are big-footed when it comes to ecological footprint. At the same time, sports are extremely influential. So if we want the society to ‘green up,’ a good start would be greening up the sports teams.

Giving Thanks for Mother Nature on Spring Equinox.

Earth Gratitude

Giving Thanks for Mother Nature on Spring Equinox. Curbside Kids enjoying the fruit of Gansta Gardener Ron Finley. Photo (c) Ron Finley. Used with permission. Dear Friends, Happy First Day of Spring!

Soil 52

Living Green Technology's Battery Box for Recycling Household Batteries

Living Green Technology

NEW SERVICE! For only $30 we offer an eco-friendly option to disposing of your batteries. With this convenient service, residences across the U.S. can choose to go GREEN with our Battery Box.

The U.S. Navy‘s Great Green Fleet.

Earth Gratitude

The U.S. Navy‘s Great Green Fleet. On January 20, 2016, a sunny San Diego day with calm ocean waters and blue skies, the U.S. Navy made history with the launch of the Great Green Fleet ?—?a

How Efficient is Solar Power?


Layering solar cells Engineers can increase solar panel efficiency by adding layers to solar panels. These layers are made of materials that absorb other parts of sunlight that convert to electricity while, at the same time, allowing a good portion of sunlight to reach silicon layers underneath. This makes the overall construction of the panel more efficient without sacrificing the basic silicon panel.