Mon.Feb 22, 2021

7 Effective Ways to Make the Moving Process More Environmentally-friendly

U.S. Green Technology

Over the last couple of years, sustainability and environmental issues grew from something that was discussed only in select circles to the topics that dominate all aspects of our lives.

Aquaculture becomes a net-positive


Aquaculture becomes a net-positive. Heather Clancy. Mon, 02/22/2021 - 00:15. This article originally appeared in the State of Green Business 2021. You can download the entire report here.


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2021 Washington State Legislative Session Report- Week 6

CleanTech Alliance

Week Six Week six is now complete and the Legislature continues to move through the virtual legislative process. Monday was the policy committee cutoff, meaning bills must have been voted out of their policy committees in order to stay alive this session.

Policy 195

Bill McDonough at 70: A look back … and ahead


Bill McDonough at 70: A look back … and ahead. Joel Makower. Mon, 02/22/2021 - 02:11.

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5 Benefits Of Using Sustainable Cotton Calico Bags

The Environmental Blog

Living sustainably has become increasingly important nowadays since the environment is slowly deteriorating. The constant use of single-use plastic and immeasurable amounts of waste thrown away is a threat to nature and people’s health.

Harder but not impossible: COVID-19 and the Sustainable Development Goals


Harder but not impossible: COVID-19 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Alan AtKisson. Mon, 02/22/2021 - 01:00. In 2015, the world, acting through the United Nations, set in place a system of 17 very ambitious goals to guide humanity’s development toward sustainability through 2030.

How To Take Care Of Your Welsh Terrier Dog Breed

The Environmental Blog

Unlike cats, dogs are creatures of reaction and emotion. If they’re happy, you’ll be sure to see a wagging tail. If they’re in pain, they’ll certainly let you know with a high-pitched whine.

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Hyperloop desert campus imagines futuristic solar-powered oasis

Inhabitat - Innovation

Begum Aydinoglu of Pada Labs, Mariana Custodio Dos Santos and Juan Carlos Naranjo have been recognized among the 30 finalist teams for their Hyperloop Desert Campus design, a competition entry for a futuristic Hyperloop test center in last summer's Young Architects Competitions (YAC

Electric tanker ship to be powered by a 3.5 MWh battery pack


Cargo ships, powered by heavy fuel oil with a high sulfur content, are some of the largest and most polluting vehicles on the planet, so electrifying them could be very cost-effective in terms of reducing air pollution.

Endangered black-footed ferret is successfully cloned

Inhabitat - Innovation

Elizabeth Ann is the first endangered species in North America to be successfully cloned

Where are we with the safer nuclear option known as nuclear fusion?

Renewable Energy World

The world’s largest experimental nuclear fusion reactor is in development in Provence, southern France.

You can make this 3D-printed, bioplastic face shield at home

Inhabitat - Innovation

Designer Alice Potts is planning to release a template and recipe for 3D-printed face shields made with food waste

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GAC Group’s novel graphene-based battery tech will debut in a vehicle this year


Graphene, a crystalline allotrope of carbon, is reported to be a better electricity conductor than copper, 200 times stronger than steel, and six times lighter. Metal oxides can be attached to its surface to improve its energy storage functions.

SoilKit wins recognition through Lowe's small businesses program

Inhabitat - Innovation

Through the "Making It…With Lowe's" program, entrepreneurs around the U.S. had the opportunity to showcase their products and innovative ideas. One of these standouts is SoilKit, and the story behind the kit is just as interesting as the product itself

Virginia sets example for fair HOA solar policy Other states can look to the commonwealth as a guide, but the law is still not flawless.

Solar Power World

Residential solar contractors encounter plenty of speed bumps in the process from sales to installation, whether that’s tire-kickers, financing issues or logistical delays. Working with a client who lives in a homeowners association (HOA) subdivision could cost installers much more time and money.

Law 92

The Texas Polar Vortex Resurrects the Question of Fuel Diversity for the Decarbonized Grid


This article is not about which generating technologies caused the blackouts experienced in Texas and other Midwest states this week. However, these events can get us thinking about where the industry goes from here. We do know a few things already. First, the U.S.

Contractors Corner: Shine Solar

Solar Power World

Arkansas is an expanding solar market. Ranked 36th in the nation for installed solar in 2019, the state climbed to 25th in 2020. Some of that growth can be attributed to Shine Solar, a five-year-old installer headquartered in the state’s northwest corner.

Hawaii Is Ahead of Schedule for Renewable Power Adoption


The state of Hawaii instituted a mandate that 30 percent of electricity generation must come from renewable sources as of 2020. But the state's utilities have already exceeded that figure as they move toward a completely clean energy system.

Shahar Livne turns recycled ocean plastic into Balenciaga jewelry

Inhabitat - Innovation

Inhabitat caught up with Livne to hear more about the process and inspiration behind the project

I don’t believe renewables are the main cause for Texas blackouts

Renewable Energy World

Record low temperatures, including snow in Texas, have led Texas electric grid operator to ration electricity. Even before the winter event is done, misinformation is spreading that wind turbine blades froze, and hence, renewables are the leading cause for Texas blackouts.

Seed-stage is a bright spot as emerging market investors bet on the digital disruption

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, February 22 – Startup funding shriveled in most emerging markets last year as investors were reluctant to write big checks in the face. The post Seed-stage is a bright spot as emerging market investors bet on the digital disruption appeared first on Impact Alpha.

Explainer: Can satellite mapping really make agriculture more sustainable?


Can images from space help us achieve greener ways of growing food here on Earth

Lucid Motors Going Public In Merger With Churchill Capital Valued At $24 Billion

Forbes Green Tech

The funding move comes ahead of the release of the Lucid Air, a premium electric sedan initially priced at $169,000, in the second half of 2021.

Fragile cities are being inundated with people fleeing the impacts of climate change. How can they cope?


Multi-stakeholder partnerships that include displaced people in the process show promise for helping overwhelmed communities deal with an influx of climate migrants from rural areas

Vestas Ventures backs Modvion to create wooden wind turbines

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, February 22 — Vestas, a Danish manufacturer, seller and installer of wind turbines, recently launched a corporate venture capital arm to invest. The post Vestas Ventures backs Modvion to create wooden wind turbines appeared first on Impact Alpha.

Keeping trees in the ground where they are already growing is an effective low-tech way to slow climate change


Permanently protecting large, mature forests is a faster and cheaper way to stabilise Earth's climate than complex carbon capture and storage schemes, and more effective than planting new trees

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Promise raises $20 million to help people pay essential bills

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, February 22 — One out of every 10 Americans are struggling to keep up with their monthly bills as a result of. The post Promise raises $20 million to help people pay essential bills appeared first on Impact Alpha.


To maximize emission cuts, this Boston campus gets its power from the Midwest

Renewable Energy World

Boston University prioritized impact over location in deciding to buy electricity from a South Dakota wind farm.

Laser applications for structural components of EV battery pack (whitepaper)


Sponsored by TRUMPF. This whitepaper provides guidelines to select laser welding and cleaning equipment, as well as process control, in the context of battery box manufacturing for battery electric vehicles (BEV) in mass production.

GWEC: Nearly 30GW of new wind energy capacity was auctioned in 2020

Renewable Energy World

By Babalwa Bungane. Despite the economic and supply chain impacts felt across the world in 2020 due to COVID-19, the global wind energy industry has continued to power ahead and reach new records.

Resilient Infrastructure Group acquires renewable natural gas facility from Equilibrium Capital

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Feb. 22 – The Boardman, Oregon dairy manure to renewable natural gas facility was developed as a partnership between Equilibrium and Threemile Canyon. The post Resilient Infrastructure Group acquires renewable natural gas facility from Equilibrium Capital appeared first on Impact Alpha.

How corporations gave politicians permission to deny reality


Big companies donated to climate deniers in Congress — even while claiming to care about climate change. When those same lawmakers denied the results of the election, the bill came due

Opportunity Zones await makeover – and impact

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Feb. 22 – Tens of billions of dollars have been raised by opportunity funds. But most of the nearly 8,000 low-income opportunity. The post Opportunity Zones await makeover – and impact appeared first on Impact Alpha.

Lax Regulation Doesn’t Fully Explain Unsafe Buildings in African Cities: A View from Ghana

The City Fix

Incidents of building collapse are worryingly common in large African cities. One study counted 54 building collapse deaths and 122 injuries in Kampala, Uganda, between 2004 and 2008. Another identified 112 cases in Lagos, Nigeria, from 1978 to 2008.

COI Energy Cuts Buildings’ Power Consumption, Driven by Philosophy of Mutual Responsibility

Greentown Labs

From her childhood experiences to her company’s technology, SaLisa Berrien ’s life has a consistent throughline: our lives are shaped by the people around us, and collaboration is key to success. Berrien is from a small Pennsylvania town, where her family experienced energy poverty.

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India’s energy policy is key to the planet’s future


India must adopt a clean energy policy, a real industrial revolution, if the world is to slow the rising climate crisis

How Investors Can Play The One Clear Winner From Texas’ Electric Grid Collapse: Battery Storage

Forbes Green Tech

“If you want to overhaul the electric grid, you need copper. Copper is the oil of the clean energy economy.”.