Cosmos: Possible Worlds, Definite Message About Climate Crisis — CleanTechnica Interview


Cosmos: Possible Worlds unspools on Nat Geo TV Monday night at 8/7c with powerful messages about sustainable technology (among other things). Climate Change Interviews Research Science Ann Druyan Cosmos Cosmos: Possible Worlds Nat Geo

Who is indigenous? Millions may be denied land in India's Assam over definition


Assam's 2019 land policy seeks to allocate land to landless indigenous people—but does not specify who is indigenous

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Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire 40 Year-Old San Diego Roofing Company with $5 Million In Revenues


“This acquisition will provide a strong foundation to our strategy to “roll-up” solar/roofing companies in the Southern California market. In addition to the $5 million per year revenue stream, the company has a valuable database of present and past clients to whom we can cross-market our solar solutions


Nissan LEAF Goes On 230-Mile Fully Autonomous Drive


definitely needs the question mark in it, as, with autonomous driving, there are too many unknowns to make any definite comparisons. The title “Nissan Beats Tesla To The Post?”

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Shipowners float plans for $5 billion fund to catalyze low carbon shipping


Industry body insists it has 'definitely got the memo' on the need for urgent climate action. Biofuels Pollution Prevention Shipping & Logistics Transportation & Mobility

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Shipowners float plans for $5 billion fund to catalyze low carbon shipping


Industry body insists it has ‘definitely got the memo’ on the need for urgent climate action. Business Green biofuels bsr civic climate-action definitely-got holiday memo policy & politics verge 19Go here to see the original: Shipowners float plans for $5 billion fund to catalyze low carbon shipping.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. RAM 1500


This shows that Tesla brought a beast into the truck market that could definitely give RAM a run for its money. WheelsJoint has published a comparison between the Tesla Cybertruck and the RAM 1500.

Tesla Cybertruck: I Think I Get It Now (Analyzing Social Media In Light Of 146,000 Reservations)


At the conclusion of the reveal liveblog, I said, "It won’t win over a huge segment of the pickup truck drivers, but I can definitely see this selling well for the company," referring to the fact that it ticked the boxes I wanted it to tick for a contractor truck.

Unsanctioned Democratic Climate Change Debate Could Occur On TYT


For now, we can relegate the answers to the comment section, because any definitive proof for any of these explanations is lacking. The Democratic National Committee voted against holding a debate on climate change. Is the corrupting influence of the fossil fuel lobby forcing theses decisions?

Monday Motorbikes: The Gateway To Cool


Definitely the perfect vehicle for heading to the beach, or to work. I’ve had my eye on Monday since it first popped up on my Instagram feed. They’re cute. But they’re also cool. They’ve still got that vibe of the Puch 50 they’re modeled after. But they also have a modern feel, all black-clad.

Yes, The Mach-E Is A Real Mustang


Even people who weren't frightened were definitely looking my way, just in case. The closest people on the sidewalk jumped a bit. Two men on scooters abandoned their wheels, and exploded out of the bike lane onto the sidewalk.

Waymo And Cruise Vie For Supremacy In Murky California Self-Driving Data

Forbes Green Tech

Annual statistics for how infrequently humans need to take control of self-driving vehicles isn’t definitive but is encouraging


How To Get Started With Impact Investing


This article looks at the definitions of impact investing (SRI or ESG investing), and features apps that make it easier than ever before to start an impact portfolio.

A New Type Of Tesla Jewelry For Vehicle Access


Nonetheless, this story about a Tesla owner and his wife definitely needs to be shared. I love jewelry. I love creating it and I love wearing it and looking at it.

Shipowners floats plans for $5bn fund to catalyse low carbon shipping

Business Green

Industry body insists it has "definitely got the memo" on the need for urgent climate action

Which Is Safer For Transporting Crude Oil: Rail, Truck, Pipeline Or Boat?

Jim Conca

But it depends on your definition of worse - human deaths, property destruction or environmental impact. News of increased crude oil transportation by rail from Canada has raised this question again. The short answer is: truck worse than train worse than pipeline worse than boat.

Tesla Video Game Is Cool


My favorite part is zipping into the sky for a good view of the city on a definite non-Tesla vehicle.

Help From Manufacturers: Can You Provide Needed Products?

CleanTech Alliance

Definitions of what is included can be found here. Manufacturers are directed to one of three places on DES’ website: To arrange bulk donations of specified items please fill out this form and send it to If you have Personal Protective Equipment that can be made available, here is the Purchasing/procurement link. If you […]. Opportunities


Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Bulletin Jan 27

CleanTech Alliance

Topics will include definitions for “low-income,” “energy assistance need,” and “energy […]. Source: WA Commerce, Jan 27, 2020 Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) will convene a joint workshop on the low-income Energy Assistance Program on Jan. 28 On Jan. 28, the UTC and Commerce will hold a workshop on energy assistance [RCW 19.405.120]. Industry News Public Policy

Tesla’s Navigate On Autopilot — CleanTechnica Review


I genuinely hate driving through Tampa, and the most concise takeaway of this whole experience is that Navigate on Autopilot definitely made that task safer, easier, and less stressful. I don't have much opportunity to use Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot since I seldom drive on the Interstate.

Recent Deals – 15 April 2020

CleanTech Group

While markets are definitely sensitive to Covid-19, investment in sustainable innovation continues. If you’re looking for the latest cleantech deals, you’re in the.

Why Everything’s A Tesla Killer: Tesla Stuffing, For Science


For both Tesla fans and Tesla critics (including the extreme versions of both kinds of Tesla-interested people), there's definitely one thing all of us in and out of Tesla-dom can agree on: the "Tesla Killer" thing is getting old (even for a young brand like Tesla).

Reinventing Industry And Technology To Regenerate Nature

Forbes Green Tech

Yes, definitely … use your skills and go do it.” “Could we pay off our trillion-ton carbon debt? A conversation with Tom Chi, brilliant and celebrated Ex-Google exec, on reinventing industry, technology and society amidst the climate crisis

Will Electric Cars Rule The World In Time To Make A Difference?

Jim Conca

Electric vehicles are definitely growing around the world, and will top 300 million sometime around 2040. But that’s not enough. We need to be closer to 2 billion or we will not cut oil use enough to matter with respect to climate change or environmental issues. But there is hope

How to stay current on solar training while in COVID quarantine

Solar Power World

These are definitely uncertain times, but we at Solar Power World are going to continue to bring relevant news and advice to our solar community. Coronavirus has forced many of us to work from home and make the best out of a less-than-ideal situation. First, we must take care of the health and safety of… The post How to stay current on solar training while in COVID quarantine appeared first on Solar Power World. Featured

The Corporation, reimagined: Business is no longer about profit, say top CEOs

Business Green

Nearly 200 top US CEOs from The Business Roundtable set out new definition for the 'purpose of a corporation' that highlights the need for sustainable practices



Referrals Definition: Referrals come in all shapes and sizes: we love when they come from customers


Local Utility


Power Company or Local Utility Definition: The terms we use to refer to where consumers buy grid electricity

Energy Storage


Energy Storage: Definition When a battery stores power from a photovoltaic (PV) solar system. Breaking Down Energy Storage

Perplexing Accord & Camry Buyers … 7 Year Old Tesla Model S Battery Degradation … Old Nissan LEAF vs. New Tesla Model 3 — Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories in September


That said, if $100–200 a month is a dealbreaker for someone looking at these options, my opinion is that they definitely shouldn't be buying a new car at all.

ImpactAlpha’s Big 7: Stakeholders and fiduciaries, deadlines and accountability, impact and opportunity, deals and policies, Agent of Impact Derrick Morgan

Impact Alpha

Next up: New definitions of ‘fiduciary duty’ and ‘materiality’ (podcast).The TGIF, Agents of Impact! We’re taking a “Brief” break for the long weekend in the U.S. We’ll be back in your inbox Tuesday, Sept. The ImpactAlpha team Featured: ImpactAlpha’s Big 7 1.

Tastes great, less carbon. Climate-positive beer takes regenerative agriculture mainstream

Impact Alpha

Something’s definitely in the air, er, ground, when organic agriculture features in a Super Bowl ad. ImpactAlpha, Jan. 29 – Soil health is all the talk on the campaign trail in Iowa as well as on the slopes of Davos.

Solar as a Service


Solar as a Service Definition: The business model Sunrun pioneered in 2007. Solar as a service refers mainly to PPAs/leases/prepaid (i.e. not ownership


Solar Consultation


Solar Consultation Definition: Personalized solar energy consultation with Sunrun. Can be done in person (i.e. in the home) or over the phone and computer

Photovoltaic (PV)


Photovoltaic (PV) Definition: The solar panels we sell are photovoltaic devices, i.e. panels that are able to produce electricity from sunlight

Electric Bill


Electric Bill: Definition The bill that a local utility issues to a consumer for the electricity that their home consumes. Breaking Down Electric Bill

Kilowatt-hour (kWh)


Kilowatt-hour (kWh) Definition: Standard unit for electricity. Customers pay for electricity by the kWh. Analogous to paying for gas by the gallon

Free Whitepaper: Testing of complex autonomous vehicle designs


Key points covered in this AV resources: Comparison of dedicated short-range communications and C-V2X technologies Definition of AV Levels 0 to 5 Snapshot of radar technology from 24 to 77 GHz. Sponsored By Keysight Technologies.

Tesla Fans May Hate The Book 'Ludicrous' But Both They And Critics Should Read It

Forbes Green Tech

Even those that have followed the company for more than a decade will likely learn something and those with only a superficial view of Elon Musk will definitely learn a lot Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story Of Tesla Motors is a fascinating chronicle of the upstart electric vehicle manufacturer.



Megawatt Definition: A unit of electrical power equal to one million watts. These units are most commonly used in referring to the total output of energy production facilities like nuclear power plants and solar farms.