In Ahmedabad, India, Women Are Climate Leaders, Not Victims

The City Fix

During the summers, in the crowded informal settlement she calls home in Ahmedabad, India, Meenaben would lay wet jute on the floor and hay on the roof of her home to lower the temperature inside.

A geometric double roof promotes natural cooling at this Tropical Chalet


After three years of design and construction, Singapore-based firm G8A Architecture & Urban Planning has completed the Tropical Chalet, a naturally cooled home with a beautiful and functional “double roof facade.”


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Scientists look for the Holy Grail: The whitest paint ever


White roofs are one of those climate solutions that sound too good to be true. Compared to solar panels and electric cars, painting the roof of a building white is a suspiciously cheap, analog way to usher in a low-carbon future. That’s why it can cool below the ambient temperature.”

Sunlight-Reflecting ‘Cool Walls’ Can Save Building Owners Big Money, Study Says


sunlight-reflecting “cool walls” could save as much or more energy than reflective cool roofs. There's no formal universal definition of what constitutes a “cool wall," said Ronnen Levinson, study co-author and staff scientist at Berkeley Lab. cool walls could lead to annual HVAC energy costs savings of up to 11 percent for standalone retail stores, 8.3 This will help you find a cool paint, stucco or cladding for your building.”

California Art House switches up the norms of entertaining


Related: This rammed earth tiny house has a green solar roof Furthermore, the largest and newest structure is the Art House. The homes have a “cool roof” with heat recovery ventilation. The Art House, designed by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design, updated a classic 1920s California home into something thoroughly modern. Located in Palo Alto, California, the home adds three additional small structures on two adjacent parcels of land.

No waste, no carbon, no wonder this net-zero home breaks the mold


Additionally, a photovoltaic array on the roof generates solar power and is covered with a white cool-roof membrane. The windows are also triple-glazed and protected with deep roof overhangs.

The Invisible House is a reflective building that mirrors its desert surroundings


The building’s sustainability features include an efficient insulation system using a combination of closed cell “Cool Roof” foam and a hill-adjacent location protecting it from the sun.

New Energy Efficient Vanadium Material Looks Like Scotch Tape, Acts Like Planet Hero


Energy efficient buildings have a key role to play in decarbonizing the global economy, and a research team from Berkeley Lab is on the trail of a vanadium-based roofing material that can both deflect and absorb heat as needed.