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Earth911 Podcast: Oceanographer John Englander on Adapting to Sea Level Rise


Earth911 talks with oceanographer John Englander, author of the new book Moving to Higher Ground:… The post Earth911 Podcast: Oceanographer John Englander on Adapting to Sea Level Rise appeared first on Earth911.

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I thought most of us were going to die from the climate crisis. I was wrong

The Guardian: Energy

Many cities will have disappeared due to sea-level rise. Many people would be malnourished. Forests would be stripped back into savannahs. Island nations would be completely submerged. Climate refugees will be on the move. Normal” temperatures in many parts of the world would be unbearable.


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Seven ways to inform better decisions with TCFD reporting


A global energy company wanted to undertake a physical risk assessment to understand the firm’s potential exposure to climate hazards, such as heatwaves, wildfires, droughts and sea-level rise that could lead to supply chain disruptions and increased operating costs for the business.

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Glaciers are more than ‘frozen, sterile wastelands’


The University of Bristol professor decided to break that unspoken rule in her first book, Ice Rivers: A Story of Glaciers, Wilderness, and Humanity. “I In the book, which comes out in the United States this week, Wadham recounts three decades of her research expeditions all around the world.

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A conservative think tank just sent 8,000 teachers a new climate denial ‘textbook


This week, the organization sent copies of its book “ Climate at a Glance ” to 8,000 middle and high school teachers across the country, in order to provide them, it says, with “the data to show the earth is not experiencing a climate crisis.” But science education advocates aren’t too worried about the impact of the materials.

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Jordan Peterson’s New Online School Will Be Rife with Climate Crisis Deniers


According to DeSmog’s investigation, they include icon carver and YouTuber Jonathan Pageau, who has characterized fears about climate change as “secular apocalypticism,” as well as podcaster and author Michael Malice, who has said that projections of sea-level rise are “literally a religious belief.”

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Webinar: An Adaptation Blueprint for Communities

Green Market Oracle

Three panelists will talk about new examples of cities approaching the challenge of climate change in creative and innovative ways including transportation, to greening city buildings, to protecting against sea-level rise, to vulnerability assessments that help each community to identify their greatest risks and opportunities.