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A Theory of Everyone by Michael Muthukrishna review – the laws of life

The Guardian: Energy

You would not expect a book titled A Theory of Everyone to be anything other than bold, and Muthukrishna certainly delivers.

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Global Eco laws Grow but widespread failure enforcIng

Green Living Guy

First of all, the first-ever global assessment of environmental rule of law finds weak enforcement. All despite prolific growth in environmental laws and agencies worldwide. So expansion of laws and enforcement but doing nothing over Continue Reading. Mind you it’s a global trend!

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How Defra's post-Brexit statutory instrument spree could weaken UK environmental law

Business Green

Detailed analysis of more than 100 EU exit statutory instruments laid by Defra prompts campaigners to warn of 'significant governance gaps in the application, interpretation and enforcement of environmental law' post-Brexit. Ministers have insisted that the process was necessary to ensure continuity of environmental legislation.

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Gas Utility Sends Kid-Friendly Activity Books to Oregon Schools


The groups are represented by lawyers from Earthjustice and the Green Energy Institute at Lewis & Clark Law School. and to “make a poster, rap song, mini-book, or oral presentation” about one of the booklet’s “natural gas science facts or safety tips.”. It’s just the wrong message at the wrong time,” Rosen said. “I

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'Rushed law making': Businesses, campaigners, and the government's own watchdog unite against 'bonfire' of EU law

Business Green

Calls grow for a rethink of the controversial Retained EU Law Bill, amid concerns over threat to worker, consumer, and environmental protections. The Bill has become a cause celebre for arch-Brexiteers within the Conservative Party, who are keen to see the government bring an end to any EU influence over UK laws as quickly as possible.

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Biomass Lobby Makes ‘False’ Claims to Sway EU Law-makers


European law-makers are due to vote on a revised renewable energy directive next week, part of the EU’s Green New Deal to slash carbon emissions by 55 percent by 2030. The post Biomass Lobby Makes ‘False’ Claims to Sway EU Law-makers appeared first on DeSmog. They have sent MEPs a version marked with their corrections.

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Right to repair is on the way


In November, Massachusetts passed a resolution to bolster its 2012 automotive right to repair law — the first and only right to repair law on the books in the U.S. Despite its limited scope, the 2012 law led to a national standard for automakers and the recent resolution is expected to have similar effects.

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