Floating Nuclear Power Plants Could Save Numerous Lives

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Last month the Akademik Lomonosov, a first-of-its-kind floating nuclear plant built by Russian state nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, arrived at Pevek, a port town on the remote Chukotka Peninsula in the Russian Arctic. There, the plant is expected to provide power to about 100,000 homes. However, despite this promise, the Lomonosov has come under fire from anti-nuclear groups. A case in point is Germany, where anti-nuclear sentiment has long historical roots.

Sole US Nuclear Plant Under Construction Plods on Despite Virus Infections


The modern American nuclear power industry is not known for its punctuality, but the spread of a tenacious virus certainly doesn't help. Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power owns the largest stake in the project near Augusta, Georgia.


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New Estimates Predict a Lot More Renewable Power Growth in the U.S. Very Soon


power forecast , the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ( FERC ) has predicted major declines for fossil fuels and nuclear power alongside strong growth in renewables by 2022, according to a review of the data by the SUN DAY Campaign, a pro-renewables research and education nonprofit. Renewable energy sources are rapidly displacing uneconomic and environmentally dangerous fossil fuels and nuclear power — even faster than FERC had anticipated just a half-year ago.”.

Exelon to Split Generation Business from its Regulated Utilities


announced plans Wednesday to separate its financially challenged nuclear power plant fleet and other generation assets from its multistate regulated utilities business. Exelon Corp.

Germany Settles Nuclear Phaseout Legal Disputes for $2.9B


The German government has agreed to a multibillion-euro compensation deal with major utility firms on Friday over its ongoing nuclear energy phaseout. In 2016 and 2020, the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany indicated compensation for lost power generation was fair.

Demise of King Coal causes turmoil in Germany

Envirotec Magazine

A coal power plant in Lünen, Germany (image credit: Daniel Grothe , CC BY 2.0 The planned timeline for ending coal power generation in Germany could cause the country significant challenges as it battles to meet future electricity demand.

ComEd Bribery Scandal Clouds Picture for Exelon’s Illinois Nuclear Plants


Exelon may be forced to close its Illinois nuclear plants if state legislation is not passed to bolster their eroding financial prospects. Exelon's nuclear plants hang in the balance.

PG&E’s Latest Energy Storage Procurement Includes Fleet of Behind-the-Meter Batteries


part of Ontario, Canada-based Nexus Renewables, to deploy a fleet of batteries at multiple sites in PG&E service territory and provide them for grid services starting in August 2022.

Momentum Builds for UK Government to Self-Fund New Nuclear Plants


government unveiled its contract for difference with EDF’s 3.2-gigawatt Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in 2012, it proudly proclaimed that the arrangement proved new nuclear did not need direct subsidy. Sizewell C is the next active nuclear project in the U.K.

Hawaiian Electric Reveals Full List of Winners From Its Big Energy Storage Procurement


formerly 174 Power Global), a U.S.-based Bright Canyon has primarily invested in wind power projects to date, including ownership stakes in Missouri and Minnesota projects being developed by Tenaska.

The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


The falling costs of wind and solar power are pushing utilities to find ways to incorporate them into their long-range plans, even as they struggle to define what resources can be relied on to provide the dispatchable power they need.

Three-Quarters of New US Generating Capacity in 2020 Will Be Renewable, EIA Says


Energy Information Administration has confirmed what it and industry watchers predicted a year ago—that wind and solar power will expand on their already-large share of new U.S. gigawatts of wind power capacity to come online in 2020 surpasses 2012’s record of 13.2 The U.S.

Southern California Edison Inks Another Massive Round of Utility-Scale Battery Contracts


Monday’s new contracts includes 585 megawatts of lithium-ion batteries: NextEra Energy’s 325-MW Desert Peak project, Recurrent Energy’s 200-MW Crimson project, and 174 Power Global / Hanwha Group’s 60-MW Eldorado Valley project.

Contracts for Difference projects tipped to provide 10 per cent of Britain's electricity in 2021

Business Green

Latest update from Cornwall Insight on burgeoning renewables sector published days after solar and nuclear turn South West’s grid 100 per cent zero emission.

Con Edison Contracts Its Biggest Battery to Date in New York City


New York utility Con Edison has signed its biggest energy storage contract to date, a 100-megawatt/400-megawatt-hour lithium-ion battery project that will help balance a grid facing rising levels of offshore wind and other renewable power in the years to come.

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RWE Wants ‘Dignified’ End for Coal Plants as It Storms Ahead With Renewables


German utility RWE confirmed plans Thursday to build another 4 gigawatts of renewables by 2022, expanding the scope for its annual investments into wind and solar. In total, RWE will spend €5 billion by 2022 growing its renewables portfolio, with 20 percent earmarked for Germany.

Xcel Targets $1.4B in Wind and Solar Investments, Outlines Broader Carbon-Reduction Goals


They include a $750 million investment in repowering four wind projects to add a collective 650 megawatts of generation capacity and $650 million to install 450 MW of solar near one of the coal power plants of a Minnesota state fleet it has pledged to retire by 2030.

'Stuck on the starting line': Is the UK lagging behind Europe in the race for clean steel?

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Nor will the need for steel abate, according to the ECIU, as railways, wind turbines, and nuclear power stations - core elements of a green national infrastructure - all require vast amounts of the material.

Japan Mulls Nuclear Revival Not Even 3 Years After Fukushima

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If there was one thing that seemed certain in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown in 2011—the worst atomic accident since Chernobyl—it was that nuclear power in Japan and the rest of the world was in major trouble. Japan, which before Fukushima had generated 30% of its electricity from nuclear, eventually took all of its 50 commercial reactors offline to pass new safety tests.

Microchip Giant TSMC Signs ‘World’s Largest’ Corporate Renewables Deal — for Offshore Wind


Ørsted has signed what it calls the world's largest corporate renewables power-purchase agreement to supply 920 megawatts of offshore wind power to Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC, a key supplier to Apple.

Enel Subsidiary to Close Coal Capacity in Spain


Coal power is no longer competitive in mainland Spain, according to Enel subsidiary Endesa, as the company plans to shut all of its coal-fired generation capacity on the Iberian peninsula. gigawatts of “traditional thermal power.". “This structural situation has determined that mainland coal-fired thermal power plants are not competitive, and therefore their operation in the electricity generation market is not foreseeable in the future.”

Looming Grid Shortfall Prompts 2.5GW California Procurement Proposal


Specifically, it’s focused on Southern California, where a combination of nuclear power plant closures, natural gas system constraints, the coming closure of OTC plants along the coast, and projections of tightening conditions for capacity available for import from other states, has led state grid operator CAISO and utility Southern California Edison to project gigawatts of reliability shortfalls by 2021.

Can the US Catch Up in the Green Hydrogen Economy?


Experience with the roughly 25,000 fuel cell-powered forklifts in use in the U.S. will enable expansion to larger classes of vehicles, for example, and fuel cells being used for on-site power at data centers can serve as models for integrating hydrogen into large-scale generation.

Ameren Sets Goal of Net-Zero by 2050, Plots Major Wind and Solar Expansion in Midwest


GW of nuclear, 820 megawatts of hydroelectric and 13 MW of solar. Ameren Illinois doesn’t own generation; it acquires generation resources through a procurement process managed by the Illinois Power Agency or through retail electric suppliers. Ameren has joined the ranks of U.S.

California Demands 3.3GW of New Resources by 2023 to Meet Looming Grid Shortfall


California regulators have approved a 3.3-gigawatt "all-source" procurement that will pit new renewables, energy storage, demand response and other clean resources against natural gas-fired power plants in a race to meet what could be a major shortfall in grid capacity in the next four years. gigawatts by 2022. Each will need to procure half of their total by 2021, 75 percent of it by 2022, and all of it by 2023.

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Utilities Propose First Regional Grid-Balancing Market in Southeastern US


Clean energy groups warned, however, that any new regional power market must be organized in a transparent way to avoid undermining state-by-state efforts to boost clean power and reduce dependence on carbon-emitting power plants.

EDF charges up £110m Pod Point bid

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EDF Energy owns and operates a raft of energy assets in the UK, including a gas and coal power station and several wind farms, in addition to developing Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset in partnership with China's CGN.

After Rapid Success in Japan, Moixa Prepares for International Storage Push


It has a headstart on many of its competitors having started work on virtual power plant (VPP) trials back in 2013. The transition from nuclear is significant so there are a number of factors in Japan that mean the economics of behind the meter storage are greater,” Daniel explained. ” Last month the Japanese car giant has brought forward its plans to switch to manufacturing electric-only cars from 2025 to 2022. Moixa, the U.K.-based

Nuclear question: Are new avenues opening up for the UK's hydrogen roadmap?

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The energy industry's interest in low carbon hydrogen is building fast, and the nuclear industry reckons it could yet have a crucial role to play. The roadmap also emphasises the role that advanced modular reactors (AMRs) could play in powering green hydrogen production.

California’s Shift From Natural Gas to Solar Is Playing a Role in Rolling Blackouts


Electricity demand for air conditioning throughout the region stretched California's power capacity and limited the state's ability to import power from nearby states. and has secured commitments from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, U.S.

Global Briefing: EU set to push for more stretching 2030 climate target

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Poland accelerates coal phase out, pushes for nuclear and offshore wind. It said the new energy facilities would create 300,000 jobs, adding that Poland's coal power reliance would fall to an 11-28 per cent share of country's electricity mix by 2040.

UK infrastructure plans 'unfit for net zero', green groups warn

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The report warned that without action the investment gap is set to grow to £13.5bn a year by the end of 2022. As the government gears up to release its National Infrastructure Strategy, Green Alliance warns current plans will not nearly suffice.

Solar, Wind Tax Credit Extensions and Energy R&D Package in Spending Bill Before Congress


But the tax-credit extensions contained in the bill could provide a significant boost for the primary federal incentive structure for wind and solar power by extending the expiration dates set by Congress late last year. Solar power will get $1.5 Nuclear power will receive $6.6

An Inside Look at a Groundbreaking Solar-Storage Procurement in California


First, it’s one of the largest-ever efforts to aggregate distributed energy resources (DERs) at a scale that can help California’s power grid meet its capacity needs.

How Long Will Coal Remain King in India?


” Achieving India’s target to deploy 450 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030 is critical if the country is going to succeed in displacing coal generation on the power grid as overall energy consumption grows. Last fall, Indian power minister R. Notably, Power Minister R.K.

Global Briefing: Coronavirus crisis will have 'negligible' impact on emissions without green recovery, study warns

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Climate Home News reported this week on plans from India's Power and Renewable Energy Ministry to imposedutires of up to 25 per cent on solar modules and 15 per cent on cells imported from China and Malaysia. Study: China accounts for over 90 per cent of planned global coal power capacity.

Everything you need to know about the UK's landmark Energy White Paper

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Overall it paints a hugely complex, but largely holistic picture for how the UK generates, manages, and uses heat and power, as it strives to deliver on its net zero emissions goals. Nuclear projects - large, small, and fusion - are part of the net zero vision.

Can the EU's Taxonomy end greenwashing in the financial sector?

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It paves the way for a new Taxonomy Regulation which, due to come into force from 2022, will set out the framework and environmental objectives for the Taxonomy, while also establishing new legal obligations for financial firms, large companies, the EU and its member states.

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Global Briefing: EU emissions fall but SUVs drive up transport CO2

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per cent in 2019, largely thanks to the ongoing decarbonisation of the heat and power industry through the bloc's emissions trading system (ETS), European Environment Agency (EEA) shows. GWEC: Global wind power surge requires half a million new workers.

Coal Miners Doubt Promises of an Inclusive Energy Transition


After years of fighting for health care and pension plan protection with limited success, the union leader said coal miners are skeptical of campaign promises to support their flagging industry as coal is phased out of the power system. Power plants that use steam coal continue to close at a rapid pace. Unless lawmakers come up with a solution, the union expects around 100,000 beneficiaries will lose their benefits around 2022.