Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm has safely produced renewable energy since 2007

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What Were Europe’s Oil Majors Doing When GTM Launched in 2007?


It’s 2007. A look at BP’s 2007 annual report shows that seven years deep into its “Beyond Petroleum” rebrand, it was still searching for a differentiator. By the end of 2007, the U.K. This will be my final piece for Greentech Media.

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EDP Renewables’ Lone Star I Wind Farm Celebrates 15 Years of Renewable Energy Production in Texas

Alternative Energy Mag

The 200-megawatt Lone Star Wind Farm has safely provided renewable energy since 2007, powering the equivalent of more than 86,000 average Texas homes annually

'I Am a Plastic Bag' is made from recycled single-use plastic bottles

Inhabitat - Innovation

Following the sold-out success of “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” in 2007, designer brand Anya Hindmarch has launched a new product, called "I Am a Plastic Bag" aimed at recycling single-use plastic and leaving behind a net-zero carbon footprint from production

Acts, not ads: Eco ad agency founder on how to make sustainability communications genuine, fun and lucrative


Ben Peacock launched Republic of Everyone, an advertising agency that specialises in sustainability, in 2007, after recovering from testicular cancer and the death of his brother-in-law

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How Vape Waste Generates Single-Use Plastics?

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The prevalence of these products started around 2007 only […]. Vaping is doing very well as a fun activity. No wonder the craze of users towards this activity is entirely considerable. Undoubtedly, it can impress with its experiences.

Breaking NEWS :GLOBAL CLEAN ENERGY INC. Finalizing Due Diligence to Acquire Waste to Fuels Facility


Since its inception in 2007, Global Clean Energy, Inc. has focused on the waste-to-fuel market, including the development of a pyrolysis reformation system with the goal of Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy (RESCUE). The synergies between the existing facility and GCE align perfectly. This will allowing GCEI to deliver on its RESCUE mission," stated Steven Mann, president of GCEI

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How using space tech helps humanity move toward a sustainable future today

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A National Forest Law prohibits lumbering in these areas adopted at the end of 2007.

Contractor’s Corner: Carolina Solar Energy Utility-scale solar developer uses empathy and education to secure community buy-in.

Solar Power World

The company was founded in 2004 by Richard Harkrader, who worked to bring the first Renewable Portfolio Standard legislation to the state in 2007. Carolina Solar Energy is a utility-scale solar pioneer in its home state of North Carolina.

Carbon pricing works, and this proves it


The figure below shows countries that had a carbon price in 2007 as a black triangle and countries that did not as a green circle. Carbon pricing works, and this proves it. Paul Burke. Tue, 09/01/2020 - 00:45.

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Lone Star I Wind Farm in Texas Celebrates Its 15 Year Anniversary

Green Living Guy

The 200-megawatt Lone Star Wind Farm has safely provided renewable energy since 2007, powering the equivalent of more than 86,000 average Texas homes annually.

Ecosystem Investment Partners closes fourth conservation fund at $455 million

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, February 10 – Private equity firm Ecosystem Investment Partners has been helping investors profit off of ecological restoration and conservation projects since 2007.

ONS: Total UK carbon emissions peaked 35 years later than conventional measures suggest

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Fresh ONS assessment of UK carbon impact shows that when imported emissions are taken into account UK emissions peaked in 2007 rather than 1972

Solar as a Service


Solar as a Service Definition: The business model Sunrun pioneered in 2007. Solar as a service refers mainly to PPAs/leases/prepaid (i.e. not ownership


People of the 10th anniversary Top Solar Contractors list: Sumit Bhatnagar, GreenBrilliance 

Solar Power World

The solar journey of GreenBrilliance started 14 years ago, in 2007. For the 10th anniversary of the Top Solar Contractors list, we’re sharing Q&A’s with the people who make the industry run every day. Read more interviews here. How’d you get started in solar?

People of the 10th anniversary Top Solar Contractors list: Edwin Perkins, Moss

Solar Power World

I was originally hired by Moss in 2007 to build high-rise buildings for the commercial side of Moss. For the 10th anniversary of the Top Solar Contractors list, we’re sharing Q&A’s with the people who make the industry run every day. Read more interviews here.

Award the Nobel Peace Prize to nature's protectors


Awarding the 2007 Nobel prize to the IPCC was instrumental in elevating that issue to the top of the global policy agenda. The same should be done to recognise the organisation that has done the most work on the crisis of biodiversity loss

Distributed Solar Development Unveils Custom Solar Canopy That Enabled MGM Springfield’s LEED Platinum Certification


The canopy will contribute to MGM’s stated goal of reducing carbon emissions per square foot by 45% by 2025, using a 2007 baseline. Built with U.S.-made made Nucor steel and a proprietary water management system, the 1.382MW solar canopy sits atop the roof deck of the MGM Springfield’s parking garage

Pulp producers pull off US$168 million Indonesia tax twist: Report


TPL and APRIL, two major pulp and paper producers in Indonesia, may have deprived the country of US$168 million in taxes from 2007 to 2018 by mislabeling a type of pulp that they exported to China, a new investigation alleges


£335: The Price of Tullow Oil's Environmental Failings — and a Boy’s Funeral


Read time: 8 mins Following a disputed presidential election at the end of 2007, violence broke out in Kenya that saw thousands of people displaced from their homes and left more than 1,000 dead.


2020 SEPA data shows impact of COVID-19 on Scottish emissions

Envirotec Magazine

This reduction continues the decreasing trend seen over the last 13 years, with an overall drop of around 60% since 2007. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has published its Scottish Pollutant Release Inventory (SPRI) data for 2020 following a cyber-attack in December 2020.

Recycling Mystery: Vapes and Vaping Products


When e-cigarettes, or vapes, came on the market in 2007, they were initially seen as… The post Recycling Mystery: Vapes and Vaping Products appeared first on Earth911.

Southern Company commits to net-zero emissions by 2050

Solar Power World

The company also reaffirmed its intermediate goal of a 50% reduction of GHG emissions from 2007 levels by 2030. Southern Company announced a new long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Even a small rise in temperatures could decimate North American forests


From 2007 to 2017, land-based ecosystems like the vast boreal forests of Canada and the Amazon rainforest removed roughly a third of anthropogenic carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

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5 Green Shipping Initiatives For A More Sustainable Supply Chain

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Maersk has been slow steaming since 2007, reducing engine load by 35% without any mechanical issues. Green shipping is the practice of transporting goods by ship using the fewest resources and energy possible in order to protect the environment from pollution.

A tale of two gigafactories…

Terra Infirma

AESC have been making EV batteries since 2007 so they know what they are doing – and have a history of partnering with Nissan. As the name suggests, an EV battery gigafactory is truly colossal with a price tag to match – we’re talking billions rather than millions. A couple of years a go a business associate asked me whether I would join with him to pitch our joint services to the proposed Britishvolt gigafactory in Blyth, just a few miles up the road.

Sponsored Content: Low energy mixers make the long haul

Envirotec Magazine

Installed in anoxic zones during 2007 at over 20 wastewater treatment plants, the Landia POP-I Flowmakers were seen at the time as the equipment that could offer the very best in performance and efficiency, as well as the most accurate, predictable, low-maintenance, whole-life costs.

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Steps some of the most sustainable countries are taking to protect our oceans

The Environmental Blog

In 2007, he served as the international patron of the UN’s ‘Year of the Dolphin’ programme, and is also the head of his own foundation aimed at safeguarding biodiversity and managing water resources. Marine conservation is vital. Our oceans cover around 70 percent of the earth’s surface. According to the Oceanic Institute, oceans make up around 99 percent of the available living space on the planet, and studies suggest they could be home to over 100 million species.

Louisiana regulators vote to end net metering benefits

Solar Power World

11 voted to end the one-for-one net metering program that has existed in the state since 2007, according to WWL. The Louisiana Public Service Commission on Sept. Existing rooftop solar customers will be grandfathered in for 15 years, but future solar customers will only receive the avoided cost, or about 3 cents per kWh, for… The post Louisiana regulators vote to end net metering benefits appeared first on Solar Power World. News Policy

New utility-scale solar needs far less land than a decade ago, LBNL says

Renewable Energy World

The sample included 736 plants totaling 35,482 MWDC (27,001 MWAC) that came online from 2007 to 2019 across 38 states. The sample includes 92% of the total universe of utility-scale PV plants in the United States that achieved commercial operations from 2007 to 2019.

Why corporate reporting isn’t a proxy for progress


From 1992 to 2007, I worked at the footwear and apparel company Timberland, which prided itself on being a force for social and environmental good. Why corporate reporting isn’t a proxy for progress. Ken Pucker. Mon, 04/19/2021 - 02:00.

Coal Is Uncompetitive. Why Do We Burn So Much?


That’s a 50 percent drop since the peak in 2007. America gets 20 percent of its electricity from coal. But if coal is becoming so economically uncompetitive, why does it still make up so much of our grid mix? This week: Coal is no longer king.

Canada risks missing out on fast-moving hydrogen opportunity: report

Clean Energy Canada

A Bank of America analyst recently compared the investment opportunity to that of smartphones before 2007. VANCOUVER — Hydrogen is getting people talking. Already, 18 economies comprising more than 75% of global GDP are developing and rolling out hydrogen strategies.

Former Volvo Trucks exec launches electric truck startup


In 2007, he was instrumental in making the Volvo plant in Ghent, Belgium, a carbon-neutral automotive plant. Patrick Collignon, former COO for Volvo Trucks North and South America, has launched a startup called Trova Commercial Vehicles.

Russian startup develops LNG- and hydrogen-powered off-grid EV charger


The company tells us that gasoline sales have been declining steadily since 2007, and combined sales of diesel and gasoline peaked in 2017.

[Article] Ventilation and IAQ in New California Homes

Home Energy

2007, and Offermann, 2009) that aimed to evaluate the potential indoor air quality (IAQ) impacts associated with envelope air sealing, and the potential to mitigate these through the use of mechanical ventilation systems. Starting in the mid-2000s, the California Energy Commission funded several research studies (for example, Price, et al.,

Parsing Panera's plan to nudge consumers toward low-carbon meals


In 2007, for instance, PepsiCo added a label to its Walkers potato chips noting that each bag generated 80 grams of carbon dioxide. Parsing Panera's plan to nudge consumers toward low-carbon meals. Jim Giles. Fri, 10/23/2020 - 01:00.

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New Chinese wireless charging standard incorporates WiTricity’s technology


The new GuoBiao (GB) standard relies on technology developed by WiTricity , an MIT spin-out that was founded in 2007. After years of development, China recently announced a new national standard for wireless EV charging. Wireless charging is expected to be an important enabler for autonomous vehicles, and standardization is critical to ensure that wireless charging is interoperable across different vehicles and charging equipment.

Silent Guardian: Drones without the Scare Factor

Cleantech Blog

The Denver, Colorado company, founded in 2007, isn’t the site of the next Evil Empire, and the drones which will eventually start going out the door (here or elsewhere, but not under their own power) are meant for peaceful […]. Over at Bye Aerospace, Inc., Founder George Bye and colleagues are designing drones. But don’t worry.


Two pioneers chart paths to energy justice


Speirs, a 2007 Yale University graduate who grew up in Hawaii, told a career-focused audience that she had never wanted to start a company because she'd grown up watching the damage that failing startups wrought on her father and on her parents' marriage.

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Europe, China Trigger Stunning Growth in Green Bonds Market


Green bonds, seen as a key way to fund low-carbon projects, have been subject to extraordinary global growth since they were first issued in 2007. A new European Commission study released on Friday (2 December) says the issuance of green bonds globally has risen from $2.6 billion during 2012 to $74.3 billion in 2016 so […]. The post Europe, China Trigger Stunning Growth in Green Bonds Market appeared first on Climate-KIC

Sponsored Content: Case study: Flow and monitoring for flood scheme

Envirotec Magazine

In 2007, around 64 properties reported flooding to Shropshire Council and an electricity substation caused a power outage to a large part of the town due to the flooding. The control structure at Shylte Brook, Much Wenlock.

Pine Gate inks $500m credit facility to fuel solar and storage project growth

Renewable Energy World

Founded in 2007, Fundamental invests in public purpose and community assets, including renewable energy.