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What Were Europe’s Oil Majors Doing When GTM Launched in 2007?


It’s 2007. With the exception of Total’s stake in SunPower, the trio was fairly quiet for 10 years post-2007. A look at BP’s 2007 annual report shows that seven years deep into its “Beyond Petroleum” rebrand, it was still searching for a differentiator. By the end of 2007, the U.K.

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Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm has safely produced renewable energy since 2007

Green Living Guy

The post Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm has safely produced renewable energy since 2007 appeared first on Green Living Consultants, Companies, Electric Car Expert, Green Living, Electric Car News, New York, California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Nevada. The 100-megawatt (MW) wind farm represents an estimated capital investment of $221 million.


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EVs are one step closer to becoming roaming grid batteries

Canary Media

In fact, he and his team of EV researchers at the university have been turning electric vehicles into grid batteries since 2007 , when they kicked off a first-of-a-kind experiment that’s since been replicated in V2G… University of Delaware professor Willett Kempton is a pioneer of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology.

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'I Am a Plastic Bag' is made from recycled single-use plastic bottles

Inhabitat - Innovation

Following the sold-out success of “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” in 2007, designer brand Anya Hindmarch has launched a new product, called "I Am a Plastic Bag" aimed at recycling single-use plastic and leaving behind a net-zero carbon footprint from production.

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Nissan’s Pioneering Move: Launch of the “X-Trail FCV” for Kanagawa Urban Transportation Marks a Milestone


made headlines on February 20, 2007, by handing over the "X-Trail FCV," a state-of-the-art fuel cell vehicle, to Kanagawa Urban Japan--Nissan Motor Co.,

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The U.S. Leads The World In Reducing Carbon Emissions

R-Squared Energy

Largest Declines in Carbon Emissions 2007-2022. Largest Increases in Carbon Emissions 2007-2022. Coal, Natural Gas, and Renewables Consumption 2007 to 2022. In 2007, coal had more than a 40% share of all power production, while natural gas held only a 20% share. The numbers are in million metric tons per year.

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Carbon pricing works, and this proves it


The figure below shows countries that had a carbon price in 2007 as a black triangle and countries that did not as a green circle. On average, carbon dioxide emissions fell by 2 percent per year from 2007 to 2017 in countries with a carbon price in 2007 and increased by 3 percent per year in the others.

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