Dow embraces circularity. and fossil fuels


Dow is looking to lead on the circular economy — not so much on moving away from fossil fuels. Circular Economy chemical recycling Dow GreenBiz 20 Natural Gas Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power

Stanford Scientists Find Climate and Health Impacts of Natural Gas Stoves

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Natural gas stoves release methane – a potent greenhouse gas – and other pollutants through leaks and incomplete combustion. The post Stanford Scientists Find Climate and Health Impacts of Natural Gas Stoves appeared first on Green Living Guy.


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2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun


2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun. In this strangest of all years, as the death toll mounts from a disease caused by human incursions into once intact ecosystems, we’re observing another death — the demise of fossil fuels. Natural Gas.

Why we shouldn’t abandon natural gas: Renewable natural gas shows promise

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Many climate activists and clean energy enthusiasts warn against the continued use of, and investment in, natural gas infrastructure, insisting it isn’t a substitute for clean energy. should not plan to maintain its current fossil-based natural gas systems indefinitely.

New Study: Thailand’s Natural Gas Reserve is Declining and More Renewable Energy is Key

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Renewable energy development is key for Thailand to cut its dependency on fossil fuel imports, as gas-based thermal power generation accounted for nearly 61.3%

A Global Database on Fossil Fuel Projects Goes Live


A new database cataloging the world’s oil and gas reserves reveals extensive data on the global fossil fuel industry for the first time. Data included in the registry suggests that simply burning through existing oil, gas, and coal reserves, would unleash more than 3.5

Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in the UK

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In a first for the United Kingdom, wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than their fossil fuel counterparts of coal and natural gas

Appalachia Does Not Need More Fossil Fuel Greed


A fossil fuel executive recently told Fortune , “Appalachia is the elephant in the room,” referring to the claim that demand for natural gas is rising, while supply in Appalachia and the United States is falling. Or are they working for fossil fuel executives?

Where Does the Natural Gas ‘Bridge’ End?


ABU DHABI — The role of natural gas is one of the stickier points of debate related to the global energy transition, and that debate was on full display here this month. Meg Gentle, president and CEO of Houston-based gas company Tellurian, argued that natural gas is a key driver of the energy transition and is already lowering emissions by replacing dirtier fuels like coal and oil. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the U.S.

Petronas natural gas chief: the world's dependence on fossil fuel is not easy to break


What is the Malaysian oil and gas major doing to reduce its carbon footprint? Eco-Business asked VP of LNG assets, Abang Yusuf Abang Puteh about the climate crisis, carbon capture, methane leaks and lobbying

U.S. Natural Gas Production Set A New Record In 2021

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Today, I want to cover the production and consumption of natural gas. In 2021, global natural gas consumption reached a new all-time high, surpassing the previous record set in 2019 by 3.3%. Natural gas is the cleanest-burning of the fossil fuels.

US limits international financing for fossil fuels in development banks, but leaves 'wiggle room' for natural gas


The Biden administration has opposed fossil fuels financing through multinational development banks — unless clean alternatives are 'unfeasible' putting pressure on China, Japan, and Korea, major backers of fossil fuel projects in Asia

Asia 66

EU wants to allow natural gas, nuclear in green investment

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BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union on February 2 proposed including nuclear energy and natural gas in its plans for building a climate-friendly future, dividing member countries and drawing outcry from environmentalists as “greenwashing.” Killed by Gas and Nuclear.”.

Is Natural Gas the New Coal?


Read time: 7 mins At a recent natural gas industry conference in Houston, Woodside Petroleum CEO Peter Coleman warned his colleagues to avoid the fate of another fossil fuel, according to trade publication Natural Gas Intelligence. “ We run the risk of being demonized like that other fossil fuel out there called coal.”. Tags: methane natural gas fracking finances UN Climate Summit ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM

Analysis: The Natural Gas Industry Is Trying To Deny How Affordable Renewable Energy Is


Read time: 10 mins Fossil fuel industry supporters and climate deniers are pushing a new climate falsehood when it comes to renewable energy: that natural gas offers a more affordable future.

Mapped: Europe’s Fossil Fuel-Backed Hydrogen Lobby


The UK government’s Hydrogen Strategy , launched in August, promises to develop a “thriving low carbon hydrogen sector” as a “key plank” of its climate plans, and the fuel was given pride of place at a “Hydrogen Transition Summit” hosted in Glasgow during the recent UN climate talks.

California grant money going to diesel and natural gas vehicles, not EVs


However, many may be surprised to learn that a substantial amount of this grant money has been used to subsidize fossil fuel-burning vehicles, in preference to EVs, and to promote the consumption of natural gas.

The European Investment Bank Has Quit Fossil Fuels. Now What?


So the EIB's confirmation last month that it would effectively end support for fossil fuels garnered widespread attention — as much for the signal it sends as for the additional impact the bank can make with the freed-up funds.

Global Infrastructure backs solar + storage developer, AES fossil fuel project

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In a separate deal, GIP made a $%175 million senior secured term loan investment in Group Energy Gas Panama S de RL, to finance the acquisition and construction of Generadora de Gatun, a 670 MW natural gas cogeneration power plant to be constructed in Colon, Panama.

The U.S. Maintains Its Natural Gas Dominance

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Today I delve into the data on natural gas production and consumption. had dominated global natural gas production until the 1980s, at which time it ceded the lead to Russia. Natural gas production had been in decline in the U.S. Natural Gas Consumption.

Drax Cancels Plan to Build Europe’s Largest Natural Gas Power Plant


Plans for a new 3.6-gigawatt natural gas power plant in the U.K. have been shelved by the developer Drax, highlighting the challenging economics of converting coal-fired power to a cleaner, but still fossil-fuel-fired, alternative.

Ex-COP26 President’s Role at Fossil Fuel ‘Astroturfing’ Firm Approved


Former UK Energy Minister and original COP26 President Claire O’Neill has been cleared to take up a role at a business consultancy known for running “astroturf” campaigns for fossil fuel companies, despite warnings from the body that approves such appointments.

The Greenwashing Files: Fossil Fuel Giants Accused of ‘Deceptive’ Advertising


Fossil fuel companies could face legal challenges over their misleading advertising, after a DeSmog investigation uncovered the extent of their “greenwashing” Environmental lawyers ClientEarth have put companies on notice with the publication of the Greenwashing Files.

Let’s say we stop burning fossil fuels. What happens next?


Way back before the Industrial Revolution — when we figured out that we could haul fossil fuels out of the ground, burn them, and use the resulting energy to power machinery on a massive scale — that CO2 figure was more like 280 ppm.

Innovation can help ensure hydrogen becomes B.C.’s new natural gas

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government’s recently released hydrogen strategy—a thoughtful plan to create and use clean hydrogen—contains an implicit acknowledgement: the world is moving away from fossil fuels and toward low-carbon alternatives. s natural gas industry? The B.C.

Russian firm to offer natural gas-powered EV charging in London


L-Charge’s “rapidly scalable off-grid ultra-fast chargers” use energy from locally-stored fossil fuels rather than the electrical grid. L-Charge has tested a mobile gas-powered charging station in Moscow, and plans to use this to offer on-demand charging in London.

The Future(s) of Fossil Fuels

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Fossil fuels, a vision of the future or something our children will see in history books? The energy markets, broadly taken to be fossil fuels and renewables, have seen significant changes over the past years. While it is expected fossil fuel demand will rise, the broad consensus amongst most outlooks is that the growth will eventually plateau due to energy efficiency and developments in renewables.

Report Attacks Industry Campaign to Fix Natural Gas’s Climate PR Problem


Read time: 10 mins A new report from advocacy group Food and Water Watch argues that fracking and continued reliance on natural gas is detrimental to addressing climate change.

NAACP Report: Fossil Fuel Industry Uses Deception to Conceal Damage to BIPOC Communities


The fossil fuel industry continues to use a long list of deceptive tactics to conceal environmental destruction that harms Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and low-income communities. That’s the top finding of a newly released NAACP report titled “Fossil Fuel Foolery.”

Revealed: Two Thirds of Online Posts from Six Major European Fossil Fuel Companies ‘Greenwashing’


Nearly two thirds of social media posts put out by six major European fossil fuel and energy companies since the end of 2019 present a “green” image of the company, despite the majority of their business activity remaining in fossil fuels, reveals new analysis by Desmog.

This City in Oregon is Making Moves to Ban Natural Gas in New Homes and Buildings


The City of Eugene, Oregon, initiated a process on November 17 that could lead to a ban on new natural gas hookups in residential and commercial buildings, following in the footsteps of dozens of other cities around the country.

California Moves to Tackle Another Big Emissions Source: Fossil Fuel Use in Buildings


The commissioners cited multiple complementary benefits as justification for the decision: greenhouse gas emissions reductions, the ability to soak up surplus renewable electricity, and grid demand flexibility.

Renewables Overtake Coal, Thanks To Natural Gas

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There are two interrelated reasons for this: The collapse of coal consumption over the past decade, which was fueled by the rise of cheaper alternatives. So, how does the consumption of renewables and coal compare to our consumption of petroleum, natural gas, and nuclear power?

‘Shame On You’: Indigenous Campaigners Demand JPMorgan End Fossil Fuel Finance


GLASGOW, SCOTLAND — Indigenous activists on Wednesday staged a protest outside JPMorgan Chase headquarters in central Glasgow as pressure on banks to halt oil and gas extraction grows. JPMorgan Chase is the world’s biggest financier of fossil fuels, according to environmental organisations.

Will upgrading fossil fuel infrastructure enable polluters or accelerate the path to net-zero?

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While the world waits for cost-effective and scalable long-duration energy storage to support the around-the-clock deployment of power generated by renewable sources, fossil fuels will continue to play a significant role in the energy mix to provide reliability to the grid and industries.

Rethinking Future Investments in Natural Gas Infrastructure


Cities and utilities across the United States are starting to reject natural gas — and not just for environmental reasons. San Jose, the tenth largest city in the country, recently joined a string of cities banning gas utility connections for new homes and buildings. Utilities in Florida and California recently made similar decisions to move away from gas in favor of renewable energy. Nonetheless, the rush to gas continues.

An FTI Consulting Presentation Pulls Back the Veil on Fossil Fuel PR


“We understand how the oil and gas sector works — we’ve worked in it, studied it, defended it and impacted the policy that regulates it,” a 2015 presentation delivered to the Tennessee Oil and Gas Association begins. “We oil and gas fields had dropped “considerably.”

Labor Helps Obama Energy Secretary Push and Profit from 'Net Zero' Fossil Fuels


climate and labor movements to create an equitable and decarbonized economy and move away from fossil fuels to address the climate crisis. Read time: 16 mins Progressive activists have called for a Green New Deal, a linking of the U.S.

‘Majority of Fossil Fuels Must Stay in Ground to Meet 1.5C Goal’


Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas are the source of just over 80% of the world’s energy. To avert catastrophic warming, the global community must rapidly reduce how much of these fuels it extracts and burns. Fossil Fuel Rationing.

The Pacific Northwest Has Defeated Dozens of Fossil Fuel Projects — But the Industry Still Wants to Quietly Expand


New large-scale fossil fuel projects have become mostly unworkable in the Pacific Northwest, with dozens canceled over the past decade due to fierce opposition from local communities. A few high-profile defeats for the fossil fuel industry stand out.

Climate Advocates Voice Concerns Over Fossil Fuel Handouts in Stalled Infrastructure Legislation


However, critics say that funding in both proposals will let the fossil fuel industry off the hook and allow it to create new infrastructure that is incompatible with meaningful climate action. ” Gas station near Grand Isle on September 22.

Fossil Fuel Tax Programs to Cut Emissions Lead to Lots of Industry Profit, Little Climate Action


The fossil fuel industry and its investors have financially benefited from tax policies and subsidies designed to reduce the emissions from oil, gas, and coal — sometimes without taking the action required to tackle climate change. We need to keep fossils fuels in the ground.

Indigenous Resistance Instrumental in Stopping High-Profile Fossil Fuel Projects, Says Report


The efforts of Indigenous peoples in North America have helped block or delay a long list of major fossil fuel projects over the past decade, successfully leading to the avoidance of a massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report.