Wind Power & Hydropower Race To Crush Coal For COVID-19 Recovery


With or without solar, wind power and hydropower are racing to crush coal for electricity generation as the COVID-19 recovery takes shape. Clean Power Hydroelectric Wind Energy Avangrid Electricity Energy Maine New Mexico PNM Rocky Mountain Power united states US wyoming

Exciting Technological Trends To Watch in Renewable Energy Sectors

U.S. Green Technology

Most of this, the EIA predicts, will come from solar, wind, and hydropower. The US Energy Information Administration projects renewable energy sources will provide nearly half of the world’s electricity within the next three decades.

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Clean energy investment set to hit $2.6 trillion this decade

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News Hydropower Wind Power SolarThe global energy supply is turning greener.

Envisioning the future of hydropower: What do you see?

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Technology and Equipment Environmental News Hydropower Business & Finance Energy Efficiency Hydro Industry News Wind Power SolarOn Tuesday, July 23 at the HydroVision International keynote, Vice President Marla Barnes asked the audience to close their eyes and envision their next vacation. Are you sitting on a beach? Are you packing your family into the car for a wild adventure? What do you see,” she asked.

Google spending billions on data centers in renewable energy rich regions

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Energy Efficiency News Hydropower Wind PowerAlphabet Inc.’s s Google said it would invest 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) to expand its data center infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Driven by China, global investment in clean energy falls

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News Hydropower Storage Energy Efficiency Bioenergy Wind Power SolarWorldwide investments in clean energy projects have hit a six-year low.

Renewable energy market employs 11 million in 2018 – IRENA

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News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalEleven million people were employed in renewable energy worldwide in 2018 according to the latest analysis by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

In quest for bigger batteries, California mulls pumped hydro

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News Hydropower Wind Power Grid Scale Storage SolarAs the sun sets on California’s solar farms, a backup energy source deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains springs to life.

FERC's data shows US renewable generating capacity has surpassed coal

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biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) has now - for the first time - surpassed that of coal. News Hydropower Energy Efficiency Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalAccording to an analysis by the SUN DAY Campaign of data just released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), U.S. electrical generating capacity by renewable energy sources (i.e.,

Solar Power = 60% of New US Power Capacity in June


Solar power keeps growing in the United States. of new power capacity added in the country was from solar power plants. was from wind power plants. was from hydropower. In the month of June, 60.1%

Forecast shows continued decline for coal

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News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalThe US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released its Short Term Energy Outlook for 2019 and we have summarized the key highlights for you below.

EPA finalizes Affordable Clean Energy rule, repeals Clean Power Plan

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule and simultaneously repealed the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Environmental North America Government and Policy News News Hydropower Storage Wind Power Solar GeothermalThe U.S.

FERC revises three-year forecast to reflect rapid growth of renewable energy

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Sharp declines are foreseen for fossil fuels and nuclear power while accompanied by even stronger growth in renewable energy (i.e., biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) than earlier projected. News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar Geothermal

New POWERGEN award program seeks inspirational women of excellent character

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News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalIn recognition of the widely acknowledged studies that show that organizations with gender equality perform better financially, this year POWERGEN International, along with partner UL, is launching a new awards program that seeks out women of good character.

Bloomberg predicts wind and solar will power half the world and bag $9 trillion investment

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Wind or solar now represent the least expensive option for adding new power generation capacity in approximately two-thirds of the world. North America Solar News Energy Storage Hydropower Europe Bioenergy Wind Power Emissions & Environment Australasia Asia Wind Energy Efficiency Strategic Development Geothermal

BlackRock unit aims to boost Asian renewables to $5 billion

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BlackRock Real Assets is aiming to boost its renewables power portfolio in Asia by as much as 10-fold as it seeks to keep pace with the world’s fastest-growing region for green energy. News Hydropower Wind Power Solar Project Development

Asia 63

Study: Fossil fuels are far less efficient than previously thought

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News Hydropower Storage Energy Efficiency Wind Power Solar GeothermalFossil fuels, long regarded for their high-energy return on investment, are not as efficient as once thought. In fact, their final yields are not much better than those of renewable options, according to a new study.

Democratic presidential hopefuls take on climate change, tout goals

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Bioenergy News Hydropower Wind Power Solar GeothermalEven as they touted ambitious proposals to reduce carbon emissions to a national audience, Democratic candidates for president tried to balance the boldness of their plans with the need for simplifying a complex scientific problem to make it palatable to voters.

Women are missing out on the clean energy job boom in America

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Bioenergy Hydropower Wind Power Solar Storage GeothermalWhile the industry is welcoming more women leaders, its rank-and-file workforce is still a lot like those at fossil-fuel companies: white and dominated by men. The lack of gender diversity is being driven by manufacturing jobs, and that means women are now missing out on the biggest jobs boom America has to offer.

Democratic debate 2019 takeaways

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News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalElizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders stuck together, Pete Buttigieg took the middle path, Marianne Williamson took on racism and Beto O’Rourke faded into the background.

Covering Climate Now signs on more than 170 news outlets

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News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar GeothermalMORE THAN 170 NEWS OUTLETS from around the world have now signed up for Covering Climate Now, a project co-founded by CJR and The Nation aimed at strengthening the media’s focus on the climate crisis.

The hydrocarbon era’s spectacular end

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Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Opinion & Commentary Solar GeothermalDustin Yellin, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based based artist whose intricate 3D photomontages adorn the likes of New York’s Lincoln Center, wants to draw your gaze to climate change. Not in a subtle way, either. He plans to stand an oil supertanker on its end in the ground—a structure soaring 1,000 feet into the air.

PJM looks to plug ‘leaks’ sprouting from patchwork of state carbon policies

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News Hydropower Baseload Storage Wind Power Solar GeothermalThe nation’s largest electric grid operator is grappling with how to prevent state climate policies from merely pushing emissions — and costs — across state lines.

U.S. announces changes to implementing regulations of the Endangered Species Act

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Environmental North America Government and Policy News News Hydropower Wind Power SolarSecretary of the Interior David Bernhardt has unveiled changes to the implementing regulations of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that Interior says is “designed to increase transparency and effectiveness and bring the administration of the Act into the 21st century.”.

It’s clean, powerful and available: Are you ready for hydrogen energy?

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The past 10 years have seen the rise (and dramatic cost reduction) of renewable energy such as wind and solar, to the extent that they are no longer considered alternative energy. News Hydropower Storage Grid Scale Energy Efficiency Bioenergy Wind Power Opinion & Commentary Solar GeothermalAs the world responds to the challenges of climate change, energy systems are evolving, and evolving fast.

BNEF: Energy to storage increase 122X by 2040

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According to the latest forecast by BloombergNEF (BNEF), energy storage installations (not including pumped hydropower) around the world will multiply exponentially, from 9GW/17GWh deployed as of 2018 to 1,095GW/2,850GWh by 2040. Energy Efficiency News Wind Power Storage Solar

Fantasy Energy League Draft follow-up: breaking down the first round

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In late 2018, I put out the call to see how many fellow energy nerds I could gather to indulge me in combining my passion for energy analysis and clean power policy with my love of fantasy sports. Hydropower Storage DER Bioenergy Wind Power Opinion & Commentary GeothermalBy the end of January 2019, I had my cast of characters who somehow thought this idea was as fun as I did (isn’t the Internet the greatest tool for finding people who share your interests?)

5 best solutions to gain access to energy services in a rural area

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Hydropower Energy. Hydropower energy is one of the most reliable forms of energy used all over the world. Hydropower energy is generated by converting the potential energy from the water flowing from dams, rivers and power plants into kinetic energy. Apart from lighting up a home and powering electrical home appliances , the excessive hydro energy produced can also be used to heat a home. Wind Power.

Ameren Missouri Looks to Harness Wind, Solar and Batteries With $7.6B ‘Smart Energy Plan’


million customers by 2025, adding nearly 700 megawatts of wind power, plus more solar and battery storage systems to boost rural reliability. A subset of that funding will go toward more advanced grid controls, such as sensors and switches to sectionalize circuits and reduce the scope of power outages. Missouri's lagging wind market. Unlike most utility grid modernization plans, however, Ameren Missouri’s plan also includes $1 billion for wind power.

New York?s Energy Transition (and Challenges) in 5 Charts


Grid operators around the world are unusually busy these days, but few have quite as much on their minds as NYISO, the independent system operator that manages New York state's bulk power system and wholesale energy market. New York state’s zero-carbon energy goals will require new transmission to carry upstate wind and hydro to downstate markets, plus a wave of new batteries and other balancing agents to balance the state's increasingly intermittent renewable mix.

Grain Belt Express Transmission Line Wins Key Legal and Policy Battles in Missouri


proposed transmission projects meant to carry Midwest wind power to eastern markets, is one step closer to completion after winning key court and policy battles in Missouri. It’s the latest victory for a project that will carry up to 4,000 megawatts of wind power in western Kansas to its endpoint in Indiana, and from there to the 11-state market of grid operator PJM. The Grain Belt Express, one of the biggest U.S.

Policy 100

Can the US Catch Up in the Green Hydrogen Economy?


Experience with the roughly 25,000 fuel cell-powered forklifts in use in the U.S. will enable expansion to larger classes of vehicles, for example, and fuel cells being used for on-site power at data centers can serve as models for integrating hydrogen into large-scale generation.

7 Transmission Projects That Could Unlock a Renewable Energy Bounty


transmission projects seeking to carry wind and solar power from where it’s most cost-effectively generated to where it’s needed the most. A growing number of states and utilities have set 100 percent clean-energy goals, with no obvious path to generating all that power close to home. Gateway West benefits from powerful backers with important local ties. Credit: Rocky Mountain Power). and Tucson Electric Power. Champlain Hudson Power Express.

The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


The falling costs of wind and solar power are pushing utilities to find ways to incorporate them into their long-range plans, even as they struggle to define what resources can be relied on to provide the dispatchable power they need. gigawatts of offshore wind and 2.7

Could The U.S. Automobile Fleet Run On Wind And Solar Power?

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with electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) power. on solar power would require a substantial amount of backup power or storage for when the sun isn’t shining. solar power generation has increased by a factor of 66. wind power generation, which started from a larger base at that time, has increased by a factor of five. gasoline demand could be displaced if all of the wind and solar power generation went into powering EVs.