NextEra Energy Sees Hydrogen As A Zero Emissions Alternative To Natural Gas


NextEra Energy will investigate using green hydrogen to replace some of the natural gas it uses to generate electricity. Clean Power Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Florida Power & Light green hydrogen Hydrogen NextEra Energy

Holy Floating Solar With Green Hydrogen Offshore Wind Farm, Batman


Green hydrogen is in the mix for a new offshore wind farm that will double as a demonstration site for emerging clean tech.

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Green Hydrogen Bubbles Up Under US Distributed Wind Scheme


The green hydrogen trend could get help from an international effort aiming to blow the distributed wind sector out of the doldrums. Clean Power Wind Energy distributed wind Electricity Energy green hydrogen Hydrogen IEA NREL pnnl united states US

For Green Hydrogen, Artificial Leaf Breathes Down Neck Of Electrolysis


Perovskite is working its magic on the green hydrogen field and breathing new life into the artificial leaf concept for popping clean H2 out of water.

BP Smacks Exxon Upside Head With New Green Hydrogen Scheme


Lightsource BP is looking to make a quick detour into the field of green hydrogen, which could rain all kinds of hurt on natural gas stakeholders.

Hydrogen Is Going To Lose The Race On The Rhine


Most people in the renewable energy ecosphere know that battery electric mobility is ahead of hydrogen fuel cell mobility. Many people are also aware that progress in battery technology is going faster than in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Head To Head: Nikola’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks vs. The Tesla Semi


Nikola Motor burst onto the scenes in a big way last year at Nikola World 2019, and we were there to take it all in. They showed off the new Class 8 Nikola Tre aimed at Europe and a full lineup of fully electric power sport vehicles, including the WAV personal watercraft.

The Allure Of A Hydrogen Economy Continues To Dazzle Some Researchers


Researchers at Northwestern University say they have a devised a new way of storing hydrogen and other gasses at lower pressure and less cost.

Secretive SoCal Startup Hyperion Teases Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Electric Supercar


Hyperion is looking to transform transportation from the ground all the way on up to space with its new hydrogen-powered technology. This week, the startup announced that it will be unveiling its first product -- a hydrogen-powered supercar -- next month via a live streamed event.

Lancaster, California Will Be Home To World?s Largest Renewable Hydrogen Plant ? Maybe


Lancaster, California has entered into a partnership with SGH2 Energy for a plasma furnace that will convert the city's recyclable trash into green hydrogen. Biomass Clean Power BYD city of Lancaster Hydrogen Mayor Rex Parris plasma gasification renewable hydrogen SGH2 Energy

Renewable Hydrogen “Gigastack” Monster Rises From UK Seas


Phase 2 of the UK's Gigastack renewable hydrogen project leaps in scale from a measly 5 megawatts to 100 megawatts all in one fell swoop. Clean Power Offshore Wind Energy Offshore Wind Farms Wind Energy Element Energy Hydrogen ITM Power Ørsted Phillips 66 renewable hydrogen

Renewable Hydrogen In The Heart Of Coal Country


Australia is the epicenter of a race between renewable hydrogen and coal to push natural gas out of the powerful global ammonia market. Clean Power Coal Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Australia Energy Hydrogen Renewable Energy renewable hydrogen

Renewable Hydrogen Sneak Attack On “Toughest Third” Of Global CO2 Emissions (#CleanTechnica Exclusive Interview)


Wind and solar power can sneak into heavy industry, chemicals, and other decarbonization-resistant sectors through the renewable hydrogen back door. Clean Power Green Economy Interviews Solar Energy Wind Energy green hydrogen renewable hydrogen

Renewable Hydrogen Battles For The Soul Of Hyundai


Hyundai giveth to renewable hydrogen with one hand and giveth to fossil hydrogen with the other, but it looks like green H2 will get the upper hand.

$64 Million Makes It Official: Renewable Hydrogen In, Natural Gas Out (Eventually)


New $64 million push for renweable hydrogen gives natural gas stakeholders yet another reason to reach for the Alka-Seltzer. Clean Power Fossil Fuels Natural Gas Solar Energy Wind Energy Electricity Energy Hydrogen renewable hydrogen

Using Formic Acid To Store Hydrogen


If all goes according to plan, formic acid energy storage could be the key to unlocking the sparkling green hydrogen economy of the future. Energy Storage formic acid Hydrogen Rice University

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Developing Hydrogen Production Technology


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has been working on the development of hydrogen and energy storage technologies for some time. One method under investigation is the copper–chlorine cycle, a process involving several steps to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water.

Hydrogen In, Fossil Fuel Out For Leading Steelmaker, Eventually


A new "green" hydrogen pilot plant in Austria aims at decarbonizing industrial processes, beginning with steel, with an assist from renewable. Clean Power Electricity Energy H2FUTURE Hydrogen Renewable Energy voestalpine

Renewable Hydrogen Will Drink The Fossil Fuel Milkshake


Renewable hydrogen from water is the end game, and fossil fuel stakeholders better hold on to their milkshakes as wind and solar power rise up. Clean Power Wind Energy Denmark Electricity Energy Hydrogen Ørsted Renewable Energy

Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand? One novel spin on emerging hydrogen fuel options is "clean hydrogen" made from trash. . Today, more than 95 percent of hydrogen is fossil-based and does not rely on renewables. Energy & Climate. Hydrogen.

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Perovskite Assist For Two-Way Renewable Hydrogen: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


The wonder material perovskite is the key to a renewable hydrogen device that can "split" water and convert hydrogen back to electricity on demand.

The truth about hydrogen, the latest, trendiest low-carbon solution


As misconceptions about the emerging tech abound, we can dispel common myths to encourage hydrogen's potential for decarbonization. Energy & Climate hydrogen Renewable Energy Rocky Mountain Institute

Green hydrogen could curb one-third of fossil fuel and industry emissions by 2050


That's according to a BloombergNEF report that calls policy support for the hydrogen economy "insufficient.". decarbonization hydrogen Hydropower Renewable Energy

Renewable Hydrogen News: Power-to-Gas Mania Hits Maine


Maine is not exactly a hotspot for renewable hydrogen activity right now, but a new power-to-gas project could change that in the blink of an eye. Clean Power Energy Storage Green Economy co2 emissions Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Electricity Energy Hydrogen Maine

Has green hydrogen’s time finally come?


Los Angeles is behind a two-phase, first-of-its-kind transformation that will turn a coal-fired power plant in Utah into one powered by green hydrogen by 2045. Cities Energy & Climate Power Operations Power Points Renewable Energy

How Researchers Are Making Hydrogen Cell Technology Affordable and Efficient

U.S. Green Technology

One of the most promising developments in green fuel alternatives is the hydrogen cell. Hydrogen cells, also called fuel cells, generate energy through. The post How Researchers Are Making Hydrogen Cell Technology Affordable and Efficient appeared first on U.S.

Hydrogen in China

CleanTech Group

During the summer, China’s Science and Technology Minister, Wan Gang, called for China to “look into establishing a hydrogen society.” China Energy & Power Hydrogen Energy Efficiency

Tiny New “Artificial Jellyfish” Taps Wave Energy For Carbon Capture


A new wave energy device that resembles a jellyfish achieves sustainability trifecta: carbon capture, clean power and renewable formic acid. Clean Power Marine Energy City University of Hong Kong Electricity renewable hydrogen Wave Energy

Carbon 396

Hydrogen 2020: Engaging with Innovation

CleanTech Group

This month, Europe unveiled its hydrogen strategy including: Plans increase production capacity six-fold by. Climate Change Energy & Power Energy Storage Hydrogen Renewable Energy Sources

Bloom Energy Soars After Launch Into Green Hydrogen Market


Shares of Bloom Energy surged nearly 40 percent on Wednesday, lifting the fuel cell maker above its initial public offering price for the first time since 2018, after the California-based company announced it would enter the commercial hydrogen market.

Interview with Sylfen, the Hydrogen Storage Start-Up and Recipient of #1000solutions Label

CleanTech Group

1000 Solutions Energy and Power Hydrogen Smart Grid Solar Impulse Foundation hydrogen hydrogen storage innovatorAddressing environmental challenges while enabling economic growth is the simple and compelling idea behind the Solar Impulse Foundation.

Lightyear’s Solar Car, New Prosun Solar Panel, US Auto Sales Collapse — CleanTechnica Top 20


A solar powered car — directly solar powered car, a new residential solar panel from Prosun, and the 496,000 unit collapse of the US auto market in the first quarter — those were the most popular stories on CleanTechnica last week.

More Solar Power To Drive The All-Electric Economy Of The Sparkling Green Future


Best friends forever: renewable hydrogen could help provide more bandwidth in the grid for millions of battery EVs due to hit the road in the coming years.

Europe’s Green Hydrogen Revolution Is Turning Blue


Green hydrogen may get all the headlines, but the prospect of it fueling Europe's future hydrogen economy on its own looks increasingly questionable. Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology scooping up the resulting CO2.

120 Gigawatts Of Energy Storage By 2050: We Got This!


The next generation of energy storage is set to go far and beyond the capabilities of today's Li-ion technology, as federal energy experts eyeball a goal of 120 gigawatts in storage by. Batteries Energy Storage Lithium-Ion Batteries Pumped Hydro Storage Hydrogen NREL

Energy 309

This Aircraft Is Powered With Electricity, & It Is Already Heading For The Skies


Aviation Biofuels Clean Transport Electric Vehicles biofuel co2 emissions Electricity Energy Hydrogen Safran VoltAeroWhile we're waiting for the plasma jet of the future, startups are already deploying electricity and biofuel to push fossil fuels out of aircraft.

Hydrogen as part of Canada’s energy transition

Clean Energy Canada

Through media briefs, we aim to provide journalists with useful factual and contextual information related to Canada’s clean energy transition. As Canada navigates the clean energy transition, cleaner technologies and solutions are attracting attention. What is hydrogen?

Massachusetts Expands EV Rebates To Nonprofits, Business Fleets


Massachusetts took a big step forward recently by include nonprofits and business fleets in the state's electric vehicle incentives.

So, What Exactly Is Green Hydrogen?


Far more unusual was the step taken last month by 10 major European energy companies and two of the continent's top renewable industry bodies, which joined up to launch a campaign touting a product that none of them actually sell. That product is renewable or "green" hydrogen.

5 Early Applications for Green Hydrogen


Few energy-related topics are getting as much attention at the moment as green hydrogen. Europe's biggest natural-gas infrastructure firm recently launched a new hydrogen business. A hydrogen economy in the U.S. Replacing existing hydrogen feedstocks.

Are Hydrogen Vehicles Set to Be a Regular Sight In the UK’s Car Market

The Environmental Blog

In the meantime, hydrogen power, a technology which at one point looked promising has fallen by the wayside. So does this mean that hydrogen-powered vehicles won’t ever make it to mainstream motorists? How does hydrogen power work? Hydrogen cars do not produce any harmful fumes.

Grant awarded for facility to convert waste plastic to hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

Hydrogen fuel pumps at a service station in Washington DC, USA: The fuel generated by the Ellesmore Port facility will be used locally to power transport. It has also recently signed (22 December) an Agreement to be acquired by partner company PowerHouse Energy Group.

Norway × Tesla & EV Evolution … True Fuel Efficiency … Goodbye, PHEVs — CleanTechnica Top 20


The most popular stories on CleanTechnica last week involved Tesla sales in Norway and Norway's EV market evolution, the efficiency of a battery electric car versus a hydrogen car versus a gasoline car, an explanation of why the plug-in hybrid phase should be exiting, and much more.