Hydrogen Production: Can we get to $1 Clean Hydrogen?

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Cleantech Insights Energy & Power Hydrogen Clean Hydrogen Green HydrogenLast week, the European Commission opened the doors to applications for the initial phase of a regional 40GW 2030 plan, targeting the installation.

How Are Hydrogen-Powered FCEVs Steering The Automotive Industry Towards Sustainability?

U.S. Green Technology

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are hydrogen-powered. Hydrogen production via electrolysis yields water vapor and air. Hydrogen is one of the alternative fuels listed under the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and has qualified for alternative fuel vehicle tax credits.


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Going green: The future of hydrogen energy

Renewable Energy World

By Bill Ireland, Logan Energy. Hydrogen is one of the energy solutions that can significantly address climate change and has a vital role to play in decarbonization. We must ask ourselves – does hydrogen have a wider future? Accelerating hydrogen activity.

Has green hydrogen’s time finally come?


Los Angeles is behind a two-phase, first-of-its-kind transformation that will turn a coal-fired power plant in Utah into one powered by green hydrogen by 2045. Cities Energy & Climate Power Operations Power Points Renewable Energy

The truth about hydrogen, the latest, trendiest low-carbon solution


As misconceptions about the emerging tech abound, we can dispel common myths to encourage hydrogen's potential for decarbonization. Energy & Climate hydrogen Renewable Energy Rocky Mountain Institute

Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand? One novel spin on emerging hydrogen fuel options is "clean hydrogen" made from trash. . Today, more than 95 percent of hydrogen is fossil-based and does not rely on renewables. Energy & Climate. Hydrogen.

Demand 347

How Researchers Are Making Hydrogen Cell Technology Affordable and Efficient

U.S. Green Technology

One of the most promising developments in green fuel alternatives is the hydrogen cell. Hydrogen cells, also called fuel cells, generate energy through. The post How Researchers Are Making Hydrogen Cell Technology Affordable and Efficient appeared first on U.S.

Major hydrogen initiatives underway at US Department of Energy

Renewable Energy World

DOE announces 52M for 31 hydrogen projects; issues RFI for projects to which Avangrid responds. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $52.5 Hydrogen is a clean fuel that—when combined with oxygen in a fuel cell—produces electricity with water and heat as by-products.

B.C.’s hydrogen strategy a first step in the global race to develop a clean hydrogen economy

Clean Energy Canada

VICTORIA — Mark Zacharias, special advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the British Columbia government’s announcement of a new hydrogen strategy : “Today’s announcement connects the dots to help establish B.C.

Hydrogen in China

CleanTech Group

During the summer, China’s Science and Technology Minister, Wan Gang, called for China to “look into establishing a hydrogen society.” China Energy & Power Hydrogen Energy EfficiencyGiven the Minister.

World’s first dedicated clean hydrogen investment fund launches

Envirotec Magazine

Hydrogen fuel dispenser at a transport refueling station in Aachen, Germany in January 2020 (image credit: Alexander Kirch / Shutterstock.com). A unique private infrastructure fund dedicated to delivering clean hydrogen infrastructure projects at scale has been launched.

Making clean hydrogen from sunlight: Texas group claims important advance

Envirotec Magazine

For decades, it has been a grail to use solar power to generate the key reaction for producing hydrogen as a clean energy source – splitting water molecules to form hydrogen and oxygen. Improving the way hydrogen is generated is key to its emergence as a viable fuel source.

Examining the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia

Renewable Energy World

Countries are slowly diversifying their energy portfolio by including hydrogen in their future roadmap towards a low carbon economy. Today, several global trends and activities distinguish the renewed focus on hydrogen from what has been observed in the past.

Water industry event discusses opportunity for hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

Hazer Group produces fuel-cell grade hydrogen from methane, with high-quality graphite as a by-product rather than CO2. At the event, Dr Jenifer Baxter, director for innovation and policy at Protium Green Solutions, gave a rundown of key insights into hydrogen for the water sector.

Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy?


Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy? And what energy product will be used both to power this city and sell to the world? It claims to be the world’s largest green hydrogen project — and more Saudi plants are on the drawing board. Green hydrogen? Hydrogen.

Green light for first hydrogen blending on a public gas network

Envirotec Magazine

The HyDeploy project will blend hydrogen with natural gas on a public gas network in Winlaton, Gateshead operated by Northern Gas Networks. hydrogen in the UK gas network after the project gathered extensive evidence to demonstrate the hydrogen blend will be ‘as safe as natural gas’.

October 2020 Hydrogen and Breakthrough Energy Storage Breakfast Recap

CleanTech Alliance

“Of all the applications for hydrogen energy, I’m most bullish on its marine applications,” said Andrew Coors at the CleanTech Alliance Virtual Breakfast Series, sponsored by Perkins Coie. On Wednesday, October 14, Andrew Coors, the CEO of Steelhead Composites spoke to nearly 100 attendees about the various applications of hydrogen and breakthrough energy storage in […].

China’s Hydrogen Society Beginning to Take Shape

CleanTech Group

China’s Hydrogen Society Beginning to Take Shape Last year, we detailed how China’s government had promoted ambitious plans for the development of a hydrogen economy and specifically, how the country’s Science and Technology. Cleantech Insights Energy & Power Hydrogen

Hydrogen 2020: Engaging with Innovation

CleanTech Group

This month, Europe unveiled its hydrogen strategy including: Plans increase production capacity six-fold by. Climate Change Energy & Power Energy Storage Hydrogen Renewable Energy Sources

New York announces initiatives to explore green hydrogen for decarbonization

Renewable Energy World

Cuomo this week announced that New York plans to explore the potential role of green hydrogen as part of the state’s comprehensive decarbonization strategy. In addition, the state will join the Center for Hydrogen Safety and the HyBlend Collaborative Research Partnership.

Canada risks missing out on fast-moving hydrogen opportunity: report

Clean Energy Canada

VANCOUVER — Hydrogen is getting people talking. Already, 18 economies comprising more than 75% of global GDP are developing and rolling out hydrogen strategies. The Task Force for a Resilient Recovery recommends allocating $1 billion to support Canadian leadership in clean hydrogen.

Bloom Energy Soars After Launch Into Green Hydrogen Market


Shares of Bloom Energy surged nearly 40 percent on Wednesday, lifting the fuel cell maker above its initial public offering price for the first time since 2018, after the California-based company announced it would enter the commercial hydrogen market.

Interview with Sylfen, the Hydrogen Storage Start-Up and Recipient of #1000solutions Label

CleanTech Group

1000 Solutions Energy and Power Hydrogen Smart Grid Solar Impulse Foundation hydrogen hydrogen storage innovatorAddressing environmental challenges while enabling economic growth is the simple and compelling idea behind the Solar Impulse Foundation.

BP and Ørsted Launch Green Hydrogen Partnership


BP and Ørsted will partner on a 50-megawatt electrolyzer in Germany in the first stage of a green hydrogen partnership. The project is BP’s first full-scale commercial hydrogen venture. BP uses the terminology clean, rather than green hydrogen.

Plug Power partnering with wind developer on PPA to energize green hydrogen production

Renewable Energy World

Fuel cell technology firm Plug Power and Apex Clean Energy are partnering on a 345-MW wind power purchase agreement and development of a green hydrogen facility driven by the zero-carbon electricity. Hydrogen News

Why Offshore Wind and Energy Giants are Chasing Off-Grid Green Hydrogen


The European Union wants to build 40 gigawatts of green hydrogen electrolyzers by 2030, and estimates that 80 to 120 gigawatts of solar and wind will be needed to power them. Taking hydrogen production off the power grid could be a win-win solution to these problems.

Liveblog: Hydrogen Pilot Heerema @Calandkanaal

Mr. Sustainability

Summary - As part of Heerema’s ambition to be carbon neutral , the potential of hydrogen for Heerema fleet and equipment is currently being investigated. To acquire knowledge on hydrogen usage and its supply chain, a small-scale pilot is performed in the Calandkanaal.

You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility


You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility. More broadly, expanding renewable energy further divides the pie, while increasing energy efficiency keeps the pie from growing or even makes it smaller. . Hydrogen? Let’s start with hydrogen. Hydrogen.

Hydrogen Gains Steam As a Competitive Fuel and Energy


Solar Impulse Foundation supports hydrogen growth and environmental protection

Coal to Green Hydrogen: Germany’s Energy Transition Summed Up in One Project


According to Clean Energy Wire , a local newspaper marked its first day of operations with the headline “Greetings From the Stone Age.” ” Now its next milestone could be as one of the first 100-megawatt scale green hydrogen sites in Europe.

How Siemens Energy Is Targeting the US Green Hydrogen Opportunity


Green hydrogen is both an untested and a potentially vital way for renewable-energy-powered grids to store their intermittent power for later use, not just for hours at a time, but for days, weeks or even seasons ahead. On Monday, Siemens Energy announced a U.S.

New €2.5B Green Hydrogen Steel Venture Unveiled


The facility will use green hydrogen to process the iron into steel, leaning on existing expertise in the region. One component of the green steel business case is access to Sweden’s ample renewable energy resources.

Do Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Make Sense for Cities?

The City Fix

Companies like Toyota, Nikola and H2X are doubling down on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and positioning them as alternatives to their more popular zero-emission counterparts, battery electric vehicles.

Government of Canada launches Hydrogen Strategy


Most automakers may have rejected hydrogen as an energy storage medium for passenger vehicles ( Toyota is the notable exception), but the technology may yet find applications for industrial processes, and in other forms of transportation such as aviation and shipping.

Saudi Arabia’s entrance into the hydrogen market makes perfect sense

Renewable Energy World

People are surprised and uncertain about Saudi Arabia’s plan to enter into a potential $700B global hydrogen market. Why the sudden pivot to hydrogen? But that’s where green hydrogen comes into the picture. Blogs Energy Efficiency Hydrogen

Chemicals Giant Ineos Targets the World’s Cheapest Green Hydrogen


It seems everyone wants to get in on the ground floor when it comes to green hydrogen. But chemical manufacturers could be a third class of big green hydrogen players. What path it takes could depend on the price of renewable energy as the deployment of new capacity continues.

Axpo to produce hydrogen at 43.4-MW Eglisau-Glattfelden hydropower plant

Renewable Energy World

Axpo plans to produce green hydrogen by building a production facility at its 43.4-MW Eglisau-Glattfelden hydropower plant on the Rhine River in Switzerland, the first of several hydrogen facilities Axpo will commission in the coming years. Hydrogen Hydropower News

Europe’s Green Hydrogen Revolution Is Turning Blue


Green hydrogen may get all the headlines, but the prospect of it fueling Europe's future hydrogen economy on its own looks increasingly questionable. Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology scooping up the resulting CO2.

Europe 208

5 Early Applications for Green Hydrogen


Few energy-related topics are getting as much attention at the moment as green hydrogen. Europe's biggest natural-gas infrastructure firm recently launched a new hydrogen business. A hydrogen economy in the U.S. Replacing existing hydrogen feedstocks.

China Can Help Supersize Global Hydrogen Economy, According to Shell


China could have a crucial role to play in the development of a global hydrogen economy, with its massive demand for decarbonization technologies likely to drive large-scale deployments that will help cut costs around the world, according to oil major Shell.

Hydrogen as part of Canada’s energy transition

Clean Energy Canada

Through media briefs, we aim to provide journalists with useful factual and contextual information related to Canada’s clean energy transition. As Canada navigates the clean energy transition, cleaner technologies and solutions are attracting attention. What is hydrogen?

Are Hydrogen Vehicles Set to Be a Regular Sight In the UK’s Car Market

The Environmental Blog

In the meantime, hydrogen power, a technology which at one point looked promising has fallen by the wayside. So does this mean that hydrogen-powered vehicles won’t ever make it to mainstream motorists? How does hydrogen power work? Hydrogen cars do not produce any harmful fumes.

Grant awarded for facility to convert waste plastic to hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

Hydrogen fuel pumps at a service station in Washington DC, USA: The fuel generated by the Ellesmore Port facility will be used locally to power transport. It has also recently signed (22 December) an Agreement to be acquired by partner company PowerHouse Energy Group.