TAUR Is Launching An Electric Scooter Built For The Road


Richard Adey, TAUR's CEO, has worked at the Tesla Gigafactory, where he focused on electric vehicle technology. The goal is to create a new and fresh electric scooter that can be driven on the road, safely.

NIU Electric Scooters — How Do They Stack Up?


NIU electric scooters: How do they stack up to the rest of the market? Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters China connected vehicles electric motorcycles electric scooters Niu niu electric scooters personal mobility

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Asambe Launches Electric Bicycle & Scooter Sharing Service In Zimbabwe


Asambe, a pan-African electric scooter & bicycle sharing and guided tour service company, launched its platform in Harare, Zimbabwe last week after a successful 6-month pilot.

Electric Scooter Racing Looks Freakin’ Awesome!


Bicycles Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters Alex Wurz electric scooter racing electric scooters eSkootr Championship Formula E Lucas Di GrassiThe "eSkootr Championship" may not beat The Last Dance, but it looks super exciting and worth getting a bowl of popcorn to watch.

Zoom Electric Scooters: First Impressions


Zoom Electric Scooters lent us one of its electric scooters so we could test them and see how they stack up in the growing world of EVs in all shapes and sizes. Clean Transport CleanTechnica Exclusive CleanTechnica Reviews Electric Vehicles Energy Efficiency Motorcycles + Scooters electric scooters Zoom

5 Trends Are Ushering In The Age Of Electric Vehicles: BloombergNEF


At the BloombergNEF Summit in San Francisco, California last week, BNEF's Colin McKerracher made a case for electric vehicles finally reaching the "end of the beginning" as businesses and consumers recognize and begin to embrace electric vehicles en masse.

The Bajaj Chetak Is Finally Back As An All-New, All-Electric Scooter


One of the most anticipated new bikes of the last few years is back -- meet the all-new, all electric Bajaj Chetak that's set to take on Vespa in Asia! Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters bajaj bajaj chetak electric motorcycles Asia electric motorcycles india India scooters

Scooters Have Improved, But They’ve Still Got Issues


For those of you who live in places with scooters on the sidewalks everywhere, this is probably old news, but my habit of living in the hinterlands does give me a unique perspective on the scooter phenomenon. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Green Economy Mass Transit / Public Transit Motorcycles + Scooters Policy & Politics scooters

Electric Deliveries Are Spreading Across Africa, Botswana Startup MyFoodness Adopts Electric Scooters On Its Routes


We recently shared Kenyan startup GreenSpoon’s move to embrace electric delivery vans and ABInBev’s South African Breweries’ addition of the Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter to its fleet. Well, now, on our travels to Botswana, we came across MyFoodness, which has been using electric scooters on its delivery routes since. Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Green Economy Africa Botswana electric scooters Gaborone Kenya MyFoodness South Africa Yadea

Better batteries are fueling a surge of electric scooters in India and China


But for electric vehicles to become mass market products, batteries need to improve. e-scooters Transportation & Mobility

CleanTechnica Is Jumping Onto Micromobility


Bicycles Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters Policy & Politics electric bikesharing electric scooter sharing Micromobility

254 MPH Voxan Wattman Is The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle


The all-new, super expensive, 367 HP, 254 MPH Voxan Wattman is now, OFFICIALLY, the world's fastest electric motorcycle!

Ola Electric Acquires Etergo, Dutch Company Behind Electric AppScooter


Today, Ola Electric announced that it has acquired Dutch-based electric scooter company Etergo, a company that CleanTechnica visited in late. Clean Transport CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive CleanTechnica Videos Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Green Economy Interviews Investment Motorcycles + Scooters AppScooter electric scooter sharing electric scooters Etergo Etergo AppScooter netherlands Ola Ola Electric

E-Motorcycle Webinar Recording & Recap


Miss the electric motorcycle webinar co-hosted by Forth and CleanTechnica on August 19? Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles EV Charging Motorcycles + Scooters electric motorcycles Forth

DPD Smashes EV Target 5 Months Early With Over 700 EVs


Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD), a UK delivery service, has smashed its EV goals 5 months early, with over 700 electric vehicles now on the road. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters DPD electric delivery bikes electric delivery vans electric delivery vehicles

After 6 Months With An Electric Motorcycle, This Kenyan Boda Boda Rider Says He’s Not Going Back To ICE!


6 month ago, he had the honour of becoming the first pilot for Ecobodaa’s electric motorcycle. Keffa Mwendwa has been a motorcycle taxi (Boda Boda) rider in Kenya for 12 years.

Interviewing Etergo’s CEO: What The Ola Electric Acquisition Means For Etergo, Consumers, & Investors


Clean Transport CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Green Economy Interviews Investment Motorcycles + Scooters Battery Swapping electric scooter battery swapping electric scooters Etergo Etergo AppScooter EV battery swapping Ola Ola ElectricYesterday we were all surprised to learn that Etergo has been acquired by the Indian company Ola.

The Waiting List For Rwanda’s Ampersand Electric Motorcycles Is Now At 7000!


Rwanda-based Ampersand wants to help all these motorcycle riders switch to electric and help them save money and the environment at the same time. Ampersand’s CEO Josh Whale gives us an update on Ampersand's progress in Rwanda.

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How Much Do Electric Vehicles Help in Reducing Pollution?

The Environmental Blog

The US is one of the countries with the highest number of motorized vehicles per capita, with a fleet of well over 250 million. Fortunately, there’s a new trend on the rise – that of electric vehicles (or EVs for short). Foregoing fossil fuels, these vehicles are charged directly through a power outlet, generating no harmful emissions, and offering savings in the long run, despite their higher initial price.

1.4 Million Riders, 22 Million Rides Per Day: Kenya’s Fascinating Motorcycle Taxi Industry Ripe For Electrification


Several startups have set out to providw a new avenue for motorcycle taxi riders to lower their operating costs, increase their earnings, and ultimately build some savings by switching to electric motorcycles.

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Micro Stores In South African Townships: Decentralization Can Promote Micromobility


Electric bicycles, scooters, and small neighborhood electric vehicles can find a ready market in such an environment. Bicycles Clean Transport Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles Micromobility South Africa

SolarTaxi’s Electric Motorcycles Charge Up Ghana’s On-Demand Delivery Market


Ghanaian startup SolarTaxi, an initiative started by Kumasi Hive through the partnership with the Mastercard Foundation in 2018, is scaling up its electric bike business.

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Segway Launches C80 Electric Moped — With Pedals!


Those pedals also allow the little two-wheeler to avoid a number of the costs and taxes that more powerful, motor-only electric scooters like the Vespa Elettrica or NIU NQi GTS are usually subject to.

Rwanda’s GURARIDE Looks To Jumpstart Africa’s Bikeshare & Micromobility Industry


Bicycles Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles Policy & Politics Africa Africa Bikesharing Bikeshares bikesharing congestion COVID-19 electric scooters GURARIDE Huye Micromobility Rubavu Rwanda Rwanda Bike Share Rwanda Electric bicycles Tour du Rwanda Traffic Jam

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Marlio Escobar Converts Vintage Motorcycles Into Custom Electric Motorcycles


Marlio Escobar wanted an electric motorcycle, but not an ugly, expensive one. He wanted a cool electric motorcycle that fit within his budget. So he built one. And he’ll build you one too.

Electric Motorcycle Webinar, Hosted by Forth & CleanTechnica on August 19


CleanTechnica and the transportation nonprofit Forth are co-hosting a webinar on Wednesday, August 19, dedicated to riding the lightning on electric motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Rewire Plan Suffers From Short Circuit


Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters Harley Davidson Rewire planHarley-Davidson is in desperate trouble as motorcycle sales worldwide have taken a tumble due to the coronoavirus.

The Silver Lightning Nails The World Record — True Cousins Rule The Electric Drag Bike World (Video)


The new Silver Lightning has claimed the throne as the fastest electric drag bike ever, beating the previous record at 6.94 seconds set in.

eSkootr Championship™ Announces Pioneering Technical Partnership Supply Deal with Williams Advanced Engineering


The Electric Scooter Championship (eSC) is delighted to announce that Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) will develop and supply the series’ first eSkootr model.

Ride The Lightning — An Interview With Susanna Schick On Electric Motorcycles


The nonprofit Forth and CleanTechnica are partnering on a webinar August 19 devoted to electric motorcycles, and CleanTechnica contributor Susanna Schick will be on the panel.

The Rise Of The Fully Electric Moped


Air Quality Bicycles Clean Power Clean Transport Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters electric moped electrify everything Juiced Scorpion moped

Interested In Ebike Markets, Design, & Disruption? Virtual Conference At End Of October


Michael Barnard will be speaking about innovative disruption to transportation and cities due to electric bikes. The three-hour per day conference, with convenient hours for most time zones, will feature industry experts from three continents.

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Putin’s Presidential Motorbike Will Be Electric, + 450 Electric Buses Now In Moscow


Russian President Vladimir Putin's next presidential motorbike escorts will be going electric.

Ride The Lightning: A Conversation With Zero Motorcycles


Electric motorcycles have come a long way in the last 10 years and exciting things are on the horizon. New models are coming out from big players and sales of e-motos are skyrocketing.

Electronia Brings Energica Electric Super Bikes To South Africa, Targets More Countries Across The Continent 


Vanderbijlpark-based Electronia is selling Energica electric superbikes in South Africa. The Modena- (Italy) based Energica is also the sole manufacturer in the Moto E Championship. Electronia is bringing the 21.5 kWh Energica EGO+, EVA RIBELLE, and the EVA ESSEESSE9+ models to South Africa initially, but plans to open up sales in other African countries soon.

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Harley-Davidson E-bike Spin-Off Riding Line Between Toxic Parent Brand & Supply Chain Needs


Bicycles Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles Green Economy Investment Manufacturing Motorcycles + Scooters branding Harley Davidson Marketing Serial 1 Supply chainThe business trick for surviving a company which has been disrupted by innovation is to get money from it, get out of it, and let the original company sink.

Siberian Heatwave, Etergo Acquisition, Chinese EV Sales — CleanTech Weekly News Show


Cars Clean Power Clean Transport CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive CleanTechnica Videos Climate Change Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Fossil Fuels Green Economy Motorcycles + Scooters Oil Research Science Solar Energy Wind Energy Amazon BYD China climate science electric scooters Global Weirding oceansThis is the 10th broadcast of CleanTechnica's weekly news show.

Kawasaki Teases New Electric Motorcycle With Manual Transmission


Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters electric kawasaki ev endeavor kawasaki kawasaki endeavor kawasaki ev endeavor manual transmissions motorcycle motorcycles teaser videoKawasaki released yet another teaser for its upcoming Endeavor EV. and this one is showing off the ace up its sleeve: a manual transmission.

It’s All In The Numbers! A Deep Dive Into ICE Motorcycle Fleet Data Convinces Kimosop & Co-Founder Steve To Start Ecobodaa Kenya


Motorcycle taxis are the most preferred mode of last-mile connectivity in East Africa. Unfortunately, motorcycle taxis in Africa's urban cities are one of the main sources of pollution and chaos on the roads.

Africa 246

EV That Transforms On The Fly


Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters Electric Microlino electric motorcycles Europe Poland renault triggo urban evSince I first wrote about a covered motorcycle in 2012, I've kept my eyes open for one of these on the road. I have not seen one. From Poland, though, a variation on the two-wheeler shows promise.