September, 2020

Report reveals hypocrisy of world’s biggest plastic polluters

Envirotec Magazine

A new report from advocacy group The Changing Markets Foundation appears to reveal how, behind a veil of nice-sounding initiatives and commitments to address the plastics crisis – the plastics industry, consumer brands and retailers have obstructed and undermined proven legislative solutions to the crisis for decades.

Why Is The Transition To Clean Cars By 2035 So Critical?


California is already seeing the impact of climate change, with droughts, heat waves, and of course the unprecedented wildfires seen this summer.


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This Oregon forest was supposed to store carbon for 100 years. Now it’s on fire.


As fires ripped through the West this month, displacing families and releasing a thick, choking cloud of smoke that reached all the way to Europe , some scientists began to worry about yet another loss.

Carbon 111

Why agtech is critical for regenerative agriculture


Why agtech is critical for regenerative agriculture. Heather Clancy. Thu, 09/17/2020 - 01:30. Early this month, McDonald’s made headlines when it teamed with Cargill, Target and The Nature Conservancy to put $8.5

Ethically minded brands are on the rise: Here’s what you should know

The Environmental Blog

The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the trend for online shopping, and even committed high-street shoppers are now shifting towards ecommerce.

Ethics 341

Green Energy vs. Renewable Energy: What’s the Difference?

U.S. Green Technology

As October, Energy Awareness Month, approaches, perhaps it’s a good time to interrogate your knowledge of energy sourcing. You use energy in its various forms every day, but what do you know about where it comes from and how your energy consumption affects the planet?

Energy 290

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Legal challenge to exclusion of waste incinerators from post-Brexit emissions trading scheme

Envirotec Magazine

Newhaven waste incinerator, East Sussex. A legal challenge has been issued to the Government’s decision to exclude municipal waste incinerators from the UK Emissions Trading Scheme – the replacement for the existing EU Emissions Trading Scheme, to come into effect after the UK leaves the EU.

Waste 258

Midcentury warehouse becomes a community-building asset in Mexico City

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a bid to sustainably create more inclusive and connective space in Mexico City, local architecture practice BAAQ’ has rehabilitated Dr. Atl 285, an industrial building from the 1960s

How the climate crisis will crash the economy


How the climate crisis will crash the economy. Joel Makower. Mon, 09/14/2020 - 02:11. The chickens are coming home to roost. Even before the western United States became a regional inferno, even before the Midwest U.S.

5 Potentially Harmful Environmental Factors

The Environmental Blog

Humans are merely animals, just like any other species. We may be smarter than most, but we’re still flesh and blood, and our environment matters. We can only be healthy and content if everything around us is balanced.

Soil 212

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Trash Compactor

U.S. Green Technology

If you’re reading as a business owner, we’re glad to have you here. In today’s time, every business owner is looking for unique ways through which they can save money and earn lots of profit. However, when it comes to standing out in a large crowd, you need to do something different. Have you ever.

ANEEL: A Game Changing Nuclear Fuel

Jim Conca

A new nuclear fuel made from both uranium and thorium, especially when used in CANDU/PHWRs, can address several issues with nuclear power – proliferation, waste and cost. Plus it’s made-in-America makes it a prime candidate for export to emerging markets.

IoT expedites leak detection

Envirotec Magazine

Y orkshire Water and partners are nearing completion of the deployment of almost 4000 acoustic, flow, pressure and water quality monitors in what is said to be the UK’s largest smart water network pilot.

IoT 253

Scientists create super-enzyme to degrade plastic bottles 6 times faster

Inhabitat - Innovation

New research reveals a super-enzyme that breaks down plastic six times faster than previously engineered plastic-eating enzymes

Paper, plastic or neither? Inside the collaboration to reinvent the shopping bag


Paper, plastic or neither? Inside the collaboration to reinvent the shopping bag. Tali Zuckerman. Wed, 09/02/2020 - 01:45. Replacing the single-use shopping bag may be one of the most complex sustainability challenges of our time.

Sustainable Travel in 2020: How to Visit Countries Safely and Sustainably

The Environmental Blog

As we are all more cognizant of our impact on the environment and the communities that work and live in these environments, it only makes sense that we should partake in sustainable travel too.

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

U.S. Green Technology

The current circumstances that we are living through are strange and we have all had to change the way we live almost overnight. One of the main rules that have been put in place for all of us, is to wear the right protection when going out. This is to ensure our own safety, as.

Nature Dying By A Thousand Cuts

Jim Conca

The wild places of the world are disappearing, and will continue to disappear, until they are no more. And it’s all about habitat – we keep taking it away from everything else. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business energy

Duke Plans Largest Floating PV Project in the Southeast


Duke Energy will build its first floating solar array at Fort Bragg, a U.S. Army base in North Carolina, the company said on Wednesday. It’s the largest such project ever announced in the Southeast, according to Wood Mackenzie.

No new gas-powered cars by 2035, California governor says

Inhabitat - Innovation

California Governor Gavin Newsom's new executive order bans the sale of all new gasoline-powered cars and passenger trucks by 2035. After that, only zero-emissions new cars will be sold in the state of California. Californians will still be able to own, drive, buy and sell used cars that run on gas


Why nature is the next frontier for sustainable business


Why nature is the next frontier for sustainable business. Erin Billman. Thu, 09/24/2020 - 01:15. It has been encouraging to see company and government commitments to cutting greenhouse gas emissions coming thick and fast in recent months, even despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Go Off-Grid With A Tiny House

The Environmental Blog

If you want to try out a new way of living then, why not consider going off-grid? This way you will be able to save money, learn new things enjoy a different style of living and much more.

The Potential of Eucalyptus for Biomass

U.S. Green Technology

In conversations regarding green technology, renewables like solar and wind sometimes take center stage. Biomass, though, is another source of innovation and progress for energy that benefits the environment.

Drones Can Reforest The Planet Faster Than Humans Can

Jim Conca

There is more than one reason that we need to reforest Planet Earth, even if you don’t care about climate change. But doing it by hand is too slow. So Flash Forest out of Canada developed drone technology and aerial mapping software, led by ecological science, to reforest areas at 100 times the pace.

Don’t Repeat Solar Mistakes With Hydrogen, IEA Chief Warns Europe


Europe must not repeat the same mistakes it made with solar manufacturing in the emerging hydrogen sector, the executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned.

Europe 207

Washington bans wildlife-killing competitions

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has voted to end hunting competitions in the state


To achieve net-zero, let’s agree on one definition of success


To achieve net-zero, let’s agree on one definition of success. Peter Boyd. Mon, 09/28/2020 - 01:30. Reaching the 2015 Paris Agreement goals requires bold action from all sectors and levels of our society.

The Environmental Benefits of Reusable Supermarket Crates

The Environmental Blog

Most supermarkets throw away a lot of packaging every day. The best solution to reduce the energy and work of throwing away packaging is to convert the supermarket packaging to reusable supermarket crates. Plastic supermarket crates are a good alternative because they’re environmentally friendly.

Bring the Nature in: Tips for Creating a Green Interior Design Concept

U.S. Green Technology

If you watch the news or go through Twitter, you can see that our planet is in dire need of help. Fires are raging, floods are going wild and extreme weather is reaching new levels each year. Many of these natural catastrophes are due to our irresponsible lifestyles that create a lot of waste and.

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COVID-19 Kills More Americans Every Week Than All Radiation Deaths In World History

Jim Conca

Every week of September, more Americans died from Covid-19 than died from radiation in all of world history, including WWII. But low level radiation is a great treatment for Covid. So fear of radiation is preventing saving people’s lives and not enough fear of Covid is killing the most people of all.

California’s Interconnection Rules Open Doors to Flexible Solar-Storage, Vehicle-to-Grid Charging


California has more distributed energy resources than any other state, pressuring it to find ways to integrate them into the grid.

Oil and plastic industry spent millions to mislead the public about plastic recycling

Inhabitat - Innovation

A new investigation by NPR and PBS Frontline reveals that for decades, executives in the oil and plastic industries invested millions of U.S. dollars into misleading the public about the recycling of plastics. As a good citizen, you sort your trash, thinking that the plastic will be recycled to reduce pollution. Unfortunately, all that effort might be in vain

Clean energy and markets are the solution (not scapegoat) for California’s blackouts


Clean energy and markets are the solution (not scapegoat) for California’s blackouts. Bryn Baker. Fri, 09/04/2020 - 01:00. On Aug.

Demand 399

American Cities Are Being Reshaped By These 3 Forces

The Environmental Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic was a gut check for U.S. cities. There’s no need to go into detail about the scale of lives lost, businesses that have gone under, and overall negative impact on urban centers.

Retail 195