Tue.Oct 13, 2020

Tesla Cofounder J.B. Straubel Wants To Build The World’s Top Battery Recycling Company


Autoblog has reported that Tesla cofounder and longtime CTO J.B. Straubel has big plans for the battery industry. We already knew that, but we have some new perspective from the recent reporting.

Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change?


Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change? Joel Makower. Tue, 10/13/2020 - 01:40. When it comes to the climate crisis, it’s not just what you make and sell, it’s what you do, and for whom you do it.

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What’s It Like To Be A Climate Scientist?


"Katharine Hayhoe, Radley Horton, Michael Oppenheimer, and so many climate scientists like them are working overtime trying to solve the biggest crisis of our time. We asked them to tell us more about this incredibly difficult job, particularly at a time when the U.S.

San José's bold new plan for climate-friendly transit


San José's bold new plan for climate-friendly transit. Elizabeth Stampe. Tue, 10/13/2020 - 00:22. San José is rolling out the green carpet for biking, thanks to the city council’s unanimous passage of the Better Bike Plan 2025.

Tesla’s Next 10 Years, Cutting Tesla Tire Costs, Consumer Reports On EV Savings — CleanTechnica Top 20


It's time for another biweekly top 20 here on CleanTechnica. The following are the 20 stories published on CleanTechnica in the past two weeks that got the most eyeballs.

HSBC is latest bank to pledge net-zero financed emissions by mid-century


HSBC is latest bank to pledge net-zero financed emissions by mid-century. Cecilia Keating. Tue, 10/13/2020 - 00:46.

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How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Garden

The Environmental Blog

These days, more and more people are cluing into the fact that it is more important than ever to make a conscious effort towards being more environmentally friendly. Sometimes, even simple changes towards a greener lifestyle can make a big difference in the long run.

What’s An EV? What’s An ICE? What’s A C-Segment Car?


There are several terms that we frequently use on CleanTechnica which are not particularly common among the broader population, so I decided to create a glossary to help out with this.

Israel plans to enact a countrywide fur ban

Inhabitat - Innovation

Israel has announced plans to ban the use of animal fur and skin in the fashion industry

Exploring Eagle Hearing & Vision Capabilities To Reduce Risk At Wind Farms


University researchers examine eagle physiology to inform and improve eagle deterrents. Clean Power Offshore Wind Farms Onshore Wind Farms Research Science Wind Energy Wind Turbines Bald eagles purdue Purdue University university of minnesota US wind turbines birds

Energy 312

Doc Antle is the latest Tiger King star to be indicted

Inhabitat - Innovation

In the latest "Tiger King" criminal news, Bhagavan “Doc” Antle has been indicted on charges of wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty


Fastned Reports On A Great/Disappointing 3rd Quarter


Today, Fastned reported 54% growth in revenue year over year (YoY) in the 3rd quarter. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles EV Charging EV Charging Stations Green Economy Fastned netherlands Netherlands EV Charging

Vegan apple recipes for fall

Inhabitat - Innovation

Make the most of the season's harvest with these delicious vegan apple recipes


Tesla Model 3 Owner Walks Away From Head-On Accident With Drunk Driver, Credits Elon Musk With Saving Her Life


It's a horrifying ordeal and one that often ends in tragedy. Jen Dunlap, a member of the Tesla Columbus Ohio Owners Club and owner of a Tesla Model 3, was in her car with her friend when a drunk driver crashed into them at high speed.

How Oslo Achieved Zero Pedestrian and Bicycle Fatalities, and How Others Can Apply What Worked

The City Fix

In 2015, the City of Oslo, Norway, made a commitment after years of rising transportation injuries to reduce car traffic and prioritize the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and the environment. Unlike in the United States and other countries where transportation. Continue reading on TheCityFix.com.

NREL & CharIN Test Out Megawatt Charging System In USA


On Sept. 23–24, 2020, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) joined forces with the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) to host a high-power electric vehicle charging connector test event.

An award-winning forest tops the worlds first publicly accessible art depot

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen features a mirrored exterior topped with a forest and a rooftop restaurant


Weekly UTC Bulletin- October 13

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Utilities and Transportation Commission, October 13, 2020 New workshops, rulemakings, and upcoming dates The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission invites the public to participate in its work to implement Washington’s 2019 clean energy legislation. The 2019 Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) requires electric utilities to transition to a carbon-neutral supply of electricity by 2030 […]. Opportunities Public Policy bulletin rulemaking utc utc clean energy bulletin

ZHAs sculptural "urban oasis" in Hong Kong to be LEED Platinum

Inhabitat - Innovation

At the heart of Hong Kong's central business district, the 36-story Murray Road project designed by Zaha Hadid Architects has broken ground — and its energy-efficient design has already earned the building LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum pre-certification along with the highest 3-Star rating of China's Green Building Rating Program

Energy 151

Opportunity Zones can deliver social impact. We just have to measure it.

Impact Alpha

As the election nears, Opportunity Zones (OZs) have been thrust into the spotlight once again, with politicians on both sides of the aisle debating the initiative’s effectiveness. Its critics repeat a now-familiar charge: that the initiative doesn’t provide the social impact it purports to.


Amazon, Generac and Calibrant: Making Sense of Recent Distributed Energy Activity


Just as federal regulators in the U.S. are making batteries, solar systems, electric cars, generators and other similar resources more valuable in wholesale markets, we’re seeing a new wave of business activity. Wood Mackenzie predicts that U.S.

Bangkok deploys a fleet of 27 electric passenger ferries


Energy Absolute is a major Thai electric utility that’s branching out into e-mobility. The company has developed a mid-market EV , and is planning a $3-billion battery factory. Now Energy Absolute has announced plans to deploy a fleet of 27 electric catamarans, which will operate as passenger ferries on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Bangkok claims to be the world’s most visited city—it welcomed some 23 million international visitors in 2019—but suffers from choking air pollution.

Forget King Coal. Solar Is ‘New King’ of Global Power Markets, Says IEA


Solar power is the "new king" of global electricity markets, with the International Energy Agency calling it the cheapest form of electricity in history in its annual centerpiece World Energy Outlook report.

Singapore opens sustainable finance research and talent development hub


The central bank-backed Singapore Green Finance Centre addresses the gap in green finance know-how and talent in the region. It is the latest play to position Singapore as Asia's green finance capital

Asia 121

Hydropower Pushes for Greater Access to Green Finance


Hydropower, the world's largest source of renewable electricity, could begin using environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) measures to bolster project financing from the end of this year. The hydro sector has had a voluntary ESG code of practice in place for the past decade.

An installer’s guide to full solar array rapid shutdown devices on the market

Solar Power World

The 2020 fire season has been California’s worst ever, in part due to the lower precipitation and hotter summers brought on by a changing climate. Rooftop solar aims to be part of the climate solution.

Santa Barbara Schools Get Solar-Battery Backup and Save Money At the Same Time


Santa Barbara’s public school system is finalizing a solar microgrid project that could set a model for investment in clean backup power. Purveyers of carbon-free backup power have struggled for years to convince customers to pay for resilience.

Four scenarios for the energy transition in the age of COVID

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 14 – The COVID pandemic “has caused more disruption to the energy sector than any other event in recent history,” opens the International Energy Agency’s annual energy outlook.

The Chamber of Commerce’s latest amicus brief obstructs climate progress

EDF + Business

By Maren Taylor and Victoria Mills. Chamber of Congress. In its official climate policy position , the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims to support “an approach that rises to the challenge of climate change.”

China’s Hydrogen Society Beginning to Take Shape

CleanTech Group

China’s Hydrogen Society Beginning to Take Shape Last year, we detailed how China’s government had promoted ambitious plans for the development of a hydrogen economy and specifically, how the country’s Science and Technology. Cleantech Insights Energy & Power Hydrogen