Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream


Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream. But Diageo’s new 72,000-square-foot distillery is designed to be completely carbon-neutral. Jesse Klein. Thu, 07/30/2020 - 00:30. Even whiskey is going electric.

L’Oreal achieves carbon-neutrality across US operations

Renewable Energy World

French-headquartered beauty products company L’Oreal has reached carbon neutrality for scopes 1 and 2 emissions across its facilities in the US. These projects capture and convert methane produced from the natural decomposition of organic materials into renewable natural gas.


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Kaiser Permanente's Rame Hemstreet on reaching carbon neutrality by mid-2020


The Oakland-based company working to wean itself off of natural gas as it has done with carbon-intensive electricity. Clean Energy decarbonization Energy & Climate GreenBiz Studio Renewable Energy VERGE Energy

Duke Energy Pledges to Eliminate Methane Emissions From Natural Gas Business by 2030


The new goals outlined in Duke’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) day presentation on Friday were among a host of incremental advances on last year’s commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Methane leakage from natural gas pipelines.

The world’s first ‘carbon-neutral’ cargo ship is already low on gas


When shipping giant Maersk announced last month it would operate a “carbon-neutral” vessel by 2023, the Danish company committed to using a fuel that’s made from renewable sources, is free of soot-forming pollutants — and is currently in scarce supply.

Russian firm to offer natural gas-powered EV charging in London


L-Charge has tested a mobile gas-powered charging station in Moscow, and plans to use this to offer on-demand charging in London. The mobile station is “a truck with a set of equipment installed onboard operating on the principle of the gas power plant.”

Southern California Edison’s Vision for How the State Achieves Carbon Neutrality


Natural-gas consumption is set for a sharp drop in California as the state pushes to achieve carbon neutrality by midcentury, according to utility Southern California Edison. Gas and other fossil fuels will continue to play a role, albeit one that is rapidly diminishing.

Oregon Utility Using Greenwashing and ‘Renewable Natural Gas’ To Push Back on Potential Gas Bans


If you live in Oregon, it’s likely you’ve been bombarded with misleading PR from the local utility company, Northwest Natural, about the potential for what the industry is calling renewable natural gas (RNG) — methane captured from places like landfills and repurposed into energy for homes.

Google becomes retroactively carbon-neutral


Google announced that it has now invested in enough high-quality carbon offsets to essentially erase its carbon footprint , compensating for all the carbon the company ever emitted. Google first became carbon-neutral in 2007. The goal is for all of Google’s offices and data centers to run on carbon-free energy by 2030. However, the idea of offsetting all the company’s past use of carbon may not hold up when you take a closer look.

Kaiser Permanente’s Rame Hemstreet on reaching carbon neutrality by mid-2020


The Oakland-based company working to wean itself off of natural gas as it has done with carbon-intensive electricity. Go here to see the original: Kaiser Permanente’s Rame Hemstreet on reaching carbon neutrality by mid-2020. Business Eco Green clean energy energy energy & climate greenbiz studio has-done natural-gas renewable energy wean-itself with-carbon-intensive

Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream


Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream Jesse Klein Thu, 07/30/2020 – 00:30 Even whiskey is going electric. But Diageo’s new 72,000-square-foot distillery is designed to be completely carbon-neutral.

California Air Resources Board Releases Draft Scoping Plan Update

Clean Energy Law

Originally, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 required CARB to develop a scoping plan, to be updated every five years, that describes the approach California will take to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to achieve the goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

Law 52

October 2020 Cleantech Roundup: Net Zero Commitments | Electric Vehicle Tophats | Connected…

Clean Energy Trust

October 2020 Cleantech Roundup: Net Zero Commitments | Electric Vehicle Tophats | Connected Generators This month, I’m following a few trends: 2050 carbon neutrality commitments, electric vehicle design and manufacturing partnerships, and generator manufacturers acquiring grid services companies.

Industrial decarbonization picks up steam


It’s also a significant contributor to the climate crisis: Industrial processes — from the creation of raw materials to chemicals — are responsible for more emissions than any other sector, making up a third of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Industrial decarbonization picks up steam.

How the climate crisis is accelerating food systems reform


Carbon neutral, profit positive. dairy organization said it would transition the industry to "carbon neutral or better" by 2050. How the climate crisis is accelerating food systems reform. Jim Giles. Fri, 02/05/2021 - 01:00.

Bioenergy aids energy transition at Grolsch wastewater plant

Envirotec Magazine

A regional cooperation for a greener beer brewing process and a greener regional gas network. This sustainable alternative for fossil natural gas will supply gas which is equivalent to the gas needs of approximately 700 households.

Can Gas-Fired Power Plants Coexist with a Net-Zero Target? Yes, Southern Company Insists


utility can reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 while still keeping natural gas as a central part of its business, both to generate electricity and to sell to its customers. The natural gas conundrum. Leaving out emissions from natural gas burned by customers.

Is BP’s Shift for Real?


And how do you reduce the carbon intensity of a hydrocarbon business? Then, natural gas is suddenly in the hot seat. For gas-only utilities, one pathway is clear. And how will the battle over natural gas connections play out?

Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy?


Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy? The Saudis are going big on something called green hydrogen — a carbon-free fuel made from water by using renewably produced electricity to split hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules.

Is 'net zero' much ado about nothing?


It feels almost quaint to remember way back when "80 by 50" — an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 — was a bold goal for a company or government entity to make. Is net zero the same as carbon neutral? Is 'net zero' much ado about nothing? Joel Makower.

The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


Over the past three years, some of the country’s biggest utilities have been committing to a goal that few may have predicted they’d undertake on their own: weaning themselves off carbon-emitting generation by 2050. Jared Polis is pushing a 100 percent carbon-free plan.

Duke Energy aims to double renewable energy capacity by 2030

Renewable Energy World

The announcement comes as Duke intends to deploy $63 billion of capital over the next five years, 80% of which is expected to support investments in grid modernization and zero or lower-carbon emitting generation. The Carbon Plan" would then be reviewed every two years and may be adjusted.

This California Utility Is Now Measuring Building Electrification in “Avoided Carbon”


SMUD is the first utility in the country to count avoided carbon emissions from the existing building stock as part of its progress on energy efficiency. The switch to "avoided carbon" is part of SMUD’s ambitious effort to accelerate decarbonization of its existing building stock.

El Paso Electric, Mitsubishi Power collaborating on decarbonization plans

Renewable Energy World

Texas-based utility El Paso Electric has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Power to develop renewable energy and storage projects that can contribute to the utility’s target of carbon neutrality by 2045.

Europe’s Green Hydrogen Revolution Is Turning Blue


Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology scooping up the resulting CO2. A cluster of powerful European governments says a hydrogen economy has to be fueled by renewables, not natural gas.

Europe 207

Evergy plans to add solar capacity

Renewable Energy World

Energy said it plans to be carbon neutral by 2045. In September, the utility said it would keep open part of its Lawrence Energy Center to run occasionally on natural gas.

‘Math Doesn’t Yet Add Up’ for Utility Decarbonization Goals: Deloitte


So says a new report from Deloitte highlighting the known, yet often underappreciated, challenges faced by utilities across the country promising to zero out their carbon impact by midcentury.

Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Early pioneers of these hydrogen-from-waste technologies such as Ways2H, SGH2 Energy (SGH2) and Standard Hydrogen say not only are they making carbon-free, energy-rich fuel, their approaches also will divert mountains of trash from landfills and waterways, cutting greenhouse gas emissions. .

Demand 420

Why Flexible Gas Generation Must Be Part of Deep Decarbonization


Today, California utilities primarily rely on combined-cycle gas turbines to fill in the gaps when solar generation sags. But increasingly, California and other places with high penetrations of renewables will need truly flexible gas power plants. Renewable power-to-gas comes of age.

Mitsubishi gas turbine being developed to burn ammonia commercially by 2025

Renewable Energy World

Mitsubishi Power is developing a 40-MW gas turbine that would be fueled 100 percent by ammonia. The Japan-based power equipment giant, which already is hard at work adapting its natural gas-fired turbines to burn hydrogen , now is aiming at another potential carbon-free power resource.

Consumers Energy announces new EV program

Renewable Energy World

Michigan-based Consumers Energy is accelerating the electric vehicle (EV) transformation with a new program to help businesses statewide transition to carbon-free EVs. Those vehicles will be powered by an electric grid that is moving toward being carbon neutral.

How Much Do Electric Vehicles Help in Reducing Pollution?

The Environmental Blog

While electricity allows these modes of transportation to be carbon-neutral, they still use a pretty significant amount of non-renewable energy resources , both in the manufacturing process and during regular charges.

Amidst Ukraine Crisis, Canada Is Quietly Trying To Boost Gas Exports to EU, Documents Show


Senior Canadian officials are working with an Alberta company to open up new markets for natural gas in Germany, according to documents seen by DeSmog, contradicting a federal minister who says the Ukraine crisis can’t be solved by exporting more fossil fuels.

After the Texas freeze, people are asking: Is electrifying buildings risky?


Renovate buildings and redesign cars to run entirely on electricity, power them with renewable energy from the sun and wind, and bing, bam, boom, you’ve just knocked out a majority of the carbon entering the atmosphere. “Electrify everything” is a rallying cry for the climate movement.

Evergy to build 10MW of solar at KC power plant

Greenability Magazine

The new solar array is part of Evergy’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2045. Currently, Evergy’s energy mix includes coal, solar, wind, natural gas, nuclear, biogas and hydro-power. Combined, it is 50-percent carbon free.

Southern Company Commits to Net-Zero Carbon by 2050, but Seeks New Gas Plants for Now


utilities in setting a net-zero carbon target for 2050, aiming to balance the emissions from its sizable fossil fuel-fired generation fleet and sprawling natural gas business with reductions to be gained by expanding its portfolio of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

GE to produce zero waste wind turbine blades by 2030, company says

Renewable Energy World

We are determined to work with our partners to reduce the carbon footprint of wind turbines; together we can be the example of how an industry transforms its value chain to support the green transition and the critical move to a circular economy.". Follow @EngelsAngle.

Waste 95

BP and Ørsted Launch Green Hydrogen Partnership


By 2030 BP hopes to have 10 percent of the clean hydrogen market in “core hydrogen markets” as it chases carbon neutrality by 2050. That term incorporates hydrogen produced from natural gas with carbon capture technology in place, or so-called blue hydrogen.

The top 25 most sustainable fleets


Thanks to converging forces — including supportive policies, dropping battery costs and aggressive climate goals — transportation leaders at large and small organizations are increasingly turning to new zero-emission and low-carbon options that decarbonize fleets and in some cases save money.

On-farm fertiliser production comes out of the box

Envirotec Magazine

Carbon neutral fertiliser production and use to be discussed at Agri-TechE event on 24 March. Would this reduce the agricultural sector’s greenhouse gas emissions? Food production accounts for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Soil 130

Enel X and Eaton Team on Solar and Storage Microgrid in Puerto Rico


Once a combined-heat-and-power project, it now relies on natural gas. Some customers are still keeping an eye on natural gas as a cheaper option to diesel though, he said. Luma has ties to several natural gas businesses.

How 24/7 clean energy procurement impacts the grid

Renewable Energy World

Procuring hour-by-hour clean energy within an energy buyer's grid can lead to a greater reduction of greenhouse gas emissions than 100% clean energy matching, while driving deployment of clean firm power generation and long-duration energy storage, according to a new study.

Government Defends Praising Tar Sands Industry Figures as COP26 ‘Climate Champions’


The climate champions who attended were recognised for their individual efforts towards moving Canada to net-zero carbon emissions.”. TAG), the largest natural gas transporter in Brazil.