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Portugal power-to-liquid project makes sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) from municipal waste-derived CO2

Envirotec Magazine

Deploying a seemingly innovative technology configuration and design, the group behind it, LIPOR, suggests it is set to revolutionize the waste-to-energy industry while simultaneously decarbonizing the aviation sector.

Aviation 246
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Cryo-Compressed Hydrogen in Aviation

Hydrogen Fuel News

Among the most promising frontiers is the advent of cryo-compressed hydrogen, a powerful energy carrier poised to revolutionize the aviation industry. Moreover, we delve into its burgeoning application in aviation, where the prospects of zero-emission air travel are no longer just a lofty aspiration but inching towards tangible reality.


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'Game-changer': Brimstone secures $55m investment in boost for 'carbon-negative' cement-making process

Business Green

US start-up Brimstone Energy has announced $55m of fresh investment to support development of its "carbon negative" cement making process, after a host of major backers joined its latest fundraising round. per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it a higher emitting sector than aviation or shipping.

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A Carbon Market for Aviation could Spur the Growth of NETs

Green Market Oracle

Traditional air travel generates some of the most damaging greenhouse gases but if carbon markets were used by the aviation industry it could provide a massive and much needed boost to negative emission technologies ( NETs ). billion and 3 billion tons worth of carbon offsets.

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A green recovery is a chance to reform aviation for the better - but it can't be done overnight

Business Green

Punitive green aviation bailout terms without there yet being viable alternatives to conventional jet fuel could actually delay the shift to greener flight, argues ZeroAvia's Val Miftakhov. This missive included a veiled reference to the aviation bailout, suggesting a rise in carbon prices for the sector. Technology roadmap.

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Carbontech is getting ready for its market moment


This morning, digital payments company Stripe announced a plan to let its merchant customers divert a portion of their revenue to carbon removal projects. Rising corporate support of carbontech and carbon removal technologies writ large is one of the biggest reasons driving my optimism that the market is about to take a turn. .

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Greentown Labs Member Milestones — May 2024 

Greentown Labs

CalWave Power Technologies , which is working to harness carbon-free power from ocean waves, was chosen by the U.S. TerraFixing , a Carbon to Value Initiative Year 3 alum that’s developing a direct air capture process for capturing CO2 in cold climates, signed a $7.3M to develop two carbon capture units. Department of Energy.