Are We Finally Going To Help Puerto Rico Power Up?

Jim Conca

Puerto Rico and USVI arein the largest blackout in U.S. history. But it appears that a more serious contractor, Louis Berger, will be coming to the islands to help resurrect the their electrical and power systems and make them more resilient to future super storms. And that is a big lift

Nuclear Energy Gets An Early Christmas Present In Georgia

Jim Conca

Christmas came early to Georgia yesterday when the Georgia Public Service Commission unanimously approved the completion of two new nuclear reactors at the Alvin W. Vogtle Nuclear Generating Station

Energy 235

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Stanford's 100% Renewables A Roadmap To Nowhere

Jim Conca

Stanford Prof Mark Jacobson is the prophet of a religion claiming the world can be fueled by 100% renewable energy. But other scientists better not question him or he’ll excommunicate you. And by excommunicate, I mean sue in court. Jacobson filed suit against a scientist who dared to criticize him

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Power to the People. Action Plan for 2017 & Beyond.

Earth Gratitude

An Action Plan For 2017 and Beyond. Natalie Wynne Pace August 27, 2017 August 27, 2017 Power to the People. Action Plan for 2017 & Beyond. Anti-Nuclear Power Plant Rally on 19 September 2011 at Meiji Shrine Outer Garden. WikiMedia Commons. Used with permission. Power to the People! Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a long list of “I Will Not” circulating on the Internet.

How California Overreaches With Cellphone Cancer Scare

Jim Conca

The California Dept of Public Health issued guidelines for reducing exposure to RF energy from cellphones as if there was a need to re-scare everyone about brain tumors. There's no evidence cellphones increase cancer risk but this nonsense does distract from real dangers, like texting while driving

Health 152

World's electronic waste to grow by 33% in 2017

Green Tech Challenge

As modern society becomes dependent on technology, the amount of electronic waste will continue to increase. A global study revealed that the world’s e-Waste is expected to grow by 33% this year or reach 72 million tonnes (65 million metric tonnes). Established first world countries will contribute to the surge in digital trash, such as United Sates, China and various European countries.

WCS Talks 2017: Hear from Levi’s, Google, OPower, and more!

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

The full-day event is on Saturday November 4, 2017, at Google’s beautiful new Sunnyvale Campus. WCS Talks 2017 speakers, from left: ?Natalie WCS Talks 2017 speakers, from left: Courtney Bass, Google; Mona Maitra, Silicon Valley Bank. To get more details on this year’s speaker lineup and to register, go to 2017 WCS Talks. The post WCS Talks 2017: Hear from Levi’s, Google, OPower, and more! ?WCS Talks is back, now in its fourth year!

Algae-producing architecture a “future energy” highlight at Astana Expo 2017


An urban “algae farm” producing low-carbon protein and bio-fuel is one of the highlights on show this week at the future energy-themed Astana Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan. The post Algae-producing architecture a “future energy” highlight at Astana Expo 2017 appeared first on Climate-KIC London-based EcoLogicStudio’s HUT is a three-part pavilion at the biennial world fair event, exploring the boundaries of biologically based architecture.

A Former Coal Town in Germany is 2017’s Green Capital of Europe


But in 2017 the city is Europe's green capital of the year. The post A Former Coal Town in Germany is 2017’s Green Capital of Europe appeared first on Climate-KIC Essen used to be one of Germany's most important coal centres.

17 Ambitious Goals That Literally The Entire Planet is Working Towards in 2017


You’ve probably decided on one or two new year’s resolutions for 2017. The post 17 Ambitious Goals That Literally The Entire Planet is Working Towards in 2017 appeared first on Climate-KIC But did you know more than seven billion people have agreed on 17 common goals? The member states of the United Nations put their weight behind 17 ambitious global goals in 2015. It is now up to the UN, its 193 member states […].


Is Circular Economy the Future of Coffee Shops? Kaffe Bueno is Here to Prove That

Green Tech Challenge

Kaffe Bueno: a case of successful entrepreneurship Kaffe Bueno , is a novel coffee startup based in Copenhagen. It is the first coffee company in the world, with a circular business model. Selling and recycling coffee by using it in natural cosmetics. The 3 founders are from Colombia. After living in London for 3 and a half years, Kaffe Bueno started to shape.

How to save money, the world and shower with style!

Green Tech Challenge

Flow loop makes sustainable showering simpler. After initiating the shower in the regular mode, all you need to do is step on the drain cover - which will automatically activate the circulation mode.

Waste 59

Web Portal – Modernized for Today’s Consumer


Today’s typical consumer spends hours on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and the like, so they’ve come to expect all digital interactions to be personalized. What’s the modern utility to do? Well, Bidgely’s recently-updated web portal solution is the answer, helping to deliver an engaging digital energy experience personalized to each consumer. In fact, one utility recently found that 90% of consumers gave the ? to their Bidgely-powered offering! What makes the web portal so great?

Consumer Wish List: Itemization


Modern utilities are undergoing a transformation: no longer are they thinking of their customer base as “ratepayers”; they are instead viewing them as consumers, and focusing on providing them with value-add services above and beyond the delivery of electrons.

Better Ventures Invests in Apostrophe to Scale Healthcare Access and Savings

Better Ventures

We are thrilled to announce our latest investment: Apostrophe ! Apostrophe is a Denver, CO-based healthtech startup that administers self-insured employer healthcare plans, making best practices available to employers while making high-quality care available to employees. We led the company’s $1.15M seed round, alongside co-investors TechStars and Royal Street Ventures. Apostrophe is addressing the underlying healthcare problems of high costs, extreme complexity and frustrating user experience.

India Auctions 500 Megawatts Rooftop Solar Capacity With Lowest Bid At 3.4¢/kWh


India has auctioned the largest capacity of rooftop solar power projects in history and the results are extremely promising and could provide a much-needed boost to the rooftop solar power… Renewable Energy India India Rooftop Solar Power india solar power SECI Solar Energy Corporation of India

Why Useless Data Is Worse Than No Data


To characterise a process, data is a necessity. In the absence of data, important parameters of a process are not tracked, their significance cannot be evaluated and their behaviour over the course of time cannot be understood. Here’s Why useless data is worse than no data Data – the basis of making decisions To characterise a . Continue reading "Why Useless Data Is Worse Than No Data". The post Why Useless Data Is Worse Than No Data appeared first on Ambisense. Analytics


Living Green Technology Partners with Our Reedemer's Lutheran Church to Recycle Electronics in Ballard & Seattle

Living Green Technology

Last week, Living Green Technology teamed up with Our Reedemer's Lutheran Church, Goodwill, Earthcare, and another clothing company in Ballard to collect and recycle electronics from the local community and Greater Seattle area. The event started at 9 AM on Saturday, October 14th, and lasted over 6 hours. Tons of people showed up and all kinds of electronics were collected, including computers, monitors, cables, mobile phones, and more.

Waste 56

Green City Solutions fights air pollution with IoT, biotech and moss

Green Tech Challenge

Air pollution is becoming a global threat as 90% of urban populations breaths polluted air. We have all seen the images of a smog-filled China city, people wearing masks and authorities banning people to go outside. In December 2016, the Chinese government reported the highest air pollution and the red alert was implemented in 23 cities in northern China. In 2016, World Energy Outlook made a study on air pollution as the fourth-largest threat to human health – but also to our environment.

Crickets for the Future: a Juice Size Portion

Green Tech Challenge

Syngja (former Insekt KBH) founded in august 2016, is the world’s only provider of functional beverages – enriched with crickets. Philip Price (26) and Jakob Rukov (39) met at an Insect Cocktail event in Nørrebro. With an interesting mix of backgrounds (Philip Brand- Development/sales and Jakob Ph.D. Molecular Biology), they’re on a quest to make edible insects mainstream.

India Cancels Solar+Storage Auctions Due To High Costs


India’s first attempt to include battery-based storage with utility-scale solar power projects has failed. Solar Energy Corporation of India recently announced that it had to cancel two solar+storage auctions. SECI… Renewable Energy India Kadapa Solar Park Pavagada solar park SECI Solar Energy Corporation of India

Innovative Food: Startups Raise $206m to Meet Consumer Demand for Protein & Novel Ingredients

AFN Sustainable Protein

Funding to Innovative Food startups is increasing with 17 deals raising $206 million in the first half of 2017 representing a 60% year-over-year increase. Consumer demands are changing at a faster pace than ever as our understanding of nutrition evolves. .

Toyota Planning 1st Megawatt-Scale, 100% Renewable Energy Powered Hydrogen Generation Station In World


The world’s first megawatt-scale hydrogen fuel cell generation plant powered entirely by renewable energy is now being planned for development at the Port of Long Beach by Toyota Motor North… Articles Clean Transportation Recycling & Waste Mgmt. Renewable Energy California hydrogen hydrogen storage hydrogen vehicles Shell Toyota

Cultured Meat Will Cost Startups $150m-$370m (and Take At Least 4 More Years) to Bring to Market

AFN Sustainable Protein

If an article in the Wall Street Journal is correct, Memphis Meats , a startup out of San Francisco that revealed the world’s first cultured meatball in February 2016 and the world’s first cultured poultry in March 2017, has brought the cost down of cultured chicken to $2,400 per pound.

Algae is Poised to Become a Mainstream Food Ingredient if Supply Can Keep Up With Demand

AFN Sustainable Protein

Editor’s Note: Andrew A. Dahl is President and CEO of ZIVO Bioscience , a ag biotech R&D company engaged in the commercialization of nutritional and medicinal products derived from proprietary algal strains.

Indian State Asks Solar Developers To Voluntarily Reduce Tariffs Two Years After Auction


15 project developers on the verge of commissioning their utility-scale solar power projects in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh recently received a shock when the state’s regulator asked them… Renewable Energy India india solar power Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Uttar Pradesh Solar Power Uttar Pradesh Solar Power Auction

Too Much Solar Power: Indian State Refuses Power From One Of Country’s Cheapest Solar Projects


Solar power market in India seems to have expanded at such an astounding pace that now states are unwilling to accept more solar power market, such a case has propped… Renewable Energy Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Engie India india solar power Kadapa Solar Power Park Solairedirect

What Do Farmers Think About Cultured Meat?

AFN Sustainable Protein

It’s no secret that many efforts to enhance animal welfare through the promotion and development of plant-based alternatives to animal products may not be good news for farmers.

Land O’Lakes Hopes to Boost Animal-Based Dairy with Startup Accelerator in Face of Alternative Competition

AFN Sustainable Protein

Introduced in January 2017, the DAIRY PRIDE Act would require the FDA to adopt a standardized definition of milk limiting it to products “obtained by the complete milking of one or more hooved animals.”

Stray Dog Capital CEO on Alternative Meat Startups, Deal Flow, Entrepreneur Alarm Bells, & Hampton Creek

AFN Sustainable Protein

Stray Dog Capital is a small venture capital firm investing in food products and services that take animals out of the equation. Launching in 2013, the business accelerated in 2015 as the number of startups broaching alternatives to animal agriculture increased.

Hydro, Solar Bring Down Electricity Prices In El Salvador


Increased hydro power generation and a newly commissioned solar power project has reduced the overall cost of electricity in El Salvador, the power regulator of the country – Siget recently… Renewable Energy El Salvador El Salvador Electricity Prices El Salvador Solar Power Siget

India-based Solar IPP Azure Power Raises $500 Million Through Bond Sales


One of India’s leading solar power project developers – Azure Power – managed to raise $500 million through bond sale to overseas investors. The proceeds from the bond sale will… Renewable Energy Azure Power green bonds Greenko Energy Holdings India India Green Bonds india solar power

Report: Algae Market to Reach $45bn by 2023

AFN Sustainable Protein

After gaining “superfood” status, the market for algae could reach up to $44.7 billion by 2023, according to a new report from Fish 2.0 , a business competition designed to increase investment in sustainable seafood startups.

India May Withdraw Support For Renewable Energy By 2022


Indian government’s think tank has proposed in the National Energy Policy to withdraw all incentives available to the renewable energy sector to be withdrawn gradually with none available from 2022.… … Renewable Energy India India Renewable Energy Ministry of New & Renewable Energy national energy policy Niti Aayog Renewable Purchase Obligation

Saxon & Parole Exec Chef Farmerie on Food Tech, Impossible Burger, and Consumer Acceptance

AFN Sustainable Protein

Brad Farmerie is executive chef at Saxon + Parole , a Michelin-starred lower manhattan eatery and bar. His first restaurant Public , which earned him two James Beard Awards and a Michelin Star, will close its doors this weekend.

What Does Obama Think About Food Tech? Former Chef & Advisor Sam Kass Tells Us

AFN Sustainable Protein

Sam Kass has had a varied career, starting out life as a chef, working for the Obamas before Barack’s presidency, later advising President Obama on nutrition policy when they moved into the White House, and launching the Let’s Move! campaign with Michelle Obama.

Scale is the Real Barrier for Lab-Grown Meat

AFN Sustainable Protein

When the lab-grown meat industry is fully mature, production facilities will look very similar to breweries, according to Michael Selden, cofounder of Finless Foods , an early-stage cultured fish startup.

India Needs To Do More To Achieve 175 Gigawatts Renewable Energy Target, Says Rating Firm


Delay in payments from utilities, non-compliance with renewable energy procurement targets and non-availability of transmission infrastructure for power injection are some of the major issues Indian renewable energy developers are… Renewable Energy ICRA India India Renewable Energy Target india solar power

This Indian State Plans Taxes, Reduced Tariff For Rooftop Solar Projects


While the central government and most states in India are looking to promote, even obligate, the use of rooftop solar power projects, one state is looking to reduce tariffs for… Renewable Energy Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Rooftop Solar Tamil Nadu Solar Power TANGEDCO

Study: Nine Percent of the Plastic Produced Since 1950 Has Been Recycled

Green Technology

A study published in the journal Science Advances offers findings from the first-ever global analysis of all mass-produced plastics ever manufactured. The authors estimate that 8300 million metric tons (Mt) of virgin plastics have been produced since 1950, the beginning of large-scale production. They also document the fate of these plastics, reporting that around 9% have been recycled and 12% incinerated. Seventy-nine percent are now in landfills or the natural environment.

U.S. EPA Healthy School Renovation Training in Los Angeles

Green Technology

EPA will be offering a free training on environmental health issues frequently encountered during school renovations and is intended for school facility managers, environmental health staff, administrators, and other school district professionals. Topics such as protecting indoor air quality, asbestos & lead paint regulations, energy efficiency, mold, PCBs, environmental risk assessment, and green school design will be covered.

In the Expo

Green Technology

This week’s look at exhibitors for the 2017 Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit includes solutions for clean air, water harvesting and building envelopes. Camil US. The Camil Group works to provide customers with sustainable best-in-class air filtration products and services within four main segments: Comfort Air, Clean Processes, Power Systems and Safety & Protection.

China Warns India Against Prospective Anti-dumping Duties On Solar Modules


Amidst continued border issues, China has warned India against levying any anti-dumping duties on solar modules. Chinese officials warned India against the use ‘trade remedies’ less than a week after… Renewable Energy China Solar Modules Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties India india solar power