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Russian firm to offer natural gas-powered EV charging in London


Two Russian firms—software developer 4xxi and charger manufacturer L-Charge—are collaborating to create an off-grid EV charging network in London that’s scheduled to be launched this year. L-Charge’s “rapidly scalable off-grid ultra-fast chargers” use energy from locally-stored fossil fuels rather than the electrical grid.

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‘Math Doesn’t Yet Add Up’ for Utility Decarbonization Goals: Deloitte


So says a new report from Deloitte highlighting the known, yet often underappreciated, challenges faced by utilities across the country promising to zero out their carbon impact by midcentury. That’s not news to those who’ve been closely tracking plans to reach net-zero carbon from major U.S.


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Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


One novel spin on emerging hydrogen fuel options is "clean hydrogen" made from trash. . Still, there is potential for clean — low- or zero-carbon — hydrogen to take off, energy experts believe. It is energy-efficient, abundant and an environmentally friendly alternative to natural gas. locations in 2021.

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As the Climate Warms, Use of Clean Energy Credits Comes Under Increased Scrutiny


The two corporations investing billions to build three new factories just outside Columbus, Ohio, have said that the facilities will be carbon neutral — despite Ohio’s near-total reliance on electricity from fossil fuels. This is the approach Honda says it will take to make its new Fayette County plant carbon neutral.

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How Siemens Energy Is Targeting the US Green Hydrogen Opportunity


Green hydrogen is both an untested and a potentially vital way for renewable-energy-powered grids to store their intermittent power for later use, not just for hours at a time, but for days, weeks or even seasons ahead. That project envisions turning excess solar into hydrogen to augment the natural-gas supply for FPL’s 1.75-gigawatt

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Why Flexible Gas Generation Must Be Part of Deep Decarbonization


Wärtsilä defines the goal of 100 percent decarbonization as a carbon-neutral power grid with a combination of generation resources — the vast majority of which would be wind and solar — as well as ample amounts of battery storage, demand response and flexible gas power, which will ultimately run on carbon-free renewable fuels.

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How Much Do Electric Vehicles Help in Reducing Pollution?

The Environmental Blog

Foregoing fossil fuels, these vehicles are charged directly through a power outlet, generating no harmful emissions, and offering savings in the long run, despite their higher initial price. Furthermore, there are alternatives to charging a vehicle through your city’s power grid. Balance is key.