Drax’s ‘Carbon Negative’ Bioenergy Claims ‘Wildly Exaggerated’, Study Argues


Analysis by US environmental advocacy group, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), studied the emissions from wood pellets transported from pine plantations in the southeastern United States to be used in a bioenergy, carbon capture and storage (BECCS) operation by Drax in Yorkshire.

FedEx says it will be carbon-neutral by 2040

Renewable Energy World

Company is going all-electric and funding a new Yale center for applied research focused on carbon-negative technologies. announced this week that it wants to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040. Natural Carbon Sequestration.


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Magic carpet? Interface debuts world's 'first' carbon negative carpet tile

Business Green

A US flooring company is celebrating the launch of a range of carpet tiles that it claims suck more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they create throughout their entire lifecycle.

Office furniture giant Steelcase sets 2030 'carbon negative' goal

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In addition, Steelcase said it also planned to engage with suppliers to help them set up their own Science-Based Targets by 2025, before driving its business towards becoming carbon negative by 2030.

Carbon negative: Brewdog makes it a double (offset)

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Pioneering beer company confirms it has secured 'carbon negative' status as it steps up efforts to slash emissions and plant new Brewdog forest. So happy that @BrewDog is now carbon negative. This means we take twice the carbon out of the air each year that we emit.

Net-Zero iPhones: Apple Pledges to Go Carbon-Neutral by 2030


Apple committed on Tuesday to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, pushing its ambitions far beyond its own corporate walls — already 100 percent powered by renewables — to include its vast supply chain and the lifecycle of all its products.

A Goal for 2020: Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Sustainability Consulting

Early this year, Microsoft rocked the sustainability world by announcing it was going not only carbon neutral but carbon negative by 2030. What is carbon negative and how will Microsoft achieve this goal?

Bank of America becomes carbon neutral one year ahead of schedule

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Bank of America has become the latest corporate to hit carbon neutrality, with the firm announcing yesterday it has met the target a year ahead of schedule. The US investment giant has switched to 100 per cent renewable electricity, cut emissions and bought offsets.

Adding fuel to the fire? Report further establishes destructive influence of biomass method

Envirotec Magazine

A report from NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) seems to strengthen the case against Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), currently a key ingredient of the UK government’s climate plan.

Anatomy of a 'moonshot': Microsoft's Lucas Joppa on CO2 removal, supply chains and building a carbon negative future

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The wildlife-borne pandemic was testament to the need to protect the delicate balance between humans and planet, Microsoft said, and it was time to bolster its headline-grabbing carbon reduction programme with other climate priorities.

ZHA gets the green light for worlds first all-timber soccer stadium in England


As a beacon of sustainability, the structure will aim to be carbon neutral or carbon negative and will include renewable energy systems as well as low-carbon construction methods and operational processes. Business Eco Green carbon-neutral eco park football stadium forest green hadid-architects mass timber soccer stadium stadium structure sustainable materials timber wood world zha

Clearloop.us to break ground on Tennessee solar farm

Renewable Energy World

2, I spoke to Laura about Clearloop delivering one million watts of solar power to a carbon-intensive region and what that means for homeowners, children, teachers, and electrical engineering students living nearby the project.

Siemens publishes advice for businesses on steps to decarbonise

Envirotec Magazine

Industry leaders have paved the way, with Google having been carbon-neutral since 2007 and Microsoft since 2012. To help businesses create their individual decarbonisation strategies, Siemens has published a new whitepaper suggesting a range of specific steps towards carbon neutrality.

Study: The public is pretty confused by your climate change jargon


Some of the most difficult-to-understand words were mitigation , referring to efforts to reduce emissions to slow down climate change, and carbon-neutral , when there’s no net increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

Labour Criticised Over Drax-Sponsored ‘Zero Carbon’ Party Conference Event


million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2020, including 13.2 million from burning biomass, according to environmental law charity ClientEarth – is sponsoring an event called “How Can the UK Build a Zero Carbon, Lower Cost Energy Future?”

2020 was the year that…


Circular models made the rounds, starting with the design department, where a lot of negative environmental and social impacts are baked into garments, usually unwittingly. But getting to zero — or neutral or positive or some other goal — is not without controversy.

Zoom in on Net Zero - with Drax CCS head Karl Smyth

Business Green

VIDEO: Head of carbon capture and storage strategy & engagement at UK energy firm joins BusinessGreen editor in chief James Murray.

Apple targets net zero across business, supply chain and products by 2030

Business Green

Apple has become the latest US tech behemoth to step up its net zero ambitions, today pledging to be 'carbon neutral' throughout its entire business, manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by the end of the decade.

Zoom in on Net Zero - with Drax Group's Catriona Reynolds

Business Green

VIDEO: Energy firm's BECCS strategy and engagement manager chats to BusinessGreen's James Murray about negative emissions and biomass energy.

Plant-based metal? The mining industry could get a sustainable makeover.


Other research groups before the Malaysia team have shown that the solar-powered and carbon-neutral metal extraction process works in practice — a key step to winning over mining industry investors, who have insisted on field trials of several acres to show proof of principle.

Soil 113

Eco-friendly Boxes for Packaging and Shipping

Green Business Bureau

While water and soy-based inks are more environmentally friendly, they still use carbon-based pigments whereas algae ink pigment is made of algae cells.

Labour’s Shadow Energy Minister Backs Biomass ‘Completely’ At Drax-Sponsored Conference Event


Labour’s energy spokesperson has said he stands “completely” with biomass giant Drax, despite admitting that its use of wood pellets in its North Yorkshire power station is not carbon neutral. million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2020, including 13.2

The top 2020 trends in sustainability, according to GreenBiz readers


Carbon renewal technology, or CRT, breaks down waste plastic feedstocks to the molecular level before using them as building blocks to produce a wide range of materials and packaging. Companies are investing in nature-based climate change solutions such as planting trees to draw down carbon.

CNG Fuels cuts ribbon on latest biomethane truck refuelling station in Nottinghamshire

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Biomethane supplier CNG Fuels has cut the ribbon on its latest refuelling station in Nottinghamshire, enabling up to 500 low carbon trucks and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to fill up every day, it announced yesterday.

UK Ministers Met 1-on-1 with Fossil Fuel and Biomass Producers Nine Times as Often as Renewables Since Kwasi Kwarteng Took Energy Portfolio


Analysis of the government’s latest transparency data shows ministers at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) held 130 one-on-one meetings with energy producers between July 22 2019 and March 18 2021, of which nearly half (63) were with producers of high carbon energy.

New report says the building and construction sector can reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Envirotec Magazine

Non-profit organisation’s report describes actions that would gear the buildings and construction sector towards a net zero future, through elimination of embodied carbon emissions. As part of the 10th annual World Green Building Week , the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) has issued “a bold new vision” for how buildings and infrastructure around the world can reach 40% less embodied carbon emissions by 2030, and achieve 100% net zero emissions buildings by 2050.

Vestas Ventures Makes First Investment With Wooden Tower Stake


If successfully commercialized, Modvion’s solution would solve the transport problem, while also replacing carbon intensive-steel with what could be a carbon-negative alternative.

Microsoft teams up with UK start-up to curb climate impact of aircraft contrails

Business Green

It forms part of Microsoft's efforts to become a carbon negative company by 2030 and "remove" all the carbon dioxide ever emitted by the company since it was founded in 1975.

Global corporate net zero drive 'resembles Wild West', BNEF warns

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But differing and overlapping terminology and meanings - including 'net zero', 'carbon neutral', 'climate positive', and 'zero carbon' - has led to confusion among investors and consumers, leaving the net zero movement "open to sleight of hand and greenwashing", the BNEF report warns.

June 2021 Cleantech Roundup: SaaS and Carbon Removal | Infrastructure Week | EV Charging…

Clean Energy Trust

I’ll Send a SaaS to the World Bloomberg had a nice piece talking about how Stripe and Shopify are taking the lead when it comes to carbon negative solutions, building on Stripe’s recent announcement of their 2021 carbon removal company commitments.

Google backs off on custom AI for oil and gas extraction

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A new Greenpeace report notes that Microsoft, Amazon and Google are undermining their public carbon commitments through by providing services that allow oil and gas firms extract fossil fuels from the earth.

Biofuels are a controversial climate solution. Could they still help save the planet?


The reason it’s considered a solution is that plants suck up carbon from the air while they grow. When we turn them into fuels and burn them, no new carbon is added to the atmosphere —the whole cycle is considered “carbon neutral.” The case for negative emissions.

The Greenwashing Files: Fossil Fuel Giants Accused of ‘Deceptive’ Advertising


But while the ad shows Exxon scientists hard at work developing “ algae farms ” and technology designed to suck carbon dioxide from the air, its business activities tell a different story. percent of its investment in new projects going to low carbon sources between 2010 and 2018.

'Flexible and renewable focus': Drax to sell four gas power stations in £193m deal

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By focusing on our flexible and renewable generation activities in the UK we expect to deliver a further reduction in the Group's CO2 emissions, which should accelerate our ambition to become not just carbon neutral but carbon negative by 2030," he said.

Outdated carbon credits from old wind and solar farms are threatening climate change efforts

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The carbon credit system needs an overhaul to effectively help in reducing climate change, according to a UCL study. French global energy giant Total recently announced it had delivered its first shipment of ' carbon neutral liquid natural gas '. Why the carbon market is growing.

Global Briefing: Germany cuts ribbon on hydrogen steel project

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The WindH2 system is a central component of the SALCOS - Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking technology project, which Salzgitter AG expects to deliver significant carbon emission reductions from the steelmaking process and could the long term even achieve almost CO2-free steel production.

Arctic explorer tests the RIKR recycled plastic backpack


Additionally, the company offsets its entire carbon footprint. Every purchase is carbon-neutral thanks to the company’s offset program, but buyers can choose to go even further by opting to go carbon-negative at checkout. Often when products claim to be made from recycled materials , companies are only talking about the bulk of the item.

January Cleantech Roundup: Corporations Claim Their Carbon | How Public Chargers Influence…

Clean Energy Trust

January Cleantech Roundup: Corporations Claim Their Carbon | How Public Chargers Influence Electric Vehicle Adoption | Investor Climate Initiatives Clean Energy Trust’s cleantech roundup highlights interesting cleantech news and perspective, across industry, technology, policy, and investing.

Where are they now? Catch up with 30 Under 30 alumni


After doing some research in Prague on carbon negative building materials, I have relocated to Portland and am currently working as a project manager/sustainability lead on the PDX Airport Terminal Core Redevelopment (TCORE) Project. Where are they now? Catch up with 30 Under 30 alumni.

Greentown Labs Announces Location of New Incubator in Houston’s Innovation District

Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs is already working closely with the City of Houston to support the goals outlined in its first-ever Climate Action Plan , which includes a commitment of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

If the world wants a green recovery, it must commit to innovation

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Negative emissions technologies are critical for the earth’s climate and hitting net zero in the UK, argues Drax CEO Will Gardiner. In the first months of the crisis alone, China reported a 25 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Going net negative.

The journey to net zero: Why a step-by-step process is not enough

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Going climate neutral today is a way for companies to take immediate action whilst plotting their course to meet longer-term net zero targets, explains ClimateCare?'s For instance, they might put an internal price on carbon to focus minds and drive innovation.

From China’s stand to Walmart’s wish list: A Climate Week news cheat sheet


The biggest national-level news of the week came out of the United Nations General Assembly, where Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that the country aims to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. From China’s stand to Walmart’s wish list: A Climate Week news cheat sheet.

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