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Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand? One novel spin on emerging hydrogen fuel options is "clean hydrogen" made from trash. . Green hydrogen — made by splitting water’s hydrogen and oxygen using electricity produced by renewable sources — is a small fish in the "energies pond."

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BEIS funding supports utility’s project to turn biogas into hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

The phase one feasibility study will allow the consortium to assess the performance of various biogas samples in a small-scale LOOP system located at the Levidian Technology Centre in Cambridge and carry out detailed analysis to optimise the hydrogen output.

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Comment: “Green ammonia is going to be the fossil-free ‘crude’ of the hydrogen fuel economy”

Envirotec Magazine

Collin Hamilton, COO and Chief Engineer at Verano Energy, one of the largest renewables independent power producers (IPP) in Latin America, shares his vision of the key role that ammonia is going to play in “the green hydrogen revolution” The US-born engineer’s firm is developing over 30GW of hydrogen projects in Chile and Peru.

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Study shows most promising well-to-tank routes for hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

When it comes to decarbonising the UK economy, many suggest the use of hydrogen for hard-to-electrify transport applications as indispensable. It also looked at the implications of using biomethane in place of fossil gas and hydrogen derived entirely from biogenic waste.

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Net zero transport plans need to include life-cycle energy and GHG emissions, says study

Envirotec Magazine

Government policy should increase its focus on the well-to-wheel (WTW) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and overall energy efficiency performance of new fuels for transport, according to a new study by Zemo Partnership (formerly LowCVP).

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Hydrogen Hype Bubbles Over At German Gas Lobby Conference


But gas grid executives gathered in Berlin this week to lay out a survival strategy: Retool their infrastructure to turn clean-burning hydrogen into the engine of Germany’s energy transition. It’s clear that if we want to reach carbon neutrality by 2045, we have to transition away from gas.

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Technology Trending: Mg-ion batteries, hydrogen innovation lab, landfill methane for Bitcoin mining

Smart Energy International

A new advance opening the way for Mg-ion batteries, protections for birds around networks, Enel Green Power’s Sicily hydrogen lab and a plan to power Bitcoin mining with methane from landfills are in the technology radar. Sicily hydrogen innovation lab. Landfill methane for Bitcoin mining. Now with funding of $4.3

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