Carbon-negative snack company AKUA offers kelp jerky and pasta


Related: Eating seaweed could reduce cows’ methane production Why is kelp a good idea for food sustainability? Kelp is also able to naturally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mitigating rising temperatures and climate change. If Kelp Jerky is all about protein and energy, our Kelp Balls will be all about improving your digestion.” ” Minimizing its carbon footprint is another crucial mission for AKUA.

BEIS funding supports utility’s project to turn biogas into hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

The consortium has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, which we are leveraging to produce carbon negative hydrogen – there is no better goal to be working on right now.”.


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What COP26 means for climate technology innovation

Elemental Excelerator

Several ambitious pledges emerged to phase down fossil fuels, limit methane emissions, stop deforestation, and turbocharge the adoption of electric vehicles. Methane: 105 world leaders signed onto the Global Methane Pledge, a US and EU joint initiative to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030.

How Microsoft Plans To Eliminate All The Carbon It Ever Emitted

R-Squared Energy

to become carbon negative by 2030, and by 2050 to remove from the environment more carbon than they have emitted since they were founded. When it comes to overall energy consumption”, Mr. Willis explained, “China is first, second is the U.S.,

Unilever, Starbucks are founding members in venture to turn food waste into energy

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Bacteria in the digesters consume the waste, creating methane and CO2 as byproducts. The gas can then be used for energy purposes. But beyond being an easy switch, renewable natural gas is actually carbon-negative.

Online Event - VERGE Energy Conference

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VERGE Energy Conference (VERGE 20) will take place on October 26-30, 2020. This online event can be attended from anywhere, The central theme at VERGE 20 will focus on how energy systems can be decarbonized, decentralized, digitized and democratized. Our Companies Set a Price on Carbon.

The case for raising up women in climate tech


It got me thinking: Could we boost the carbon drawdown potential of clean technologies even further by supporting more women-led startups in the burgeoning climate-tech ecosystem? Carbon removal. Energy. The case for raising up women in climate tech. Shana Rappaport.

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Study shows most promising well-to-tank routes for hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

A new study and Well-to-Tank (WTT) model by low carbon technology consultancy Element Energy, commissioned by Zemo Partnership (formerly LowCVP), appears to identify a range of optimal pathways for the production, distribution and dispensing of low carbon hydrogen to transport end-users.

Report Examines ‘Net Zero’ Climate Strategies, Finds Corporate Plans Lacking in Lead up to COP26


A recent Wall Street Journal investigation found that, while the market for carbon offsets is forecast to see rapid growth and reach over $1 billion this year, the “offsets” themselves can vary widely in their quality and effectiveness at actually reducing pollution. Energy

Digitalise to survive: Microsoft energy chief Darryl Willis on how data could drive the clean tech transition

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There is some evidence these tech interventions could help drive the carbon-intensive sector towards a greener future. One of the figures at the heart of this debate is Darryl Willis, Microsoft's vice president of energy.

Food waste-powered trucks: Bristol set for 'world's largest' biomethene refueling station

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The "world's largest" renewable biomethane refuelling station is set to open near Bristol later this year, enabling truck drivers to fill up on low carbon fuel produced from food waste, CNG Fuels announced today.

Nine major companies take an ‘open-source’ approach to combat climate change

EDF + Business

The scope of this challenge is daunting — requiring total transformation of our energy, transportation and food systems — as are the human, financial and business risks of climate change. Elizabeth Sturcken, Managing Director, EDF+Business.

Food waste-powered trucks: Bristol set for 'world's largest' biomethane refueling station

Business Green

The "world's largest" renewable biomethane refuelling station is set to open near Bristol later this year, enabling truck drivers to fill up on low carbon fuel produced from food waste, CNG Fuels announced today.

Meet the Innovators in Elemental Excelerator’s 9th Cohort

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Because the price of keeping the status quo grows steeper every year, from the human and economic toll of climate-related disasters, fires, heatwaves, and other environmental stresses to the jobs left on the table by not accelerating towards a carbon-free, regenerative economy. ENERGY.

Oberon Fuels Secures $2.9 Million Grant from State of California for First-Ever Production of Renewable Dimethyl Ether in U.S.

CleanTech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego member company Oberon Fuels , a producer of clean-burning dimethyl ether (DME) transportation fuel, has been awarded a grant for $2,876,139 from the California Energy Commission (CEC) for a first-of-its-kind, multi-phase project to produce the first renewable dimethyl ether (rDME), a clean-burning, ultra-low-carbon transportation fuel, in the U.S. We thank the California Energy Commission for its support and look forward to a successful project.”.

Believe or not, this new vegan meat is made from air


It literally turns air into protein , without methane gas release and other harmful effects from agriculture. Meat substitutes offer a plethora of benefits to the environment as a food source without deforestation, factory farming or carbon emissions. Furthermore, Air Protein is naturally carbon negative since it uses what already exists in the air. What the company calls its “recipe for change” begins with air, water and renewable energy.

Global corporate net zero drive 'resembles Wild West', BNEF warns

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But differing and overlapping terminology and meanings - including 'net zero', 'carbon neutral', 'climate positive', and 'zero carbon' - has led to confusion among investors and consumers, leaving the net zero movement "open to sleight of hand and greenwashing", the BNEF report warns.

No stone unturned: How getting to net zero touches every sector of the economy

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That was the stark message of the Climate Change Committee in its sixth carbon budget. The 10 Point Plan, the national infrastructure strategy, the climate change committee's sixth carbon budget and the Treasury's interim report on its Net Zero Review.

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'Tipping point'? CNG Fuels eyes surging HGV demand for renewable biomethane

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CNG Fuels' biomethane compressed natural gas - Bio-CNG - is currently 100 per cent sourced from waste feedstocks such as food waste and it claims the fuel is both cheaper and less-carbon intensive than traditional diesel.