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Business Sustainability Trends to Expect in 2022

The Environmental Blog

The depletion of natural resources is linked to global warming and has many adverse effects, including water shortage and the extinction of plants and animals. Businesses also step forward in supporting this cause. Increase in the use of commercial solar panels. Decrease in greenwashing.

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How IoT revolutionises metering for utilities in developing nations

Smart Energy International

As smart metering spreads worldwide, innovation in the sector is coming via new business models. Especially in developing countries that are mandating smart meter usage to improve efficiencies and combat environmental concerns, while providing a better customer experience. Smart meter development in India.


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Why electrification is key to curbing future climate change

Smart Energy International

Electrification holds the key to cleaner, more efficient energy distribution and use. But fully realizing its promise demands balancing tech innovation with collaboration across industry, says Massimo Muzzì, head of strategy, business development and sustainability at ABB Electrification. C by 2050 remains achievable.

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Sustainability Guide For Commercial Landscaping And Lawncare Businesses

Green Business Bureau

Sustainable Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care. Lawncare and landscaping businesses that are eco-friendly and practice sustainability are realizing real benefits including cost savings, new customers, and sales growth. Now more than ever consumers are using their purchasing power to push companies to be more sustainable.

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Hydrogen fuel production project could bring ocean dead zones back to life!

Hydrogen Fuel News

This green H2 project could improve dead zones in the ocean The Canada-Germany hydrogen alliance between the countries was announced in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada, as the town is the planned location for the World Energy GH2 project. That facility will be focused on green hydrogen fuel production powered by wind energy.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Decrease Their Footprint and Save Energy

Green Living Guy

Many organizations are contemplating reducing their carbon footprint and energy use because both employees and customers demand sustainability when doing business. Those businesses which cannot adapt to this will encounter significant problems in the future.

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How corporations can jump-start industrial electrification in the US


Those processes use a lot of energy and largely come from fossil fuels; one-third of U.S. To achieve net-zero economy-wide emissions by 2050 and limit global warming, industrial emissions must drop while still meeting societal needs. Optimize electric energy efficiency. greenhouse gas emissions come from industry.