How to Combat Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution, also known as environmental noise or sound pollution, is defined as regular exposure to elevated sound levels that may have adverse effects in humans and other living organisms. The post How to Combat Noise Pollution appeared first on U.S.

8 Ways Environmental Toxins Impact Your Health

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The health impact on human health is tremendous. In cities where pollution is higher, people experience more health problems than those in rural areas. Here are some of the ways that toxins impact people’s health. Mental Health. Gut Health.

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Air pollution risks health of all, especially drivers, says TfL report

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I note how many of these drivers already had breathing problems, which the infection worsened – this raises the question of whether drivers’ exposure to polluted air at work contributed to their underlying poor health. Photo credit: Yuri Turkov/

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How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health at An Older Age

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Just like the outdoors, indoors can have air pollution. The air quality indoors affects our health, in either a positive or a negative way. The post How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health at An Older Age appeared first on Green Living Guy. What is indoor air quality?

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Taking control of the harmful effects of air pollution to improve health outcomes

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In 2010, the European Respiratory Society appealed to physicians to “recognise that air pollution is the largest environmental challenge for European citizens, one that currently limits the fundamental right of all individuals to breathe clean air. Image credit: Max Chen , CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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Understanding Particle Pollution and What You Can Do to Stop It

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Pollution can have significant effects on air quality. It can make simple tasks harder and have adverse effects on your health. The two main kinds of air pollution are ozone and particle contamination. What Is Particle Pollution? How Can You Reduce Particle Pollution?

Air pollution may affect elderly male cognition

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Exposure to air pollution, even over the course of just a few weeks, can impede mental performance, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Aging. Air pollution levels were obtained from a site in Boston.

The truth about coronavirus, air pollution and our health

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A few month’s improvement of air pollution won’t resolve the underlying health conditions that make many people more vulnerable to COVID-19

How Health Literacy Can Benefit the Environment

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Only about 12% of the American population has levels above an intermediate health literacy. A majority of Americans can read basic health graphs and can. The post How Health Literacy Can Benefit the Environment appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Study: Health threat from workplace air pollution 'underplayed' in UK

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Indoor air pollution risks exacerbating prior health issues of up to 440,000 manufacturing and logistics workers in the UK, Global Action Study warns.

Describing pollutant distribution in 3d

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A team led by environmental physicist Stefan Schreier at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna is attempting to build up a better picture of nitrogen dioxide pollution in the city. Monitoring of other pollutants.

Air pollution returns to ?normal,? as new study shows EVs save $10,000 each in health costs


Air pollution in China has climbed back to pre-pandemic levels, and scientists say the same will probably happen in Europe soon. The rapid rebound in air pollution and coal consumption levels across China is an early warning of what a smokestack industry-led rebound could look like,” said CREA Lead Analyst Lauri Myllyvirta. Highly polluting industries have been faster to recover from the crisis than the rest of the economy.”.

How London Uses Road Fees to Tackle Air Pollution and Inequality

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More recently, in 2013, Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah died at the hands of air pollution. Half a century ago, a lethal haze of smoke and fog, otherwise known as the Great Smog of 1952, covered London and killed as many as 12,000 people.

The World Health Organization’s new air quality guidelines ‘could save millions of lives’


On Wednesday, the World Health Organization, or WHO, published an update to its air quality guidelines — the international rubric that sets non-binding standards for safe levels of air pollution for the world’s countries. pollution would jump from 82 to 96 percent.

Event - Environmental Pollution and Health

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The 2nd Annual Congress on Environmental Pollution and Health will take place on October 21-22, 2019 Sydney, Australia. The theme is: "Sustainable Environmental Practices for Reducing Global Pollution and related Health hazards". This year's Congress will offer a global platform to share thoughts on recent advances and technological breakthroughs in the Pollution and Health sector.

4 Reasons to Make Air Quality a Priority in Brazil – and Around the World

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing epidemic of air pollution continues around the world. The problem is particularly neglected in Brazil, where air pollution kills about 51,000 people every year, yet the country lacks strong policy for reducing pollutant emissions.

5 Ways Being Eco Friendly is Good for Your Health

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But what about human health? The post 5 Ways Being Eco Friendly is Good for Your Health appeared first on Green Living Guy. There’s usually talk surrounding how sustainability benefits the environment. It turns out that going green has endless pros for our well-being, too.

Initiative turns marine plastic pollution into reusable PPE

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A seemingly world-first collaboration is bringing recycled and reusable PPE visors to UK health workers and NGOs in the Dominican Republic. ” The post Initiative turns marine plastic pollution into reusable PPE first appeared on Envirotec.

Minneapolis Health Department splits the bill with green investors

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For this episode of the Local Energy Rules podcast, host John Farrell talks with Patrick Hanlon, Director of Environmental Programs for the Minneapolis Health Department. Clean Energy, the Environment, and Public Health. Originally published on

Report reveals hypocrisy of world’s biggest plastic polluters

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Talking Trash critically analysed voluntary commitments from the ten biggest plastic polluters (Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Mars Incorporated, Mondel?z The Coca-Cola Company is the biggest plastic polluter in the world, with a plastic footprint of 2.9

How Much Do Electric Vehicles Help in Reducing Pollution?

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The question remains, however, how much do they actually help in the reduction of pollution? Not only is it completely free, but it’s also better for your health and the environment.

Covid-19 risk greater in urban centres affected by air pollution

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People living in polluted cities are more at risk from Covid-19, according to health experts cited in a 16 March report from the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), an advocacy group. Even the latest diesel engines emit dangerous levels of pollution.

“Pollution Pavilion” revealing invisible air pollution arrives in Covent Garden

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The Pollution Pavillion was designed in collaboration with artists Climate and Cities and King’s College London. Four out of five Britons are worried that UK air pollution limits don’t match WHO guidelines. pollution particles. • pollution.

Medinas Health – Lowering Healthcare Costs by Reducing Wasteful Spending

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According to Medinas, “the net benefits to natural resource preservation, greenhouse consumption, and reduction in human health impacts are significant.”. The post Medinas Health – Lowering Healthcare Costs by Reducing Wasteful Spending appeared first on Green Business Bureau.

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Sponsored content: Landfill pollution monitoring platform

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The University will develop a feasibility study and test approaches for the satellite detection of methane emissions at landfill sites, and for the satellite detection of vegetation health changes in the proximity of landfills due to accidents or mismanagement.

Property industry likely to be breaking the law by failing to disclose air pollution levels

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Explosive new QC legal opinion suggests estate agents, property websites, surveyors and conveyancers are now legally obliged to inform prospective buyers and renters of air pollution levels. Firm offering free air pollution rating system for every UK address, using 1.5

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Net Zero Nature: Planetary health and human health

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VIDEO: Leading experts from Forum for the Future, Walgreens Boots Alliance, GSK Consumer Healthcare and Hansen and Ersbøll Agenda discuss the relationship between human health and the state of the planet's climate and natural world.

First of its kind study examines the impact of ocean noise pollution on Ireland’s marine life

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Commenting on the project, lead researcher Emer Keaveney, Marine Mammal Ecologist, Ocean Research & Conservation Association Ireland said: “Increased levels of marine traffic from container ships, pleasure boats, speedboats and eco-tour operators has created a significant noise pollution issue.

Plastic pollution disproportionately hitting marginalised groups, UN environment report finds


Vulnerable communities disproportionately bear the brunt of environmental degradation caused by plastics pollution, and action is urgently needed to address the issue and restore access to human rights, health and well-being, according to a new UN report published on Tuesday

The Most Successful Air Pollution Treaty You’ve Never Heard Of

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International consensus on cross-border environmental issues has been difficult to achieve, but the 40-year-old Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (or LRTAP as it is known to development professionals) has enjoyed great, if largely unsung, success in the fight against air.

Camden sensor network “aims to revolutionise understanding of air pollution in urban spaces”

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The network will provide “unprecedented ultra-high definition visibility of local air pollution”, says Marc Ottolini, CEO of AirLabs. Air quality is a localised issue, with pollution levels differing significantly from street to street.

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Tech innovators should pay attention to NYC’s new air pollution monitoring pilot

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But what if while completing their routine routes, doing their regular jobs, these vehicles were doubling as mobile air pollution monitoring networks? This pilot will help determine the tremendous potential that innovative technologies hold for improving our understanding of air pollution. “

AI pinpoints local pollution hotspots using satellite images

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The algorithm picked out these city-block-sized satellite images as local hotspots (top) and cool spots (bottom) for air pollution in Beijing (image credit: Tongshu Zheng, Duke University). Being able to find local hotspots of air pollution using satellite images is hugely advantageous.”

Energy Efficient Solutions That Are Nature and Health Friendly

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Energy efficiency is all about utilizing less energy to accomplish the same task while avoiding excessive energy bills and pollution. Fortunately, numerous sustainable energy-efficient alternatives are… Read More Energy Efficient Solutions That Are Nature and Health Friendly.

Precision toxicology consortium aims to protect human health from effects of harmful chemicals

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Led by the University of Birmingham and involving 15 European and US organisations, PrecisionTox aims to protect human health from the toxic effects of chemicals found in people’s homes, food and the environment.

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Less that one per cent of global aid spent on air pollution projects, despite escalating health crisis

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million people die as a result of air pollution every year, but governments are still spending more supporting fossil fuel projects than they are tackling dirty air. Over 4.2

Online Event - The Recovery Series, The Missing Link: Pollution, Health & COVID-19

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The Recovery Series, The Missing Link: Pollution, Health & COVID-19 will take place on Thursday, May 7th, 2020, from 12:00 p.m. In this the fourth week of their series they explore how pollution, health and the COVID-19 pandemic are all interlinked.

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We must act smarter to solve air pollution crisis

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Local authorities need to act urgently and use smart technology to address the air pollution crisis that is currently facing our towns and cities, says Marc Ottolini, CEO of air quality monitoring and management expert AirLabs. Air pollution monitoring – A shot in the dark.

Graphene acid helps remove heavy metal pollutants from water

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Researchers at Palacký University Olomouc in the Czech Republic, have seemingly shown that graphene decorated with carboxylic groups extract has the potential to remove different types of metallic pollutant from water. The ideal crystalline structure of graphene is a hexagonal grid.

Expanding Mexico City’s Air Quality Forecast To Help Citizens Live More Healthy Lives

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Education authorities are aware of pollution. Air Pollution air pollution air quality air quality monitoring Beatriz Cardenas Mexico City pm2.5 public health Resource Watch WRI MexicoToday, air quality awareness is common among Mexico City’s residents.

The market for air pollution sensors is skyrocketing. Here’s how innovators can capture this growth.

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Air pollution from rampant wildfires is causing millions to suffer in California and the Pacific Northwest. On top of that, air pollution causes and worsens conditions that make people more vulnerable to severe COVID-19. But here’s a lesser known fact: current disasters aside, nine out of 10 people regularly breathe polluted air, and the most vulnerable communities are often hit the hardest. air pollution air pollution monitoring clean air sensor technologies

Sponsored Content: Your post-lockdown pollution-prevention plan: Why it pays to be proactive

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For facilities managers, now is a critical time from the perspective of pollution control. PPM delivers a comprehensive, ongoing assessment of the pollution prevention measures in place across a site in its entirety.

Why Public Health Experts Support These Youth Suing the US Government Over Climate Change


Surgeons General, recently filed supporting briefs backing a youth climate lawsuit against the federal government because, like the current coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis poses “unprecedented threats to public health and safety.”. United States air pollution COVID-19 coronavirus