High-tech greywater reuse for exclusive residences

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A next-generation smart greywater-recycling system has been installed at a residential development in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. This information was also invaluable to our client’s environmental engineers to demonstrate the sustainable benefits of the development.

Water recycling technology delivers cash savings

Envirotec Magazine

SDS Greywater Reuse System. The SDS Greywater on Demand system can pay back in as little as seven years, says the firm, although actual return on investment will depend on the size of the system and the local Water Company charges.


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Event - Expo 2020 Dubai UAE: Sustainability Pavilions

Green Market Oracle

Sustainability pavilions : Real life solutions to real world problems. Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion : designed by UK-based Grimshaw Architects – is meant to meet the highest available accreditation for sustainable architecture – LEED Platinum certification.

Redesign your home for healthier, resilient living

Greenability Magazine

Kitchen: Choose Energy Star & sustainable products. When selecting cabinetry, look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified wood. Note that greywater cannot be diverted from toilets, kitchen sinks or dishwashers.

How Golf Courses are Becoming More Eco-Friendly

The Environmental Blog

Manufacturers such as Kafka Granite not only supply recycled materials for golf clubs but practice sustainability within their manufacturing processes too. Most groundsmen have switched to a greywater system for irrigation on the green and at times they allow grass to die and regenerate in the colder months. When you think of eco-conscious establishments, you would think that a golf course fits in right among the greener sporting facilities.

Cool, California ranch house in San Francisco is a sustainable gem


San Francisco-based firm Malcolm Davis Architecture has managed to combine the cool vibe of Cali design with the energy-saving principles of sustainable living. Related: Reclaimed wood home resembles barns in Sonoma Valley The home’s construction itself also followed a sustainable outline that included repurposed materials and passive elements. Concealed within the home’s stunning design are several sustainable elements.

In the Expo

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The Camil Group works to provide customers with sustainable best-in-class air filtration products and services within four main segments: Comfort Air, Clean Processes, Power Systems and Safety & Protection. Fox Blocks ICF buildings are energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable. In geographies where rainwater is less abundant, greywater (gray water) can be an excellent source for harvesting.

Peers sought to build urban resilience platform

Envirotec Magazine

The harvested rainwater can also be repurposed for irrigation and greywater domestic use. China is leading the way to sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) at city scale, with plans for ‘sponge cities’ where 80% of the country’s urban centres harvest and reuse 70% of rainwater.

We, The Army, Are Prepared For The Last War


drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and greywater?—?as as a single resource, a resource that must be managed holistically, viably and sustainably. ”

Eco-friendly housing redefines Tanzanian urban architecture


Located in the rapidly growing coastal city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania , the 12-unit apartment block serves as a model for sustainable urban architecture in the region. Often, sustainability efforts in Africa focus on rural regions, despite the rapid expansion of urban areas.

Schools Expo Offers Diverse Experiences

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The annual Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit , which comes to the Pasadena Convention Center November 28-29, is designed to provide resources to support sustainability programs in California schools. Wahaso provides design-build commercial and institutional greywater and rainwater harvesting systems. The Expo at the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit offers hands-on exposure to a wide range of products and services. Photo by David McNew).

Belgium’s new timber community center centers modular design


Marc Koehler Architects designed Edegem, Belgium’s newest community center, as a symbol of sustainable design to represent this city south of Antwerp and its commitment to restoring the city for a sustainable future. The Edegem community center features timber construction with gardens , solar and heat pump systems, and a greywater system.

Off-grid home threads through a South African riverine forest


The “bridge” portions of the home use sustainably grown timber, and the non-structural walls use glass and aluminum. Greywater , stored separately, also gets processed for reuse.