This tech breakthrough could revolutionize lithium extraction


Electric Vehicles Energy & Climate Transportation & Mobility Energy StorageOne huge potential benefit: reduced production costs for electric vehicle batteries.

Lyten introduces lithium-sulfur battery platform


Material supplier Lyten has introduced its new LytCell lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery platform. The new platform was developed specifically for the EV market, and is designed to deliver three times the specific energy of lithium-ion batteries.


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48V Lithium Battery: An Important Component of Off-grid System


With the development of battery technology and the rapid decline in cost, 48V lithium batteries have become the mainstream choice in home energy storage systems, and the market share of new chemical batteries has reached more than 95%.

Lithium batteries: a lot of fake news


Whether it is to equip electric vehicles, or to store electricity generated by solar energy installations or wind farms, lithium-ion batteries have become an important part of the energy transition. But in some media and social networks, their ecological footprints are often listed separately. So, is the battery so "dirty

New paper examines environmental impact of brine-based lithium extraction


A new paper from Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) analyzes the process of extracting lithium from brine. The lithium is naturally dried in large ponds to evaporate the water, concentrate the lithium and remove impurities.

Villara Energy Systems Launches Lithium Titanate 20-Year Home Battery


Highest Power and Safest Lithium Chemistry Establishes New Market Leader

$357k funding progresses US lithium-ion battery recycling initiative

Envirotec Magazine

Team Portables, a consortium for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) recycling incentivization, has received Phase II funding from the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize. (Image credit: Parilov/

Sakuú develops lithium metal solid-state battery


Additive manufacturing specialist Sakuú has developed a 3 Ah lithium metal solid-state battery (SSB) that it says equals or betters the performance of current lithium-ion batteries.

Thinner anode strips could lead to longer lithium metal battery life


Researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have increased the lifetime of a lithium metal battery to a record 600 cycles. The work was published in the journal Nature Energy. In the dry version, the liquid electrolyte doesn’t reach all of the lithium.

Lithium isn’t needed for trains and buses

Renewable Energy World

If the 19th century was the age of coal and the 20th the age of oil, the 21st century is starting to look like the age of lithium. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are now in everything, but have become indispensable to efforts to fight climate change.

Tesla develops new cost-slashing lithium extraction process


One of these was a new lithium extraction process that Senior VP of Engineering Drew Baglino predicted could deliver as much as a 33% reduction in lithium costs. What is the best way to take the ore and extract the lithium and do so in an environmentally-friendly way?”

Schlumberger New Energy Venture to Launch a Lithium Extraction Pilot Plant in Nevada


NeoLith Energy’s differentiated direct lithium extraction process aims to enable a sustainable, efficient, and flexible lithium production ecosystem

Lilac Solutions raises $150 million to ramp up low-carbon lithium production

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, October 12 — Electric vehicle and battery makers are facing a shortage of lithium, an essential element for production. The post Lilac Solutions raises $150 million to ramp up low-carbon lithium production appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

New HIU lithium-metal battery boasts 560 Wh/kg specific energy


Researchers at the Karlsruhe Technology Institute and the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) have developed a new lithium-metal battery that offers a specific energy of 560 Wh/kg with good stability.

NanoGraf Reaches Energy-Density Milestone for its Lithium-Ion Battery Material


Record-setting breakthrough in energy density of silicon anode cells enable longer-lasting, lighter weight, and shortened charge cycles for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, military equipment and more

NIO’s new standard-range battery uses both ternary lithium and LFP cells


New NIO EVs will now be available with a choice of the 100 kWh long-range ternary lithium battery pack or the new 75 kWh standard-range hybrid-cell battery. NIO has launched a new battery type.

New MAHLE/Allotrope battery tech combines supercapacitors and lithium-carbon cells


MAHLE Powertrain and Allotrope Energy have unveiled a new battery technology for small EVs that combines supercapacitors with lithium-ion batteries in order to offer ultra-fast charging coupled with good power density. Newswire The Tech Allotrope Energy MAHLE

Johnson Controls Introduces Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention Solution for Protection of Energy Storage Systems


German firms plan to exploit massive lithium deposits beneath the Rhine


Geologists have estimated that an area in the Upper Rhine Valley, in the Black Forest area of southwestern Germany, holds enough lithium for more than 400 million electric cars, making it one of the world’s biggest deposits. Newswire The Tech Vulcan Energy Resources

Sion Power introduces large-format lithium-metal EV cell


Sion Power , a specialist in lithium-metal batteries, has announced advancements in its Licerion-EV cell, achieving 400 Wh/kg (700 Wh/L) in a large-format 17 Ah pouch cell. Scaling to useful cell sizes is a challenge for high-energy battery technologies.

KiloVault Unveils HLX+ Deep-Cycle Solar Lithium Battery


KiloVault®, a provider of innovative and affordable residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, today unveiled the KiloVault™ HLX+ series of solar lithium batteries, the first battery for all climates

MIT study details plunge in lithium-ion battery costs


MIT researchers analyzed three decades of studies that examined the decline in lithium-ion battery prices, and found that costs have dropped by 97 percent since they were first commercially introduced in 1991.

Race for better lithium batteries accelerates with two big raises

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, July 13 – Batteries are big as startups and investors bet on the low-carbon energy transition. The post Race for better lithium batteries accelerates with two big raises appeared first on ImpactAlpha. Clean Energy Climate and Clean Tech Dealflow Europe United States

California Sees Zinc As Likely Successor To Lithium-Ion In Energy Storage

Forbes Green Tech

As it strives for 100-percent clean energy by 2045, California is shifting its attention from lithium-ion batteries to zinc energy-storage technologies that can provide a charge longer.

The EV revolution needs lithium, California has it


New Energy Nexus report details how lithium recovery from the geothermal industry in California’s Salton Sea can anchor a sustainable domestic EV battery supply chain, injecting billions into the local and regional economy

Researchers develop novel battery electrolyte for lithium metal batteries


A new lithium-based electrolyte invented by Stanford University scientists could pave the way for the next generation of EVs. In a study published in Nature Energy , Stanford researchers demonstrated how their novel electrolyte design boosts the performance of lithium metal batteries.

How California Wildfires Are Driving Energy Storage Beyond Lithium-Ion

Forbes Green Tech

When California is on fire, it needs batteries that can keep a home, a hospital, a fire station, a community center running longer than the four-hour standard of lithium-ion.

Manufacturers can benefit from next-gen Lithium cell technology


Ultralife Corporation has produced a new range of Lithium Thionyl Chloride cylindrical cells for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The ER Generation X family of cells features one of the most rugged, energy dense lithium chemistries available on the market today

Sionic Energy Launches to Commercialize Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Battery Cells for Mobility and Consumer Electronic Applications


Formerly NOHMs Technologies, the company combines proprietary electrolyte with a newly developed silicon anode design for a low-cost, high-performance and safer lithium-ion battery

CATL’s new sodium-ion battery can be mixed and matched with lithium-ion in the same system


Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) unveiled its newly-developed sodium-ion battery at a recent launch event, together with its AB battery pack solution, which enables the integration of sodium-ion cells and lithium-ion cells into one pack.

Scientists Pinpoint Cause of Harmful Dendrites and Whiskers in Lithium Batteries

CleanTech Alliance

Source: PNNL, October 14, 2019 Scientists have uncovered a root cause of the growth of needle-like structures—known as dendrites and whiskers—that plague lithium batteries, sometimes causing a short circuit, failure, or even a fire. The team, led by Chongmin Wang at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, has shown that the presence of […].

Silica-based cathodes could enable long-life lithium-sulfur batteries


Scientists from the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) have developed a silica-based cathode for lithium-sulfur batteries, which they say could enable batteries that last for over 2,000 charge/discharge cycles. .

Leclanché opens new production line to produce M3 lithium-ion battery modules


Swiss energy storage specialist Leclanché has developed a new line of lithium-ion battery modules for energy-intensive e-transport applications, such as marine, commercial vehicle and railway, and opened a dedicated new production line for their high-volume manufacture in Europe.

Study Finds Lithium-ion Batteries Cause Less Environmental Damage

Green Living Guy

The post Study Finds Lithium-ion Batteries Cause Less Environmental Damage appeared first on Green Living Guy. A recent research undertaken at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and published in the current issue.

New paper shows atomic-scale closeups of how a lithium-metal electrode ages


Lithium-metal batteries, which use anodes made of lithium metal rather than graphite, could offer great improvements in energy density and weight. In “ Corrosion of lithium metal anodes during calendar ageing and its microscopic origins ,” published in Nature Energy, David T.

How the Battery Sector Is Looking to Improve Lithium-Ion


Electric vehicle makers and battery manufacturers are making progress in developing new lithium-ion designs, amid persistent concerns over the supply of key materials. Concerns over cobalt , in particular, are forcing battery makers to move toward cobalt-light lithium-ion formulations, said Hans Eric Melin, founder of Circular Energy Storage, a consultancy focused on battery end-of-life management.

How China is Cornering the Lithium-ion Cell Recycling Market


The commonly held view that lithium-ion batteries are not being recycled is not true. China recycled around 67,000 tons of lithium-ion batteries last year, or 69 percent of all the stock available for recycling worldwide, according to Hans Eric Melin, founder of U.K.-based based Circular Energy Storage. ” Even today, about 80 percent of lithium-ion batteries reaching end of life are from portable electronic devices, he said. 'Long

Solid Power introduces all-solid-state lithium metal batteries


Solid Power has announced the production and delivery of the company’s first-generation multi-layer, multi-ampere-hour (Ah) all-solid-state lithium metal batteries.

Zinc-ion: A competitive alternative to lithium-ion for stationary energy storage

Solar Power World

By Ryan Brown, co-founder and CEO, Salient Energy Lithium-ion batteries are the leading battery technology for both electric vehicles (EVs) and the renewable energy industry.

Closer Look at Next-Gen Lithium-Metal Batteries

GreenTech Gazette

For years, the talk of the use of batteries to power just about everything we use has focused on the development of lithium batteries. However, a new ‘next generation’ lithium-metal battery developed by GM could be a complete game-changer.

Millor will manufacture cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries in Europe


The COBRA (CObalt-free Batteries for FutuRe Automotive Applications), a European consortium that aims to develop a new cobalt-free lithium-ion battery technology, has chosen Millor Battery to make the prototypes and first batteries.

Azelio's energy storage technology shown to be significantly more sustainable than lithium-ion batteries


The climate impact of Azelio's energy storage system (TES.POD) is significantly less than that of lithium-ion battery storage and dramatically less than that of diesel generators.

Ultra-high purity lithium salt, LiFSI, facilitates high performance in advanced battery technology


The lithium-ion battery market is demanding higher energy density, extended lifetime, and improved power performance. Advances in electrode materials are addressing energy density, while new electrolyte systems can significantly improve lifetime and power performance.