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Lithium Deficit Threatens EV Sales and Energy Transition


This whitepaper provides S&P Global Commodity Insights' analysis of the global lithium deficit, threatening EV sales and could put the brakes on the energy transition. Lithium prices shot up by more than 500% in the past year due to the short global supply.

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Breakthrough technology for lithium manufacture

Envirotec Magazine

For all of these reasons, continuous monitoring has long been the dream in lithium manufacture, so with successful trials at several plants, the industry is delighted that the dream has become reality. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global sales of new electric vehicles (EV) grew from 3 million in 2020 to 6.6


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Non-lithium energy storage tech firms Torus and Alsym raise combined US$145 million

Energy Storage News

US-based startups Torus and Alysm Energy have raised a combined US$145 million to scale up their non-lithium energy storage technology businesses.

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Revolutionizing energy storage: Metal nanoclusters for stable lithium–sulfur batteries


The demand for efficient energy storage systems is ever increasing, especially due to the recent emergence of intermittent renewable energy and the adoption of electric vehicles.

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STEAM studies indicate geothermal lithium potential in Lazio, Italy


Lithium made-in-Italy has great potential, particularly the volcanic-Tyrrhenian belt that extends from the north of Lazio to Campania [Campi Flegrei area],” said Paolo Basile, Steam’s Chief Geologist. ” “Lithium extraction from geothermal brines is vital for our vision of a cleaner, more sustainable future. .”

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Energy Insiders Podcast: Do we have enough lithium?

Renew Economy

Lithium analyst Rodney Hooper on supply and demand for key battery metal. The post Energy Insiders Podcast: Do we have enough lithium? Plus: Solar has killed coal, but can it kill gas? appeared first on RenewEconomy.

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Lithium battery industry presents opportunities for water treatment experts

Envirotec Magazine

Brine pools for lithium mining. The lithium battery economy, driven largely by the growing electrical vehicle market, presents opportunities for water and wastewater businesses across the value chain, according to a new report from BlueTech Research. Water reduction. Hard rock mining has a much lower water footprint than salar mining.

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