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Lithium Deficit Threatens EV Sales and Energy Transition


This whitepaper provides S&P Global Commodity Insights' analysis of the global lithium deficit, threatening EV sales and could put the brakes on the energy transition. Lithium prices shot up by more than 500% in the past year due to the short global supply.

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Revolutionizing energy storage: Metal nanoclusters for stable lithium–sulfur batteries


The demand for efficient energy storage systems is ever increasing, especially due to the recent emergence of intermittent renewable energy and the adoption of electric vehicles.

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Breakthrough technology for lithium manufacture

Envirotec Magazine

For all of these reasons, continuous monitoring has long been the dream in lithium manufacture, so with successful trials at several plants, the industry is delighted that the dream has become reality. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global sales of new electric vehicles (EV) grew from 3 million in 2020 to 6.6

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Berkeley Lab publishes detailed report on Salton Sea geothermal lithium potential


Department of Energy (US DOE) has published the results of a study done by the Lawrence Berkey National Laboratory quantifying the domestic lithium resources from the geothermal brine in the Salton Sea region in California. resource of lithium due to the brine-hosted lithium in the deep subsurface geothermal reservoir.

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Preventing catastrophic failure in lithium ion batteries


In a recent study published in Advanced Energy Materials, a team of ANSTO scientists, led by Prof. Vanessa Peterson, used neutron scattering techniques to understand the formation of harmful lithium structures in rechargeable lithium ion batteries (LIBs).

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ExxonMobil is a lithium company now

The Verge: Energy

Image: Getty ExxonMobil is getting into the lithium production business. The company announced on Monday that it’s going to become a “leading producer of lithium” by opening its first drilling operation in southern Arkansas. To access the lithium, the company will first drill 10,000 feet below the surface using gas and oil machinery.

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Chart: Lithium-ion battery prices are falling again

Canary Media

Canary Media’s chart of the week translates crucial data about the clean energy transition into a visual format. After a brief hiatus, lithium-ion battery prices are back to their regularly scheduled nosedive. Throughout the 2010s, batteries got cheaper and cheaper, cheering the businesses and climate…

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