Sun.Jan 17, 2021

More than 50 countries commit to protecting 30% of Earth’s land and oceans


This story was originally published by The Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. A coalition of more than 50 countries has committed to protect almost a third of the planet by 2030 to halt the destruction of the natural world and slow extinctions of wildlife.

China’s Rare Earths ‘Slump’ A Sign Of Domestic ‘Hoarding’ For EV Batteries, And More

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Is China about to send the cost of EV batteries to the moon? Markets /markets Money /money Markets /markets Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech investing kenrapozablog


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State of the climate: 2020 ties as warmest year on record


Apart from being the warmest or second warmest year on record for surface temperature, the year 2020 also saw global sea levels and atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations reaching new highs




Power is a pecuniary problem not only in the African continent but also in Nigeria.

250 Bishopsgate: Bringing nature into a London building

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NatWest Group explains how sustainability has been embedded into its flagship building in London. Once inside the modern glass and steel exterior of the NatWest Group's London flagship building, located in 250 Bishopsgate, it reveals itself as a giant greenhouse.

Relations matter for transformative change! A leverage points perspective on social networks of sustainability initiatives from Southern Transylvania

Ideas 4 Sustainability

Originally posted on SCIENCE FOR SUSTAINABILITY : Local actors with their sustainability initiatives can contribute to fundamental changes in unsustainable human-environment systems and thereby foster societal change. Through amplification processes, however, initiatives can purposely increase their transformative impact. In the context of their study area in Southern Transylvania (Romania), Lam et al. 2020) adopted a leverage…

Peak methane? IEA urges oil and gas sector to plug methane leakage

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Methane update reveals that reduced demand for oil and gas during the pandemic's shutdown of industry and travel saw methane emissions drop 10 per cent in 2020.

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Poll: Two-thirds of adults believe UK government should do more to combat climate change

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New survey reveals 60 per cent of voters agree UK should strive to be a global leader on climate action, as Labour sets out 'crunch test' for government's COP26 climate diplomacy efforts.

Biden presidency sets stage for wider global advances on climate policy


End of the Trump era could lead to shifts in climate debate in bodies from the World Trade Organisation to the G7, diplomats say

Outdated carbon credits from old wind and solar farms are threatening climate change efforts

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The carbon credit system needs an overhaul to effectively help in reducing climate change, according to a UCL study. French global energy giant Total recently announced it had delivered its first shipment of ' carbon neutral liquid natural gas '.

Lithium & Battery Stock Explosion, UK Gigafactory Request, Tesla Cybertruck Love — CleanTechnica Top 20


The top 20 CleanTechnica stories of the past week included a look at increasingly popular lithium, nickel, and EV battery stocks. Batteries Cars Clean Power Clean Transport CleanTechnica Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage Hybrid Electric Cars Lithium-Ion Batteries Market Research PHEV Research Solar Energy Top Cleantech News CleanTechnica Top 20 EV batteries EV sales Tesla batteries Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model Y Tesla sales

That Barely Visible Haze On The Mississippi Has A Bad Smell


Yesterday, I went down to the riverfront to get some fresh air and enjoy the gorgeous day. It was warm, sunny, and very few people were out at this time of the day — it was mid-afternoon on a Friday.

Scooter Sharing Industry Needs To Up Its Social License Game — CleanTech Talk


In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, and Mike Casey and Nathaniel Schub from Tigercomm sit down to talk about micromobility.

2020 Tied For Hottest Year On Record, NASA Analysis Shows


Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record, according to an analysis by.

2020 Climate Events Were Examples Of How Excess Heat Is Expressed On Earth


By most accounts, 2020 has been a rough year for the planet. It was the warmest year on record, just barely exceeding the record set in 2016 by less than a tenth of a degree according to NASA’s analysis. Massive wildfires scorched Australia, Siberia, and the United States’ west coast.

Toyota To Pay $180 Million For Decade-Long Noncompliance With Clean Air Act Reporting Requirements


Toyota Motor Company just had its hand popped by the U.S. Department of Justice for decade-long noncompliance with the Clean Air Act reporting requirements. Toyota has to pay a $180 million settlement according to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Connecticut’s Bill 127 Would Allow Tesla To Sell Directly To Consumers


The EV Club of CT is behind a new bill to make it legal for a company (like Tesla) to sell electric cars directly to consumers. The EV Freedom Bill has been submitted to Connecticut's legislature.

Bubble Or Breakthrough? Stock Buyers Betting Big On Electric Cars & Cleantech


Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that EV stocks have been on a serious roll. Industry trendsetter Tesla has seen its stock price balloon by well over 700% in the last 12 months, and was recently trading at a head-shaking 1,000 times trailing earnings.

Science Moms On Climate Change — Now It’s Personal!


Sceince Moms is a group of women climate scientists that seeks to convince other moms to press for solutions to the climate crisis. Climate Change Climate advocacy Katharine Hayhoe MacKenzie Scott potential energy

19% Plugin Vehicle Market Share In France In December!


A future star lands in a record market (19% share!).

Texas Wind Power Dominates Coal In Crossover Year


Everything is bigger in Texas, and wind power is no exception. Wind power has been growing in Texas for years. Now, for the first time, wind power has beaten coal power.

5 Key Steps For Electric Bus Success In Europe


As cities across Europe implement measures to achieve ambitious environmental strategies, there is pressure on the transport sector to decarbonise as fast as possible.