Sun.Jun 06, 2021

Covid-19 crisis makes electricity too costly for millions in Africa, Asia


The pandemic's economic impact left at least 25 million people unable to pay for power in 2020, mainly in Africa, threatening progress towards access for all

Sustainable, Mixed-Use Buildings Come to China

GreenTech Gazette

For years, there has been a push to make the construction industry a touch more versatile and sustainable. In China, work is already underway to try and create such a scenario. Thanks to MVRDV, we are seeing the development of sustainable, multi-use buildings across the Shenzhen area.


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Google's moonshot quest for carbon free energy


With governments and companies racing towards net zero, Google has set a target to use clean energy for every location and every hour of its operations by 2030. Is this possible

A brief history of money

Low Impact

Here’s a quick and dirty history of money. Since I’ve been involved in the mutual credit world, I’ve been reading various ‘history of money’ texts, and so I thought I’d organise the notes I’ve taken into a blog article.

Asia 63

How Digital Transformation will Bend the Curve of the Linear Economy Toward the Circular

Speaker: Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Director of SmartNations Foundation, Jimmy Jia, Venture Partner at Pi Labs, Fabienne Durand, Senior Advisor to the SmartNations Foundation, & Roger Strukhoff, Executive Director of the Tau Institute

The Carbon Zero, Circular Economy, is easily the most profoundly important result of digital transformation. Industry 4.0 has a massively cumulative impact on dematerialization (in all forms) and resultant decarbonization (both emissions and embodied) throughout the economy. Join panelists Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Jimmy Jia, Fabienne Durand, and their moderator Roger Strukhoff as they discuss how bending the carbon/GHG heavy linear economy to the circular is one of the hidden benefits of digital disruption.

UN's battle against climate hazards undermined by a devastating pandemic


Many of the United Nations' ambitious plans to make 2020 the 'super year for buttressing the natural world' have now been shifted to 2021


Britain's biggest bus depot goes green: First Bus kicks off electric retrofit of Glasgow hub

Business Green

First phase of project will support introduction of 22 electric buses on Glasgow streets ahead of the COP26 UN climate summit in November.

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McCain pledges to use only regeneratively-farmed potatoes by 2030

Business Green

Sustainable agricultural practices offer net zero and biodiversity benefits, the frozen chips giant claims. Frozen chips giant McCain has pledged to use potatoes grown using regenerative agricultural practices across its portfolio of products worldwide by the end of the decade, it announced today.

IRENA Study Finds Renewables Are Becoming Popular In Large Cities


The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) released a study on renewable energy policies for cities last month. The reason for the focus on cities is due to their ability to scale up renewables and meet emission-reduction targets.

Poll: Young Britons want post-Covid focus on tackling the climate and biodiversity crises

Business Green

Manifesto by young people signals demand for climate action from business. Business regulation and tax policy could be subject to a 'future generations law' to assesses its impact on young people if a new 'Youth Manifesto' is enacted.

Law 51

Grid-Scale U.S. Energy Storage Capacity Could Grow Five-Fold By 2050


Latest Report in Storage Futures Study Shows Reaching Full Market Potential Hinges on System Flexibility, Solar PV Penetration.

AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

Why the EU's proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism is a last resort

Business Green

The EU's best carbon border adjustment mechanism may yet prove to be the one that never needs to be rolled out in full, writes Andrew Warren. This summer the European Commission is set to propose two major add-ons to its international carbon saving showpiece, the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

BMW Launches the i4 Sedan


BMW recently revealed the i4, a sedan that focuses on driving dynamics while still being a decent EV. Together with the release of the iX crossover, this represents a major leap toward BMW’s goal of selling 50% EVs by 2030.

Is there a 'quick, easy, cheap' way to net zero?

Business Green

The race to Net Zero is on, but with slippery definitions of what this entails, varying levels of commitments from businesses, how will this challenge be solved before 2050?

Tesla Cybertruck On The Horizon For China


It looks like Tesla is preparing to sell the Cybertruck in China.

Will Tesla’s $1B Investment In Australian Minerals Inspire Australia To Start Refining Its Own Lithium With Renewables


Recently, Tesla announced that it was going to spend $1 billion or more on Australian minerals, and Tesla’s Chair Robyn Denholm shared some interesting information about how her home country processes lithium. It doesn’t.

Tesla Model 3 Service 15,000 Miles In


What Tesla Model 3 service do you need after 15,000 miles and two years? I'll run through everything I've had and am told I'll need soon.

Did Elon Musk Secretly Create A Union For Tesla And Name It “NOTA Workers Union?”


The National Organization of Transformative Automakers (NOTA) Workers Union is a union that describes itself as workers who are changing the world, and coming together with a list of demands. How this union relates to Tesla is pretty evident when you visit the website. I wonder if Elon created it. If it’s not Elon Musk, […].

Tesla: Better, Faster, Stronger (Video)


This is a short and sweet spec ad that YouTuber Billy Crammer made for Tesla. The video is set to a remix of one of my favorite songs from Kanye West, “Stronger,” in which the lyrics are rather empowering — incorporating the idea that what doesn’t kills us makes us stronger.

With Millions Still Out of Work, We Need Biden’s American Jobs Plan


Now it’s our turn to rally around this vision of a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous future.

Test Showed Exxon Plant In My City Produced 350 Pounds Of Particulate Matter PER HOUR


Emissions of Baton Rouge’s Exxon plant, which produces 517,00 barrels of oil a day, have hit a peak of 350 pounds per hour, Reuters reports. That plant is around 5 miles from my home — they don’t call this Cancer Alley for no reason.

Win A Tesla Powerwall At The ALTNRGSHOW In Austin


The Tesla Owners Club of Austin shared that it is hosting the Kilowatts booth at the ALTNRGShow, which is an acronym for alternative energy show, in Austin. The event will take place on June 12 and 14 from 9 am to 5 pm and is sponsored by Wells Solar and Electrical Services.

“The Adventures of Starman” Is Back, Exploring Backstory & Kicking Some Evil Big Tech Behind


February 6, 2018. That is when it happened. SpaceX launched its first tri-booster Falcon Heavy rocket. First, we saw two boosters simultaneously land on earth, a display so phenomenal that some actually thought it was fake.

Danone Takes A Stand For Regenerative Agriculture And Shares Its Journey


Danone, the parent company of Dannon, Silk, Activia, Evian, and other food companies, shared a thread on Twitter about regenerative agriculture.