Episode 205: Cargill cultivates soil health, greening the Super Bowl


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Episode 205: Cargill cultivates soil health, greening the Super Bowl


Read the original post: Episode 205: Cargill cultivates soil health, greening the Super Bowl. Business Green a-future-ride-hailing agriculture animal-welfare biodiversity chit-chat-about future-ride-hailing greenbiz 350 podcast innovation podcast ridesharing sports temple temple-grandin- vision-forPlus, chit-chat about animal welfare expert Temple Grandin and GM’s vision for a future ride-hailing service.

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Biodiversity will be 2020's crisis subject

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Habitat is cleared for crops and mines; agrochemicals impact insect pollinators and make their way into the wider environment; and soils are degraded from unsustainable farming practices and the expansion of infrastructure.

Regenerative Agriculture: Agricultural Revolution or Carbon Pricing Capitalism?

CleanTech Group

Regenerative agriculture is about improving soil through better farm practices. The aim is to use farming practices that increase soil health through increased biodiversity, water retention, topsoil protection, and other farming process improvements.

Ancient Amazonian societies managed the forest intensively but sustainably—here's what we can learn from them


The Amazon’s trees, soils and mysterious earthworks tell the story of the millions who lived there before European arrival and suggest a way of life that can sustain large populations while still conserving biodiversity

Silicon Ranch partners with organic livestock farm in Georgia for solar sheep grazing

Solar Power World

A partnership between White Oak Pastures and Silicon Ranch will encourage regenerative practices on solar farms.

General Mills, Danone dig deeper into regenerative agriculture with incentives, funding

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That's how long it takes to start seeing improvements as you go down this regenerative path," said Steve Rosenzweig , soil scientist for General Mills. Food giants cultivate new pilots and financing programs.

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5 Ways Bog Mats Help Protect Environment

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Stops Soil Erosion. Bog mats ensure that the natural nutrients and minerals in the soil remain undisturbed and create short-term access through these regions. An area`s biodiversity is significantly affected by earthworms and beetles as they depend on the soil for sustenance and shelter. There isn’t a better way to protect the ground yet make a conscious effort to leave the soil immaculate after completion of the task. Biodiversity environment Forests

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Leaving trees alone might be better than planting new ones


We need to protect and improve the carbon sequestration by agricultural soils and grazing lands. Even what we think of as mature forests are still accumulating carbon because carbon makes up about roughly half of the dry weight of wood, but it is also in the soils.

Climate change is affecting the way Europe floods, experts warn

Envirotec Magazine

Climate change is disrupting the rhythms of spring growing and river flooding across Europe, which could pose new problems for biodiversity and food security in floodplains, according to one group of researchers.

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Environmental DNA project launches with sampling event on the River Adur

Envirotec Magazine

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is genetic material shed by animals into their environment, which can be isolated from water or soil samples and used to identify the species found there. Launch of the first large-scale environmental DNA project using citizen science to monitor the health of rivers.

Event - Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Coastal Management

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It will also address the latest advances in computational approaches in the field of soil management and research on ecosystem sustainability as well as many other topics. The 4th International Conference on Coastal Ecosystem and Management during October 23-24, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Quorn introduces carbon footprint labeling


Any increase in a product’s carbon footprint has environmental repercussions — like climbing temperatures, shifting precipitation patterns, rising sea levels and increasing frequency of extreme weather as well as species vulnerability and threats to biodiversity.

How to make the Environment Bill investible for business

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To begin with, the government would need to introduce targets that deliver improvements in four key priority areas, including air quality, water quality, nature and resource efficiency - although this could be broadened over time to other key areas such as soils.

Negative Emission Technologies And Land Use

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But how do these land use changes impact agriculture, biodiversity, and other considerations? 5 GtCO 2 for direct air capture, and a maximum of about 5 GtCO 2 for soil carbon sequestration.

The Amazon has lost over 10 million football fields of forest in a decade


For one, the Amazon rainforest is a biodiversity hotspot, home to thousands of plant and animal species at risk of endangerment and extinction. Also, the loss of trees and other vegetation causes soil erosion, which increases the risks for flooding and a host of other problems such as land loss for indigenous people and habitat loss for endemic flora and fauna species.

Event - Ecology 2019: The Future of Ecosystems (20 Tracks)

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Vendors will introduce the latest advancements in the fields of ecology, soil microbiology, and biochemistry. The 2nd International Conference on Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology will take place on August 19-20, 2019 will take place in London, United Kingdom. Ecology 2019 is organized around the theme of "the future of ecology" and it will include keynote speeches, presentations, talks, and exhibitions.

Gulf shrimpers fight for their livelihoods in a fertilizer-fueled dead zone


Increasingly, Blanchard and other Gulf Coast fishermen find themselves reckoning with a different type of pollution, a threat to ocean biodiversity and Louisiana’s $2 billion seafood industry that’s unrelated to oil and much harder to fix.

Climate change is adversely affecting childrens health worldwide


Human activities have similarly been breaching environmental limits, instigating biodiversity loss, depletion of freshwater, ocean acidification, soil degradation and other irreversible processes. Today’s children are facing climate crisis-related health issues, warns The Lancet ’s Countdown on Health and Climate Change, the annual research collaboratively conducted by 35 global institutions.

Negative Emission Technologies are Our Last Hope

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However, other NETs are ready to be deployed at scale, this includes land management practices that store more carbon in agricultural soils and forests. Negative emission technologies (NETs) also known as carbon capture or carbon sequestration are a necessary technological innovation.

Green Brexit: What the hell happens now?

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Ambitious targets covering everything from waste and water quality to soil and air pollution are set to have huge influence, potentially providing a raft of environmental issues with a long term goal and focus akin to that provided for the net zero transition by the Climate Change Act and the CCC.

Soul Candy. Activating Your Soul’s Desires For a More Delicious World.

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They offer shade, soil retention, healthier soil, carbon sequestration, and in some cases increase property value and even offer food. The Earth Day Network is the world’s largest environmental organization, partnering with over 50,000 organizations in over 190 countries.

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'A golden opportunity': Inside the CCC's blueprint for climate-friendly food and farming

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Work is also on-going through various biodiversity offset schemes and green farming innovation funds. The UK's climate advisory body has tabled an ambitious set of policy measures to deliver net zero farming – here are the key takeaways.