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Mercedes-Benz debuts the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter


Mercedes-Benz , in collaboration with Swiss mobility company Micro Mobility Systems , has introduced the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter, designed for city dwellers, commuters and last-mile applications. Ah battery, the e-scooter has a range of up to 40 km and a top speed of 20 km/h. Equipped with a 500-watt motor and a 9.6

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Electric Scooters Market Increasing Demands, Challenges and Developments


Electric scooters are plug-in electric vehicles with two wheels. One or more electric motors are powered by electricity stored in a rechargeable battery on board.

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Engine No. 1 backs Taiwanese electric scooter maker Gogoro

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, January 19 – Taipei-based Gogoro builds zero-emission and electric smartscooters with swappable batteries. It recently brought its battery swapping stations to mainland. 1 backs Taiwanese electric scooter maker Gogoro appeared first on ImpactAlpha. The post Engine No.

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Better batteries are fueling a surge of electric scooters in India and China


But for electric vehicles to become mass market products, batteries need to improve.

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Alsym wants to ‘light up homes for a billion people’ with its new battery

TechCrunch: Climate

The battery startup has raised $78 million to bring its alternative to lithium-ion cells to everything from scooters to steel mills. © 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

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Lithium-ion Battery Market: Better e-Bike Batteries


The global micromobility market, comprising small, lightweight, battery-powered vehicles like electric bicycles and scooters, is booming. It's expected to be worth over $198 billion by 2030, according to Precedence Research, up from $56 billion this year.

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The Electric Scooter Safety Checklist


If you’re riding an electric scooter for the first time, you’re likely going to have an accident in your first 10 rides. Electric scooters are like any other transportation vehicle, you wouldn’t ride a bike on the road without a helmet. Backpack or scooter bag for foldable multi-tool set, wallet, phone, keys. Check the battery.