Right To Repair Aims To End Tech “Throwaway Culture”


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In Honolulu, An Ambitious Plastics Reduction Bill Is Moving Through City Council


Cleantech News Fossil Fuels Green Economy Health Media Policy & Politics Hawaii honolulu microplastics ocean pollution plastic waste zero-wasteBill 40, an ambitious plastics reduction bill, is moving swiftly through Honolulu City Council, with wide bi-partisan support.

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Ocean Conservation: Microplastics in the Food Chain

Green Tech Challenge

For years we’ve listened to environmentalists and conservationists talk about the need to reduce plastic waste. Ocean conservation microplastics ocean oceanconservation pollution waste

Ocean Conservation: Microplastics in the Food Chain

Green Tech Challenge

For years we’ve listened to environmentalists and conservationists talk about the need to reduce plastic waste. Not only do new plastic waste deposits still make it into the ecosystem, but because plastic is not biodegradable, it will take decades to rehabilitate the ocean.

Record high amount of microplastic found on seafloors


led study found a staggering volume of microplastics on the seafloor. “We were really shocked by the volume of microplastics we found deposited on the deep seafloor bed,” Dr. Ian Kane of the University of Manchester, lead author of the study, told CNN. The study, published in Science , concludes that episodic turbidity currents, which are akin to underwater avalanches, rapidly transport microplastics down to the seafloor. Researchers in a new U.K.-led

Research: 'Substantial quantities' of microplastics from tyres contaminating rivers and oceans

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University of Plymouth-led study notes that microplastics shed from vehicle tyres are putting millions of square metres of UK waters at risk of contamination. Vehicle tyres have been confirmed as a leading source of microplastic pollution in the ocean and rivers, according to scientists.

Ocean Conservation: Ocean Acidification and the Impacts of Fish Migration

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Ocean conservation microplastic noplastic oceanconservation oceans plasticwaste pollution wastePut simply, ocean acidification is the imbalance of chemical content in ocean water; whereby there is increased acidity, and upward temperature changes. Water with a pH,of 7 is pure.

That ocean breeze may be full of tiny bits of plastic


A commonly cited figure — 8 million metric tons — comes from a decade-old estimate based on population and waste data, and scientists now believe the number could be significantly higher. The human health risks of breathing in all those microplastics is still unclear.

Plastic rain is contaminating protected habitats


The researchers revealed that the 11 protected areas receive over 1,000 metric tons of microplastic each year. Related: Record high amount of microplastic found on seafloors Research director and environmental scientist Janice Brahney of Utah University said, “We just did that for the area of protected areas in the West, which is only 6 percent of the total U.S. When microplastics mix with rain, they freely flow into rivers and oceans.

The Ocean Cleanup Bags Its First Lot of Trash


The nets were also limited in their ability to pick up microplastics, which are formed by larger pieces breaking down in the water. Waste conservation ecology oceans plastic waste

On the Need for a Global Ban on the Production, Distribution, and Sale of Plastic Water Bottles


million tonnes of plastic waste were generated, only about 14% of which was recycled or reused (Pickin and Randell 2016, p. Waste plastic pollution waste

Golden State bans hotel mini-toiletries in effort to minimize waste


To reduce the impact of plastic waste pollution, California banned hotel and lodging use and distribution of travel-size plastic toiletries. Here is the original post: Golden State bans hotel mini-toiletries in effort to minimize waste.

The Ocean Cleanup has first success collecting plastic from Great Pacific Garbage Patch


After years of trials that left its engineers scratching their heads over design challenges, the nonprofit’s newest prototype device has consistently collected plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As an added bonus, not only was the prototype able to collect large, visible items but also microplastics as small as one millimeter. The need to remove the plastic waste polluting the Pacific Ocean inspired Slat to establish The Ocean Cleanup in 2012.

Waste 28

Environmentally friendly leather wins European circular economy startup award

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The firm’s winning idea is a gelatine-based alternative to conventional leather, which is made from low-value gelatine waste from the meat and leather industries, such as skin and bones. ” The material comes on rolls to allow rapid cutting, and to minimise waste.

Britons poised to throw out 67 million clothes after lockdown, WRAP warns

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Textiles and clothing items are notoriously difficult to recycle, and large amounts of old clothing still end up being sent to landfill in the UK each year, where microplastics from synthetic textiles pose a particular problem in polluting waterways.

Report: Plastics bans failing to tackle 'throwaway culture'

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Waste policy should focus on finding ways to reduce the amount of materials used overall, not just curb plastic impacts, Green Alliance warns. The way we consume and waste resources in the UK is unsustainable, and it's not just plastic that has an impact," said Church.

BlueNalu is developing innovative cell-based seafood


Speaking of pollutants, the fishing industry also contributes heavily to beach and coastal pollution through petroleum and plastic waste in the form of broken nets and other debris.

'Huge potential': EU targets throwaway culture with sweeping circular economy plan

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A sweeping strategy to boost reuse, repair, and recycling across a multitude of consumer products has been unveiled by the European Commission this week, with stricter rules planned for food, plastics, textiles, construction, and electronics in a bid to cut down on waste and pollution.

Is Covid-19 being used to lobby against the single-use plastic crackdown?

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Moreover, they argued that, as well as being damaging to the environment, studies had found links between microplastics and ill-health , adding that governments should "listen to the science of plastic".

Are you up for the Plastic Free July challenge?


A survey about Plastic Free July found that participants reduced their household waste about 5% per year and made changes that became long-term habits. I’m also working with the music industry (artists, venues, festivals and fans) to reduce plastic waste through the BYOBottle campaign.”

Plastics: no longer a punch line

Martin LaMonica

At The Conversation, we took a broad view of plastic , working with scholars to explain not only the environmental and health effects but also its cultural contribution and the industries that handle plastic goods – and waste.

Laying Down Our Markers

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Moving beyond our disposable industrial model will require companies who find market solutions to design out pollution and waste, create value from greenhouse gas emissions and other waste products, keep products in use, reuse materials, and regenerate natural systems.

How to replace single-use and plastic items in the kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most notorious spots in the house for waste, whether it is food waste, excessive plastic usage or single-use materials. This plastic pollution is small enough to quickly break down into microplastics that have the potential to harm wildlife.

Ice rink alternatives and their environmental impact


Xtraice, a company known for building and distributing synthetic ice for rinks, says that synthetic ice’s significant advantages are that it doesn’t use water and thus doesn’t waste energy on ice-making or ice-maintenance.

Aluminum cans vs plastic bottles: which is best for the environment?


Over 90% of the plastics found in the ocean is comprised of microplastics, which commonly end up ingested by aquatic animals, often killing them through choking or toxicity. That alarming statistic means that all but 9% of plastic waste ends up either in landfills or in the ocean. Oil drilling, also known as fracking, wastes water, releases methane into the atmosphere, produces oil spills and generally wreaks havoc on the environment.

Fifty Shades of Greta

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Through his passion for the outdoors, he witnessed the effects of microplastic pollution on the environment. When Fionn was in high school, he invented a new method of extracting microplastics from the water using his own version of ferrofluid, a liquid developed by NASA.