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New York private college to shift from fossil fuel heating to geothermal


Bard College , a private liberal arts college in the hamlet of Annandale-on-Hudson, New York State, will soon replace its aging, fossil fuel-fired heating and cooling system located in The Charles P. Stevenson, Jr Library with a new state-of-the-art system that will run on geothermal energy.

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Energy Efficiency: 18 Easy To Implement Tips For Your Business

Green Business Bureau

Energy Efficiency: 18 Easy to Implement Tips for Your Business. Most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels which emit greenhouse gasses and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels, water, and land are all scarce resources that are at risk without proper energy efficiency initiatives.


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Things That Can Impact Power Pricing

The Environmental Blog

Several things can have an impact on power pricing. Some of the most common include fuel, capacity, and competition. The cost of fuel is the most significant factor affecting your electricity rates. If natural gas prices increase, your electricity rates will rise.

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£80m boost to help UK businesses tackle carbon emissions

Envirotec Magazine

The UK government announced the disbursement of over £80 million funding on 28 June, intended to give a boost to a range of projects geared towards ditching fossil fuels in favour of cleaner energy sources. Projects include hydrogen-powered cornflake production and low-carbon Scottish whisky distillation.

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SP Energy Networks orders innovative grid balancing power solution

Smart Energy International

Hitachi Energy has won an order from SP Energy Networks to design and deliver an innovative power quality solution to balance the grid and boost the flow of renewable energy across the UK.

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Factors driving the global smart meters market

Smart Energy International

A new report published by Research and Markets states that the global smart meters market will expand by 9% between 2021 and 2026 and highlights factors driving the market. Through smart meter data, utilities are able to help customers reduce energy costs, states the study. billion to $30.2 billion to $30.2 Have you read ?

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Industrial Revolution: Green Energy Solutions for the Modern Industries

Hydrogen Fuel News

The Industrial Revolution changed the way that industries produce and consume energy. Green energy solutions such as solar and wind power can power modern industries. In that way, they will not harm the natural environment while reducing the carbon footprint to offer a more sustainable energy source. Why Go Green?