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Good COP, Bad COP? – Politics Weekly UK

The Guardian: Energy

Cop28 starts today in Dubai and its already shrouded in controversy. So what can leaders agree that will make a change to the planet? And in the UK how far away are we from a greener economy? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by Green MP Caroline Lucas and former Conservative energy minister Chris Skidmore Continue reading.

COP 72
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Cop out? Hard truths in Dubai…

Terra Infirma

While we in the West derided COP President’s Sultan Al Jaber’s outburst about going back to living in caves, in the Middle East that ain’t too far from the truth. The post Cop out? If/when the oil economy fades, so will the wealth and power of the region.

COP 94

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Not my COP of Tea

Business Green

In tears, the British COP26 President Alok Sharma accepted, to avoid depriving the United Kingdom of the political success he had envisioned. This promise of financial support, amounting to $100bn per year, has been floated every year at recent COP conferences without that target ever having been reached.

COP 36
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COP28: Hot air or real climate progress? Yes and yes

Clean Energy Canada

This is the first COP where we are face-to-face with the reality of breaching the 1.5C It was also the first to be chaired by an oil and gas executive, putting a crude spotlight on the conflicting interests that have become entrenched in the COP process. And this year’s COP finally looked it in the eye. It’s not surprising.

COP 105
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Company leadership at COP 26, and what’s next in this Decisive Decade

EDF + Business

I attended this COP, my first, to learn more about how businesses can accelerate the transition to net zero and to share the findings of a new report, published today, that is a step-by-step playbook for companies to use to turn net zero pledges into progress. Progress worth celebrating.

COP 52
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Time for adaptation?

Envirotec Magazine

“The Glasgow COP is going to fail us,” writes Rupert Read in one of the essays in a new collection, Climate Adaptation. Speaking at the launch of the book in Glasgow on 30 October, he shared some of his views on the measures that might constitute a successful COP, or a not-entirely-disastrous-one, at least.

COP 130
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COP28: Watching Sausage Being Made Not for the Faint Hearted

Energy Central

Highlights of the Observations of Several Energy and Climate Experts Attending COP28 Including Pros and Cons of Climate Finance Models In a bylined article titled “May Day at COP28” appearing online in the politically conservative American Thinker, nuclear engineer Joseph Somsel offered his personal views after the first week of being on (..)

COP 59