IoT satellite-based LoRa program and white paper launch

Envirotec Magazine

The white paper, entitled “Satellite-based LoRa Unlocks Europe-wide IoT”, explores use cases and how space-based connectivity can help streamline, automate and enhance IoT networks. Water Engineering Water Monitoring

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IoT project will assess impact of climate change on forests, and inform UK policymaking

Envirotec Magazine

A trial is underway in forests in Surrey and Northumberland to assess the potential for Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor tree growth and the impacts of environmental change on the UK’s forests. Ecology Monitoring - General News

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Dutch city goes smart with energy management IoT solution

Envirotec Magazine

The City of Arnhem has selected an open-source IoT solution from OpenRemote to develop an intelligent energy management system using advanced IoT technology. The system is able to forecast power generation, consumption and carbon costs for the upcoming 24 hours.

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IoT will save 8x the energy it consumes by 2030, says report

Envirotec Magazine

By 2030 IoT deployment and its disruption of various industries is expected to save more than eight times the energy it consumes, resulting in net savings of 230 billion cubic meters of water, and eliminating one gigaton of CO2 emissions, according to the authors of a report released on 20 April. Key findings from the report appear to reveal that by 2030: IoT solutions will reduce electricity consumption by more than 1.6 Energy Saving & Storage

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GreenCom Lands Funding to Expand IoT Home Energy Controls in Europe and Beyond


million) funding round adds new investors Shell Ventures and Japan’s Energy & Environment Investment Inc. based utility and energy services provider Centrica, SET Ventures, Munich Venture Partners and Cosmos. Enabling European virtual power plants.

IoT 130

How the IoT Can Reduce Waste

Living Green Technology

In particular, the Pew Research Center Internet Project indicates that the IoT will improve the efficiency of waste reduction. So how exactly can the IoT reduce waste? We used to define waste as a by-product and inevitable component of industrialization. This is where the IoT comes in. The IoT allows people to organize daily activities in a way that reduces excess. For example, wasting energy often happens because of human neglect.

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Conectric and Avimesa Combine Solutions to Deliver Simplified Industrial IoT Value

CleanTech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego member and Southern California Energy Innovation Network company Conectric has entered into a strategic agreement with local Industrial IoT start-up Avimesa. Avimesa was founded to provide the industrial market with solutions used for intelligent equipment monitoring and failure prediction. The post Conectric and Avimesa Combine Solutions to Deliver Simplified Industrial IoT Value appeared first on Cleantech San Diego.

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Healthy Buildings Challenge Startups Announce Pilot Projects, Demonstration, and More with Saint-Gobain

Greentown Labs

This spring, we wrapped up the Greentown Go Healthy Buildings Challenge —a startup-corporate partnerships accelerator with Saint-Gobain and supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC)—which advanced building technologies that promote the health of both people and the planet. .

Green City Solutions fights air pollution with IoT, biotech and moss

Green Tech Challenge

In 2016, World Energy Outlook made a study on air pollution as the fourth-largest threat to human health – but also to our environment. With the increasing growth in mass production, industries expanding to low cost production sites in Asia, fuelling on coal and the pollution from transport, the problem continues to grow. They seek to solve it with a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) and plants, providing clean and cool air to hot urban cities.

Greentown Labs, Saint-Gobain, and MassCEC Announce the Healthy Buildings Challenge Startup Participants

Greentown Labs

The Healthy Buildings Challenge received 99 applications from 15 countries, representing a range of innovations in building materials, coatings, and envelope systems, as well as digital platforms, monitoring, and supplemental technologies. Somerville, Mass.,

The rise of smart water

Envirotec Magazine

With a burgeoning human population, the lightning pace of industrialization, and now climate change, the stress on freshwater water availability has never been so great. Having said that, there is light at the end of the tunnel and one form of that is smart solutions for the water industry.

Building Your Mentorship Toolkit • 11/17/21

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Mentoring younger professionals gives mentors the opportunity to stay up to date on current best practices, new information, and new techniques in your industry. Skills and tips to building long-lasting mentoring relationships. November 17, 2021. 5:30 PM – 7 :00 PM PDT.

Greentown Sector Pitch Day Explores Decarbonizing Existing Buildings?

Greentown Labs

For the first edition of 2022, we turned our attention to decarbonizing existing buildings—a focus critical to climate action, given that about two-thirds of today’s total building area will still exist in 2040. Managing the ongoing environmental footprint of buildings.

Unlocking the value of energy communities

Renewable Energy World

Local community solar projects enhanced by one-stop shop digital systems are set to play a crucial role in the global energy transition. The History of Civilization is in many ways the History of Energy. Energy and history are thus deeply intertwined.

Charging plaza with 144 charge points to be built in Bavaria


Sortimo, a Swiss firm best known for building toolboxes and storage solutions for vehicles, has lent its name to an enormous public charging plaza near the A8 Autobahn in Bavaria, Germany. IoT camera modules in the ConStela LED luminaires are designed to improve security at the site.

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Opens Positions at Amply Power

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Various Positions | Amply Power | Mountain View, CA. Amply Power is looking to fill the following positions: 1. We are building the next level of charging as a service, taking complete ownership and control of the charging infrastructure, the scheduling of the vehicles, the cloud platform and the utility meter – in order to provide the highest availability and resilience in the market. We offer our customers a per mile driven usage rate.

Open Positions at AMPLY Power

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Various Positions | AMPLY Power. AMPLY Power is looking to fill the following roles: Director of Marketing. Amply Power is a clean energy technology company going after an emerging $100B market opportunity. We serve public sector and commercial businesses with fleet vehicles – electric buses, trucks, and passenger fleets. This is a multi-faceted role where strong knowledge of market development is a must, and renewable industry experience is highly desired.

Sculptural, energy-saving office boasts the smartest building advances in Germany


The building is expected to achieve DNGB Gold certification and is engineered with smart office technologies that learn and adapt to user behavior to optimize comfort and energy efficiency. meters in all directions.

Building Efficiency and Occupant Well-Being Enhanced by Conectric and SenSING Collaboration

CleanTech San Diego

SenSING provides a total workplace management platform including IoT devices to monitor and improve occupant health and efficiency. SenSING’s market demand has been strong in offices, campuses, hotels, agriculture, and industrial environments.

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LIDAR helps Greece become a renewable energy leader

Renewable Energy World

Capable of recording key wind characteristics such as speed and direction up to and above 200 meters vertical height, her special skills meant #106 was always destined to be a traveler and it wasn’t long before she spread her wings. Contributed by Alexander James.

IoT 96

Funding for Internet of Trees

Envirotec Magazine

Seed funding of 1.8million has been secured for a large-scale IoT network to detect wildfires. And emerging solutions based on the NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) standard are not practical for large-scale and remote forests where the cost of building a LTE/4G network is prohibitive.

IoT 236

DistribuTech 2020 Kicks Off With Look at Host Utility CPS Energy’s Transition Plans


DistribuTech, the country’s biggest annual grid technology trade show, is a good place to get caught up on the latest developments in grid edge evolution, from integrating distributed energy resources to planning for a low-carbon future. That’s the case for CPS Energy, the municipal utility of San Antonio, Texas, host city of this year’s DistribuTech. CPS serves more than 840,000 electric and 350,000 natural-gas customer accounts, or about 1.9

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Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q4 2021

Greentown Labs

Twenty-five startups joined our community in the final months of 2021, working on innovations as diverse as solar-plus-storage for blackouts, plastic and tire recycling, geothermal power generation, and construction-less dam electrification. Electricity.

Gas sensor network provides early wildfire detection

Envirotec Magazine

The “solar-powered digital nose” in situ. A large-scale IoT network for the ultra-early detection of wildfires has been launched by environmental startup Dryad Networks. By adding additional sensors, the network can also be used to monitor tree health and growth.

IoT 130

Cleantech San Diego to Host Three-Part Energy Startup Showcase Series in November

CleanTech San Diego

17 Southern California Energy Innovation Network Companies Will Present. Aquacycl’s BETT systems eliminate primary sludge, offer net-neutral energy operations, and guarantee permit compliance at operational costs that are 50-95% lower than incumbent processes.

Top 2022 High Efficiency Trends in HVAC


This year is sure to be a transitional one, and 2022 will reveal trends for the high efficiency Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry that align with many of the global economic trends. In 2020, the number of connected IoT devices used was 11.3


Meet Our Members: Introducing Greentown’s Newest Startups of Q2 2021

Greentown Labs

Twenty-six startups joined our community in Q2 2021, working on innovations as diverse as kinetic wave energy, soil carbon measurement, efficient wind turbine installation, and electric, uncrewed surface vehicles. Buildings. Electricity.

Why There Won’t Be A ‘Nest For Water’.

Seyi Fabode

With news yesterday that Google is finally figuring out how to fully integrate Nest products into its hardware suite of products (lovely ad below), I thought it would be a good time to dig into a thesis I have about the water industry. I believe the things that worked for Nest will not work for most of the hardware startups that are trying to ‘ catch lightning in a bottl e’ for the water utility industry. But there won’t be a similar story in the water industry.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of Sustainable Business

Green Business Bureau

In some regions, lack of access to natural resources and basic necessities such as water or reliable electricity is a major impediment to profitability and growth. Measuring Energy Usage and Savings. With very little effort you can monitor water usage and conserve water.

Building a Better World with Smart Homes + Solar Energy & Battery Storage


thirty percent of all new electric power came from solar last year.3 (The Your Smart Home Begins with Solar Energy You’ve heard about smart homes with the latest techno-gadgets and energy efficient appliances connected by the Internet of Things, or IoT.4 The IoT is doing it all. But don’t forget that connecting to the IoT requires energy. Everything needs powering up - your smartphone, your smart house and your smart car. You need energy.

Why carbon tracking and reporting is necessary to hold corporations accountable


Now, new breakthrough climate accounting technologies are emerging as solutions to track and verify energy and carbon emissions, and report energy purchases and consumption. Most technologies on offer focus on energy and carbon and consider Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Carbon 428

A tidal wave of new carbon emissions data soon will be upon us


Climate TRACE (Tracking Real-Time Atmospheric Carbon Emissions) is a project to use satellite image processing, remote sensing technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor worldwide human-made greenhouse gas emissions in real time.

Carbon 387

Cleantech San Diego to Host Three-Part Energy Startup Showcase Series in November

CleanTech San Diego

17 Southern California Energy Innovation Network Companies Will Present. Aquacycl’s BETT systems eliminate primary sludge, offer net-neutral energy operations, and guarantee permit compliance at operational costs that are 50-95% lower than incumbent processes.

Online Event - VERGE Energy Conference

Green Market Oracle

VERGE Energy Conference (VERGE 20) will take place on October 26-30, 2020. This online event can be attended from anywhere, The central theme at VERGE 20 will focus on how energy systems can be decarbonized, decentralized, digitized and democratized.

Comment: The six water technology trends for 2022

Envirotec Magazine

These global trends are set to bring innovative use cases to revolutionize the water industry. In a world where data is the most valuable asset, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is fundamental given the amount of information it can produce.

“Water shutoff ban saves lives”, says US research

Envirotec Magazine

Research highlighted at a recent water industry webinar appears to show that nearly half a million Covid-19 infections could have been prevented in the US alone if there had been a nationwide ban on water shutoffs. With manual meter reads we were getting around one million a year.

IoT 151

Precision serving: Vodafone tech to help deliver Wimbledon's sustainable strawberries

Business Green

The exclusive supplier of the Wimbledon Championship's iconic strawberries has successfully trialled a new Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which its developer claims could help slash global carbon emissions.

IoT 39

CleanTech Focus webinar: How digital transformation will bend the curve.

Climate 4.0

Under discussion is the notion that Industry 4.0 may be the way out of climate- change catastrophe as its transformative power to dematerialize and decarbonize the economy is marshalled by industries and governments By Bruce Armstrong Taylor SmartNations Foundation and The Climate 4.0

Senior Software/Data Engineer

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

As a senior data engineer, you will be working with Engineering Management, DevOps, Data Science, Product Managers, and QA to develop a highly scalable and real-time energy management solution. Our core platform is a meter data backhaul and management system gathering energy data from IoT devices in real-time with the ultimate goal of enabling energy savings for our customers. This platform powers numerous energy savings models, processes, and dashboards.

Software Engineer

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

New Sun Road (NSR) is dedicated to building hardware and software for managing solar microgrids in frontier markets. Partnering with local development firms, New Sun Road provides intelligent infrastructure for optimizing solar deployments, such as installations in Africa that provide power to remote villages and telecommunication infrastructure in Central America where micro-solar power plants are used to displace diesel generators.

IoT 40

Grid Edge Innovation Summit 2020: IBM’s Brad Gammons on Utility Digitalization in the Age of Decarbonization


IBM has spent the past decade advancing smart meter and digital grid technologies around the world, including playing a key role in designing the "Smart Grid Maturity Model" that helped guide investment strategies for hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S.

Radar reaches a new level

Envirotec Magazine

All that could be changing now, says VEGA Controls , with the release this month of a range of 80GHz radar-based sensors, at a price point that seems more amenable to the cost constraints of sectors like water, wastewater and environmental monitoring. Prioritising power and start-up time.

IoT 141

Top five green innovations to watch in 2022

Business Green

We have a fantastic opportunity as we recover from the pandemic to build an economy and society which is greener, fairer and more resilient. This could reduce lost time of healthcare professionals and enabling life-saving equipment to be easily located and usage to be optimally managed.